Hogan Not At Raw
  The GWF board has informed the world that the reason why Hulk Hogan wasn't at Raw Is War in Milwaukee is because Hogan was doing appearances in the UK to promote No Mercy in February that is taking pl...  MORE...
Breaking News: GWF Goes UK, Lands Massive No Mercy Performance
  OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE: Global Wrestling Federation Returns to UK. GWF has been trending worldwide on social media after news leaked of a GWF-exclusive Spice Girls performance. Global Wrestling Feder...  MORE...
Blockbuster Main Event Added to New Years Eve Raw
  GWFwrestling.net has just learned just hours before the special New Years Eve addition of Monday Night Raw that a huge main event has been added. While many will want Finlay to answer for his actions...  MORE...
GWF Management Responds Following PETA Backlash
  During the build-up to Hostile Holiday, a promo aired which depicted Luke Harper setting a barn ablaze as numerous sheep remained inside. Many on social media were quick to condemn the action from the...  MORE...
Hostile Holiday Recap & Rumours
  Whats up People! First of all Merry Christmas, yes i said it Merry Christmas not Happy Holidays, not Happy Festive Holidays, MERRY CHRISTMAS! and if you are offended please do not read any further! ...  MORE...
Past Week's Roster Changes
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Quit: None.
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Champions Information
Champion Title Last Defense Two Week Date
Finlay GWF World December 16, 2018 December 30, 2018
Christopher Daniels Intercontinental December 16, 2018 December 30, 2018
Cactus Jack Hardcore December 3, 2018 December 17, 2018
Styles & Austin Tag Team December 16, 2018 December 30, 2018
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   Uncensored - Jun. 30
   King Of The Ring - Jul. 28
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