Repercussions for Finlay?
Written By: - February 6, 2019
Last night after RAW is WAR went off of the air, we had the chance to speak to Jim Ross in regards to the actions shown by current World Champion Finlay, here is what he had to say.

Finlay, was out of order tonight. Tomorrow I will be going to the board to discuss what repercussions are to be taken due to this, especially after he physically assaulted a guest on the show in Shaggy 2 Dope, who might I add is not cleared for any physical contact. But believe me, there is going to be repercussions come Monday on RAW is WAR!

We have yet to hear anything more from Jim Ross in relation to this incident and there has been no official word as to the injuries or to what extent Shaggy 2 Dopes injuries are. We know that there has been a few members of Shaggy’s legal team flying around Head Office over the past couple of hours, but nothing solid has come out of anything.

Stay Tuned for more on this story as we follow it.

GWF Medical Staff have contacted Shaggy 2 Dope through his legal team and have advised him, that he needs to travel home and rest for the next couple of weeks, this is more serious than what we initially thought as it's very rare that the medical staff go through Legal Aids to contact their contracted stars.

More on this story as the news unfolds.
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