Hall of Fame


Cactus Jack
Mike Tulino

Past GWF Accomplishments
In the second era of the GWF, there has been one man who stands above the rest. Cactus Jack is that man. A GWF record nine separate title reigns between two belts, the World and Hardcore. And where some wrestlers are starting to come closer to that number, all have yet to match it. Along with the title reigns, Cactus Jack has also won the first Royal Rumble of the second era, leading to one of the World title reigns. From that reign, stemmed many other World Title reigns, making Cactus Jack a 'GWF Legend'. It is with this, that MICH123415@aol.com is the first to be inducted into the GWF Hall of Fame.

Update: Mike Tulino after a nine year absence came back into Global Wrestling Federation as the character everyone knows him as and even after all these years was able to capture the Hardcore Championship again. Although Mike has since left again his appearance not only shows the longevity of himself as a roleplayer but also as the longevity of GWF as a whole.

Shawn Michaels/Shawn Stasiak

Past GWF Accomplishments
It was hard to choose just one character used best by jaseroberts, so both Shawn Michaels and Shawn Stasiak were added. Combining for three GWF World Heavyweight title reigns, one Intercontinental and one European reign, it wasn't always about the titles. Known for his constant changing of supporting cast, he normally stuck with Michaels and Stasiak through most of his GWF career. Working Michaels through a great fued with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 2, it was definately a peice of work. Everybody on the roster knew what skills he had, and when he wanted to, he could out roleplay anybody that stood in his way. And he always looked to develope new angles with people, to keep things moving. Jaseroberts brought a lot to the GWF to keep it moving. And with this, jaseroberts is the second inductee to the GWF Hall of Fame.

Update: After leaving the GWF for a period of time, Jase Roberts returned to the GWF, to accomplish one goal; win the Grand Slam. And did that, and more. In February of 2003, Shawn Staskiak became the first person in GWF history to win every title there is in his weight class, along with the Royal Rumble and King of the Ring. With everything he wanted behind him, Jase made the decision ot leave the GWF again, but this time for good. He will always be immortalized here in the Hall of Fame for what he has accomplished.

Mike Sanders
Marty Bourke

Past GWF Accomplishments
Mike Sanders has been a GWF member as long as anybody. And during that time, he has done something nobody has done previously. And that is become the first even GWF Grand Slam Champion. Sanders has held all seven titles at least once. But if that wasn't enough, that is not the only reason for his induction. He has been a major presence throughout his entire career. Most of the roster knew of him, and if they didn't, he made sure to "introduce" himself. With a total of nine title reigns, outlasting many GWF members, and having a sucessful Tag Team Title reign with another controller as a partner, all with Mike Sanders, gra21@hotmail.com is inducted into the GWF Hall of Fame.

Buff Bagwell
Joseph Weigel

Past GWF Accomplishments
No matter what email address he used, everybody knew Buff Bagwell. And more often than not, he always ended up getting under your skin, no matter who you were. But, despite the fact that he had very few friends, there was no doubt he made himself felt. After years of staying at the mid-card level, Bagwell moved up to main event spots and eventually held the World title. Although he never achieved all he wanted to, he did achieve more than most GWF members have. Bagwell himself ended up one title short of becoming another Grand Slam champion, but time and money ran out for him. Although a return is not out of the question, it would be a surprise to see him make a return. But for now, Joe becomes the next inductee to the GWF Hall of Fame.

Update: Joe has been a staple of Global Wrestling Federation longer than most would even think. However in 2006 he did leave the scene for five years only to come back maybe even stronger than before. From the Better Than You tag team to winning the World Title again after eight years. Joe continues to strive to be one of the very best as one of the veterans that continue to hold up GWF.

The Thrillseekers (Lance Storm & Chris Benoit)

Past GWF Accomplishments
There are not many people who started with the GWF back in 1997, and also made it through to 2002. However, Smyth079@hotmail.com is one of those members. Starting shortly after the openning in 1997, he controlled a fairly common group of characters, with very few changes. But when you look back, the trio he used through most of his GWF career was Chris Jericho, Lance Storm and Chris Benoit. Lance Storm and Chris Benoit were used primarily as a tag team, and in that time, chalked up four Tag Team Title reigns. Now, while that number may not seem staggering, his dedication to the tag division helped keep the competition level up. And I do not know one person that did not get a kick out of most of his roleplays. And after leaving the GWF in the summer of 2002, for now at least, Smyth079@hotmail.com becomes the next inductee to the GWF Hall of Fame.

Diamond Dallas Page
Dave Jordan

Past GWF Accomplishments
For three plus years, Diamond Dallas Page has been part of the GWF. In those three years, he came one title short of the Grand Slam for a single character. Despite blinkm511@hotmail.com winning countless titles in every area, using Page, he came up short on the Tag Team Title. Page had eight title reigns, from World Heavyweight down to Hardcore. blinkm511@hotmail.com also got eleven other title reigns with other chacrters, including Cactus Jack, Vampiro and The Undertaker. And after working his way up from the bottom, he worked his way to a point where was no doubt in anybody's mind that he was one of the top roleplayers in the GWF. And it is with that, that he is the next member inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Update: After a lengthly absense from the GWF, allgirlzluvme11@aol.com returned with one goal in mind. And after a couple chanes, he accomplished his goal. Winning the Tag Team Titles. Diamond Dallas Page and allgirlzluvme11@aol.com now join the eltie group as a Grand Slam Champion.

Shane Helms

Past GWF Accomplishments
The second ever Grand Slam Champion in GWF history. That alone should be enough to give him the credentials needed to be in the Hall of Fame. However, Shane Helms was mearly one step away from doing it all. As The Hurricane, Helms won the World Heavyweight Title. As as himself, Helms was the Intercontinental, multi-time European, Hardcore, Cruiserweight and Tag Team. Helms also won the Royal Rumble, leaving him a King of the Ring tournament victory away from accomplishing everything there is in the GWF. However, didipanda@hotmail.com did win the King of the Ring with a different character, Fatu. Also winning other titles with other characters as well, gives didipanda@hotmail.com the ability to say, he has done it all. Nobody will argue the fact that didipanda@hotmail.com is one of the greatest to grace the GWF, and without a doubt, has earned his spot in the Hall of Fame.

Scott Steiner
Antonio B

Past GWF Accomplishments
Antonio, Wogs, or just that guy who really liked the NWO. No matter how you knew him, he was known around the GWF as one of the best. Wogs came to the GWF in late 1999, early 2000 and over time, became a piece of the very foundation of the GWF. Wogs, along with others of the era, helped mold the GWF and bring the up the competition level to what it is now. It did not take him long to earn GWF gold, as in February 2000, he captured the United States Championship. Holding onto the title for some time, before taking the next step. Only twently days after handing off the United States Title, he capture the World Title with Scott Steiner on April 30, 2000. From that point on, he was known by most around these parts. Wogs joined other at in that era, making it one of the, if not then best in GWF history. Many of those competitors who started then, are now in the Hall of Fame. And now, since it was his decision to depart the GWF, he is now immortalized in the GWF Hall of Fame along side many others.

Update: After being one of those guys who comes and goes just to see if he still has it Ant decided he would come back full force and try and recapture the GWF Gold with his main character. He went on a spree of victories and earned his way into a #1 contenders match. From that he didn't let himself down as he captured the GWF World Heavyweight Championship for the second time with Scott Steiner and his third time over all. His main goal was to hold the title longer then his first world title reign and he did just that by holding it for a total of 35 days which was 3 days longer then before. Ant has just lost the World Title and has thrown in the towel. But he will be remembered as one of the best and a Global Wrestling Federation Hall of Famer.

Chris Candido
Devin Bacon

Past GWF Accomplishments
To say that Chris Candido (aka Devin Bacon) has set the standard for all of the future GWF members to fallow would be a drastic understatement. Devin joined the GWF shortly before WrestleMania 3 back in 2002, and ever since he has been the most dominating force ever in the federation's history. Candido holds the claims of having the longest ever World, and Cruiserweight Championship reigns in the four year history of the GWF; and he is also just another person to be a grand slam champion. Candido has set a huge standard for everyone to attempt to fallow as the GWF continues on into the future, but many have to wonder if Candido's success will ever be duplicated again. Devin has now retired from the federation, and even though he is gone his hard work and determination to the GWF will never be forgotten, and that is why ddbacon@msn.com is now inducted into the GWF Hall of Fame.

Update: Devin made a return to GWF after everyone thought he had hung up his books for good. Devin is still feared through out Global Wrestling Federation because of his past performance. And with time he has made Chris Candido the man everyone expects him to be. He has stayed away from the titles when he joined back as his focus seemed to be on feuds and trying to tell the best stories. In late 2008 he captured the Cruiserweight Title again, a title he still has the record for the longest reign. He came close to beating that record before losing that title. Dev is still currently in GWF and still has Candido under his control. And whenever he wants to be known it may change the entire landscape of GWF.

The Undertaker/Shawn Michaels
Chaz Maas

Past GWF Accomplishments
When you look back on the GWF career of Chaz Maas, you will notice that his cast of characters was always ever changing; but his ability and versatility as a roleplayer is something that is incredible. Chaz started his GWF career as The Undertaker, and within a month of joining the federation, and he quickly became the GWF Champion by defeating Buff Bagwell on an edition of Raw. Ever since then Chaz has had the ball in his court and he has been running with it ever since. Chaz has a long list of championships to call to his credit, but the one thing that makes him stand out more than anything was his ability to change characters, and continue to be just as strong of an rper. It is his versatility and his hard work that has gotten him here, and with that; Chaz2787@sbcglobal.net is now inducted into the GWF Hall of Fame.

Sam Hamblin

Past GWF Accomplishments
People who are able to be Main Eventer in two different era's of the GWF are hard to come by, but when you look back on Sam Hamblin's GWF career; he was able to better himself and become a great roleplayer because of it. Sam (aka Vampiro in 03 and The Rock in 02) has been around the GWF for quite a long time, and even though he doesn't have the huge listing of championship belts under his name, he has been a man who is considered to be one of the greatest role-players ever in the history of the GWF. Sam's major accomplishments are holding the GWF Championship, and being in the Main Event in WrestleMania 3. Sam was also the first wrestler in the history of the GWF to be appointed a Senior Staff position, and even though shortly after receiving it he stepped down to become a wrestler once again; he proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you are willing to work hard and prove yourself to everyone, that great things will come your way. It is because of his hard work, and his outstanding membership in the GWF that hamsamblin@yahoo.com is inducted into the GWF Hall of Fame.

Update: After leaving the GWF For about five months, Sam returned as Shawn Michaels; and in his first match back he was able to become a two time GWF Tag Team Champion. A few more months down the road and Sam was able to finally win the European Championship, one of the few titles that still illuded him from his last run in the GWF. To top off his return to the ring, at Uncensored Sam was finally able to once again regain the GWF Championship, and he made a new legacy as being a two time GWF Champion. To top off all of those new accomplishments, in the 2003 Year End Awards, the members of the GWF awarded Sam the honor of having the greatest comeback of 2003.

Steven Richards

Past GWF Accomplishments
Steven Richards. Not the name at the top of many people's lists. However, that name has nearly become synonymous with the GWF. Multi-time World Champion, Intercontinental Champion and Tag Team Champion. On top of that, Ash was a former GWF Commissioner. And while you many never completely understand anything he goes on saying, you must always respect him. Time and time again he has been in or around the main event of every major pay-per-view. And roleplaying aside, storylines were the main concern. It was never about the win or loss, it was about making an entertaining story for others to follow. Not to mention the countless off the wall roleplays by other character, Mikey Whipwreck. And there are very few who can do it like Ash has. So for all he has done, and continues to do, Ash is elected into the GWF Hall of Fame.

Update: Ash has done numerous things with other characters however he decided that one of his original characters needed a proper send-off. He brought Stevie Richards back and won the 2014 WrestleMania Special Match which helped propel him to capturing the GWF World Heavyweight Championship for the seventh time. After a long reign as champion he lost the title and ended his career. Stevie will always be remembered as one of the greats within this company.

Razor Ramon
Jordy Serson

Past GWF Accomplishments
There are very few who could combat Ash's (ashedmaniac@hotmail.com) unique style. However, Jordy was one of those people. Feature some of the most comedic roleplays the GWF has ever seen, Jordy quickly made a name for himself. And as the quality consistantly increased, he found himself at the top of the GWF for a very long time. And while he may never have won the "big on", he was invovled in multiple main event storylines and matches. And while he may have excelled using other characters including Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Pogo the Clown, Lance Storm and Shannon Moore, Razor Ramon was the one character in which he accomplished the most. Intercontinental Champion, United States Champion, European Champion and Tag Team Champion. And for those that know him, there is nobody that would debate his induction. And on this day, Jordy is elected into the GWF Hall of Fame.

Update: During the late summer of 2009 Jordy came back through Global Wrestling Federation as Razor Ramon and was finally able to capture the Hardcore Championship. Making him one of the few men to achieve being a grand slam champion. Jordy did then leave GWF once again as Razor Ramon but his legacy lives on.

Hollywood Hogan
Vincent Arciola

Past GWF Accomplishments
Whoever says determination does not pay off has not met this man. A very unrecognized member of the old guard, Vinny has been a mainstay in the GWF. Only recognized by those who answer his challenges as a very solid roleplayer. Many would argue that his past accomplishments do not warrant an honor such as this. However, those are the ones who have never gone against him. Vinny has gone up against the best, and time-and-time again, shocked all by pulling out a win. It would seem to be only a matter of time before he gets his moment in the sun. But even without winning a World Title, most could argue this is a much bigger moment. And now officially, chosen by you, the members, as the next deserving member of the GWF Hall of Fame.

Mitch Ludwig

Past GWF Accomplishments
What can be said that's already not common knowledge. After entering the GWF and becoming adjusted to the competition, he very quickly worked his way up the ranks to become one of the most dominant World Champions ever seen in the GWF. Many compare Mitch to the likes of Devin, the GWF's highly recognized Chris Candido. Using a Royal Rumble win to propel himself right into the World Title picture, Mitch never looked back. WIth three World Title reigns beteen October 2004 and March 2005, there was no doubt it would take a serious conteder to dethrone him. Also a catalust behind the elite Gentlemen's Club faction, Mitch was not only a great roleplay, but helped bring other into the same picture. A lack of time cut short what could have been an even more dominant career, however, there is no doubt this honor is deserved. Once again, chosen by you the members, Mitch is officilly inducted into the GWF Hall of Fame.

Randy Orton
Jack Donnelly

Past GWF Accomplishments
The phrase is becoming cliché. What more can be said. But it is ever so truthful in this case. Accomplishing nearly everything possible. Taking a character from nothingness, to near legend status. And being known by nearly every other member on the roster. Jack fits all of these. Capturing every single title there is, a majority of them more than once. Building Randy Orton from a new character to being one of the top overall characters there is in the GWF. In addition, he also held a senior GWF staff position for a period of time, acting as GWF Commissioner. Always well respected by all, and feared by those having to face him, Jack will forever be known as Randy Orton, and vice-versa. Jack joins the GWF Hall of Fame with the class of 2007.

Chris Jericho/Triple H
Justin Porter

Past GWF Accomplishments
Story lines and controversy. Two terms that have followed Justin around. Justin cared about story lines first and fore-most. Setting up some of the most memorable feuds in GWF history. Justin will notably known as Chris Jericho, winning multiple titles on multiple occasions. However, he had many of his biggest feud with Triple H. constantly working in other role players, Justin setup angles that would not only play out over weeks, but months. Justin has been able to accomplish this, not only with main event matches, but taking matches which would have meant nothing, and turning them into matches constantly near the top of the card. But no matter which character it was, when it came down to the matches that mattered, there are very few who wanted to have Justin on the other side of the match. There will be little argument that Justin deserves this spot, as he joins the class of 2007 in the GWF Hall of Fame.

John Cena
Jake Schine

Past GWF Accomplishments
A man on a mission is the greatest way to describe Jake Schine. He came into Global Wrestling Federation back in 2006 and quickly rose up the rankings. He was involved in some major storylines and some big matches whither they were headlining a card or being the match of the night. He has brought the character of John Cena to new heights. He is the first person in GWF to win titles with the character and he did it with such magnitude. He has held the Intercontinental Championship longer then anyone in the history of GWF and he is also a former World Champion. He has accomplished so much in his short career and some people say that doesn't warrant him into GWF's Hall of Fame but in the eyes of Global Wrestling Federation and most of his peers it does warrant that and maybe even more. Who knows what lies around the corner for Jake Schine but what is known is he will now be forever remembered in the GWF's Hall of Fame class of 2008.

President McDermott
Kevin McDermott

Past GWF Accomplishments
The man who started it all is finally going to take his rightful place in the hall of fame. There isn't a single person who can say something bad about Kevin McDermott and who would want to? He has given so much of himself to this federation and he has kept it alive when so many others have failed. This company started back in 1997 and it is now 2008 and it is still going strong. Even though some things came up this past year in Kevin's personal life he is always checking in and making sure everything is running smoothly. He was always trying new things here to keep it active and even if that meant involving himself in some storyline. When others let him down he did the work himself and made sure GWF would live on. And it is because of him that GWF and all the roster are here today and if it wasn't for his determination GWF would be just a memory. No one has deserved this spot more then President McDermott and that is why everyone is glad to induct Kevin McDermott into the Hall of Fame class of 2008.

Crash Holly
Mick Walsh

Past GWF Accomplishments
Who says patience doesn't pay off? Mick Walsh has been around since 2002 and has racked up some impressive wins over the last seven years. He had a couple leave of absences but it didn't hinder him when it came down to it. Before what could be Mick's most successful year he won almost every title imaginable with a character that many people have discarded as just another jobber. He was able to prove them all wrong by beating some of the people that were thought to be the favorites. From '02 through the end of '05 Crash was a house hold name. Mick came back in 2007 and set out to prove that the character he choose wasn't a mistake. He had his ups and downs but then hit his stride. In the record books it will show that he is the longest reigning Tag Team Champion, King of the Ring Winner and World Champion all in 2008. Then in 2009 he won the title that eluded him for so long, the Hardcore Title making him a grand slam champion, a feat that is hard to come by. Mick's hard work as the character Crash Holly has paid off and that is why he will be forever remembered in GWF's Hall of Fame Class of 2009.

Chris Kanyon/Mortis

Past GWF Accomplishments
There are few who have contributed as much time and energy to the Global Wrestling Federation as KJ, Kenneth Jamison. Whether it's the character of Kanyon or running the site behind the scenes, his dedication to his craft is nearly unparalleled. Since his arrival in 2005, Kanyon has been involved in memorable feuds with the likes of elite stars like Paul Burchill, Triple H and Crash Holly, among others. A turning point came for him at WrestleMania IX in 2008 when he won the Money in the Bank match. Within a month, he was World Heavyweight Champion for the first time. Since then, he's gone on to hold the World Title multiple times, each time diligently defending against some of the company's top stars. His knack for humor and his ability to remain in-character have made him one of the most memorable roleplayers of recent years. His tireless work and devotion behind the scenes as the primary staff member in GWF since 2008 has led to a more efficiently-operated website and, as a result, Global Wrestling Federation. His roleplays are consistently shining examples of situational humor and on-topic discussions which often featured awkward, off-topic comedic moments. He may have worked harder than anyone in the GWF in recent years and accomplished more than many might have considered possible for him to achieve. His accomplishments as a roleplayer and as a staff member are numerous and, given his passion and talent, are likely to continue to accumulate for years to come. As a result, Kenneth Jamison is inducted into the GWF Hall of Fame.

Update: Since being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Kanyon has gone on to become the 2010 King of the Ring. Shortly after that he won the World Championship again. Then while defending the World Title Kanyon did what no other man in GWF has been able to do, he reached 100 wins. Months later Kanyon won the Intercontinental Championship making him one of the few men to be a Grand Slam Champion. Weeks later after losing the Intercontinental Title he won it again becoming the second man is GWF History to be a 2-Time Grand Slam Champion. As of right now he's still around so who knows what else this Hall of Famer can achieve.

Another Update: Although in 2009 Kanyon was inducted into the GWF Hall of Fame he has continued his career in Global Wrestling Federation. He has become the owner of GWF, lost the job, only to come back and do what no other person in the history of this company has been able to do; he won every title he was eligible for along with Money in the Bank, King of the Ring, and the Royal Rumble. A name has not been created for someone who has done all those feats but when it finally gets one Chris Kanyon will be the first man to receive the honor.

Paul Burchill
David Krajewski

Past GWF Accomplishments
Whether it is a pirate or a sadistic man Dave played him to a “T”. Paul was the guy many people thought would never stand a real chance when he first joined. Dave quickly started turning heads with his roleplays and proving that he wasn’t someone to be taken lightly. Burchill become one of the names that when you went up against him you had to give it your all. After a few years he changed over to the more sinister Paul Burchill and his career and legacy in this company took off. Classic battles with top names and some he even brought to another level. It wasn’t only titles for Dave but more about telling a great story. He has a lot of accomplishments in this company; such as winning the 2010 Royal Rumble as his main character. Not to mention being voted Roleplayer of the Year for 2010. Dave doesn’t show any real signs of stopping so even though he is in this elite club there is no doubt he will continue dominating. GWF is proud to induct Dave into the Hall of Fame.

Update: Dave's portrayal of Paul Burchill only continues to get better as he went on to win the 2011 Money in the Bank match which in turn helped him get back to the World Title making him one of the select few men to have held that title on five different occasions. Dave also did something this year that he had yet to do in his illustrious career; he headlined WrestleMania.

Dennis Delaney
Dennis Delaney

Past GWF Accomplishments
If President McDermott was the soul of Global Wrestling Federation then Dennis Delaney would be the heart. He was the one who made sure everything for eleven years worked properly and was there almost in an instant if something wasn’t working. It didn’t matter if it was his GFX or his PHP the reason Global Wrestling Federation looks as good as it did was this man. He never stepped into the storyline aspect as he stayed in the shadows and made sure this company would rise above all others. Although in recent time he hasn’t been as active as he would like but he is still there when he is needed. Now it is his time to be immortalized in the longest running federation in history. With that GWF is honored to have Dennis Delaney inducted into the 2010 Hall of Fame.

Shawn Michaels/Victoria
Kevin Roshan

Past GWF Accomplishments
Kevin Roshan, a name that has meant quite a few things over the years. It didn't matter if he was up in the ranks going after the World Championship or if he had his eyes on the Women's Championship. Kevin was always one to bring it up a notch when it was called for. With his favorite diva, Victoria, he won the Women's Championship and put a stamp on his legacy for holding the title over a year, longer than anyone else in the division. Defending against all comers he was unstoppable for quite some time. After showing his depth by playing a diva for so long he then set his sights on bigger things. Winning the Money in the Bank match is an accomplishment in and of itself but Kevin was the first man to do it. He then used that to become the World Champion in 2007 and didn't look back. From rememberable feuds with the likes of Steven Richards, Razor Ramon, Matt Murphy and so many others he quickly became a stable in GWF. As he was nearing the end of his career he was the guy helping out behind the scenes. He worked harder than most and it paid off in the long run as we gladly induct him into the Hall of Fame Class of 2011.

Simon Diamond
Malachi Jones

Past GWF Accomplishments
Instead of saying what else can be said it's better to just say some stuff. Mixing comedy into relevance is a very hard task to do. It's something that takes a lot of time and skill and a creative mind. But when it is pulled off the result is priceless. No one pulls it off quite like Malachi or Mal for short. Over the years Mal has come and gone in GWF but every time he makes an appearance everyone knows humor is about to hit a whole new level. Mal has had some notable characters under him including Jake Roberts, Shark Boy, Shane Douglas, Homicide, and a bunch more. The character he took to new heights however was Simon Diamond. He rose him up to the ranks with hard work and with whit that would stop anyone in their tracks. He won his first and only World Championship with Diamond and continued to prove roleplays don't have to be cut and dry. Even to this day he's still trying out new characters and bringing them to the forefront of this company. Mal has worked hard to get where he is in this company in terms of respect. That's why it is our great honor to induct him into the Hall of Fame Class of 2011.

Mark Jindrak
Tony Serio

Past GWF Accomplishments
Tony Serio, a name that said in 2012 doesn't get much of a response. But from 2004 through 2007 he was a name that was feared within Global Wrestling Federation. The way he could put words together with Mark Jindrak was nothing more than extraordinary. Tony took a mid-level character and brought him to the forefront of the company by sheer talent. Mark Jindrak was part of one of the most memorable feuds in the history of the company that spanned dealings with Kevin McDermott and Triple H in a great Best of Series. Tony has left his mark on this company and will never be forgotten. Along the way he also stepped into an administrative roll when GWF really needed the help. If all of that wasn't enough he is only one title win away from being a Grand Slam Champion. Currently there are no plans for a Tony comeback but GWF would welcome one and are proud to induct him into the Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

Gene Snitsky
Aaron Bolt

Past GWF Accomplishments
2004.....2005.....2006....2007....2008....2009....There was one name in GWF that was a constant. That name is, Snitsky. Not a character many would even waste their time on but Aaron Bolt isn't like everyone else. He picked a character he knew he could work with and did his best to bring him toward the top of the company for many years. Winning every title possible excluding the one he wants the most. That didn't stop him from trying and earning that opportunity many times over. When he wasn't after a title he was involved in some of the feuds that helped set the stage for what a feud should be in the later years of GWF. Aaron has worked hard over the last few years to make a name for himself. He wasn't able to do it with his main character but right now sits as a three time World Heavyweight Champion. Snitsky set on the shelf for over a year but has come back and wants that World Title. If someone is going to grab that title with this character everyone in GWF wants it to be Aaron. And that is why for everything he has done over the years and all the effort put in he is inducted into the Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

Insane Clown Posse (Violent J & Shaggy 2 Dope)
Jazz Davies

Past GWF Accomplishments
Jazz Davies was a name that many would have forgotten about in today's landscape. Jazz made his impact back in 2004 during the original days of Global Wrestling Federation. He did it with two characters that he has really made his own. Fast forward seven years and Jazz came back with a vengeance ready to prove to everyone he was better than everyone thought years ago. He took GWF by storm on his return winning the World Title inside a couple months; which then gave him the capability of headlining WrestleMania 12 with Shaggy 2 Dope. To not be outdone by himself, in 2012 he set a goal to get Violent J to that level and he did just that by winning the 14th Annual King of the Ring Tournament and going on to win the World Title. With both of his main characters now former World Heavyweight Champions Jazz has accomplished more than anyone thought he would during his first run in the company. Jazz continues his work with his characters coming up with intriguing stories. GWF is proud to have Jazz Davies in the 2013 Hall of Fame.

William Smith

Past GWF Accomplishments
Most know the past, and current, accomplishments of Kevin McDermott. There are those familiar with Dennis Delaney. However, the third member of the founding trio is slightly lesser known. While Kevin would handle the overall direction of the company, and Dennis would handle the day-to-day technical operations, William Smith was the Commissioner. And before terms like “head of creative” and “talent relations” were ever thrown, Bill would handle the day-to-day of any aspect of the talent roster. Before having to step down due to outside responsibilities, Bill would be the head voice in regards to event results, story direction, and disputes. While Bill did have a limited on-screen role, Bill would perform most of his duties behind the curtain. Without his efforts, the GWF would never have had the success it has, as he provided a very stable presence behind the scenes. Many may never have known him personally, and many may never have interacted with him directly, but he was a very influential member, and co-founder of the Global Wrestling Federation. He is now finally taking his rightful place alongside both McDermott and Delaney in the GWF Hall of Fame.

Jeff Hardy
Scott Welden

Past GWF Accomplishments
For over a decade GWF has known the name Scottie Weldon. However one cannot say that name without also immediately thinking of the name Jeff Hardy. Scottie has tirelessly been this superstar and year in and year out continued to improve his craft as he came up with ways to push the boundaries with his character and what he was willing to do. For years Scottie has been thought to deserve the spot in the Hall of Fame but there was always one thing that eluded him. Something that he earned this past year which as soon as he did everyone knew he was a shoe in for this year's Hall of Fame. His work with his character and not changing to a new one every few weeks is something that is a trend that has faded out over the years. Scottie though is one of those staples of Global Wrestling Federation that no one can argue. Now in 2014, he is taking his rightful place in the Hall of Fame.

Pogo The Clown
John Swist

Past GWF Accomplishments
John Swist is someone that everyone knew about years ago. He had his own take on roleplays that seemed to be unmatched by most which is why he was able to take a character like Pogo The Clown and not only go the distance with him but make him stand the test of time. Pogo is still remembered as one of the champions that everyone mouth drops about because the choice isn't something that happens very often. John did it and managed to make everyone take notice of him. Although his one and only World Title reign in this company and with his most notably character he had numerous feuds that spanned months instead of just a quick set-up. It's been a long time since John has been a part of Global Wrestling Federation but his legacy lives on. 2014 is finally the year that this company gets to induct him into the Hall of Fame where he gets to be forever remembered.


Past GWF Accomplishments
There are few things in this world that are everlasting. For a very long time within this organization the thought was the Women’s Division would always be a staple. It brought in some of the best talent out there and great matches were put on. But as time progressed the division wasn’t what it once was so the decision was made to close it. This spot in the Hall of Fame though is very well deserved for every diva that ever competed in GW; from the very first Women’s Champion, Luna to whoever is named the last Women’s Champion at WrestleMania XVI. There have been so many great matches over the year and memorable feuds that it is impossible to mention them all or include everyone in the Hall of Fame picture. This company would like to always remember the Women’s Division and it is proud to induct the divas of Global Wrestling Federation into the Hall of Fame.


Past GWF Accomplishments
There are few people in the world that can leave something for years and come back not only just as good as they once were but to improve on that every outing. Robert Ruta is a man that showed it is a possibility here in this company. He has played a variety of characters but the one that stands above all the rest is Finlay. His portrayal of the Irishmen is something that has no comparison especially in today’s world. He has done that character justice, more than could ever be done in any real organization. His ability to blend the character’s thoughts into the storylines has helped propel him to the point where his character is a main event attraction. He has countless battles with the likes of Stevie Richards, Matt Murphy, Bray Wyatt, Shawn Michaels, and the list keeps going. In the later years of his career he has taken on some more responsibility within the company and his effort behind the scenes is greatly appreciated. The votes were cast this year and although it was close Rob had enough support for him to take his place where he belongs, which is in the Hall of Fame Class of 2015.

Randy Orton
Kevin McAlmond

Past GWF Accomplishments
Being able to pick up a character that has an everlasting imprint in a company isn't an easy feat. However Kevin McAlmond did just that when he decided to be Randy Orton here in GWF. Following someone like Jack with his portrayal of Orton wasn't something that was going to come easy but Kevin put in effort not seen since the heyday of e-federations. He has worked hard to not only keep the character relevant but to live up to the legacy of the character. Kevin has helped behind the scenes too with match writing and is always willing to help out if asked even going so far as to create a Global Wrestling Federation wiki. Kevin's passion for this business is truly inspiring and now will never be forgotten. This company is proud and honored to bring Kevin into the fold of the elite of the elite as he is being inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Rob Van Dam
Bradley Lane

Past GWF Accomplishments
One of a Kind surely sums it up. From 2008-2012 Brad portrayed nearly a picture perfect Rob Van Dam. His take on the character felt so real that you could hear every word that Brad typed come out of RVD's mouth in his own voice. His blend of humor and in-character helped propel him to the top of this company in no time. He went to war with the likes of Shaggy 2 Dope, Kanyon, Alberto Del Rio and especially Paul Burchill. There was something about RVD that drew Brad to him and it's nothing that we care to describe besides to say it worked. And when it works you keep it going as long as you can. Brad did go away with the character for a few years due to life getting in the way but as soon as he heard about the company ending he was more than willing to come back and have one last run with Mr. Pay-Per-View. Brad worked hard to keep Rob Van Dam as one of those names that you associate when you think of Global Wrestling Federation and now it'll also be associated with being a Hall of Famer as this company is so appreciative of all of the work and effort he put in. Welcome to the Hall of Fame, Brad!

Damien Sandow
Sean Van

Past GWF Accomplishments
This will be the last ever induction into the Global Wrestling Federation Hall of Fame and there is no other person this nod should be given to. Sean Van has been around this company for over a decade and with that came a multitude of characters. Some of them fell flat but the ones that he succeeded with are the ones that he will forever be remembered for. The likes of Val Venis, Goldust, Kofi Kingston and CM Punk are a few that come to mind when you think of how on key Sean could be when portraying a superstar. There is no greater example of how talented Sean is than Damien Sandow. Every character has a gimmick but to use that gimmick to your advantage every single chance you get and make it work for you in roleplay form is something that only comes around once in a lifetime. There are not many, and that's not a line, there literally aren't many that could match Sean's roleplay when he was on. Every time reading a roleplay it was like being emerged in that character's world and it was truly a thing of beauty. Sean didn't only roleplay though because he was also known for his layouts which a lot of people still use today. Sean is the 36th and final member of this exclusive honor and because of his uncanny ability to control a character and propel them to superstardom level there is literally no better choice to have round out the Hall of Fame.

Elix Skipper
Ace (Aay)

Past GWF Accomplishments
Ace is one of the old guard in the GWF. He was around as far back as 2003 known as Aay and his most recognized character was Elix Skipper. He was a very solid roleplayer and one of the nicest people in the fed. One of the most memorable feuds he had as Elix was with Amazing Red. He disappeared after 2004 but in 2018 he came back to the GWF not as a roleplayer but as the one who took over making all the graphics, websites, PPV logos etc. He went unrecognized but today on April 29, 2019 he finally gets the proper respect he deserves as the first inductee of the class of 2019. Congrats Ace on all that you do and continue to do.

Charles Hays

Past GWF Accomplishments
Charles Hays deserves his spot in the Hall Of Fame of 2019 not because of what he does as a roleplayer but it's of what he does behind the scenes that nobody sees or talks about. Ash as he is known has been in GWF since 2001 whether it be as a roleplayer, staff member etc. He has done it all in the GWF multiple times but he was the man who was always around to talk about storylines, feuds, title matches. Anything at all he was there for everybody no matter what. He was also at one point the GWF commissioner and GWF President as well. He ran the company for a time as well and now Ash is getting recognized as himself because he deserves to be and it's because of all that he does for the GWF behind the scenes. Congratulations Charles on your induction into the GWF Hall Of Fame Class of 2019.

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