Clowns, Females, Assaults - It's only GWF RAW is WAR
Written By: r1989studmuffin@aol.com - February 19, 2019

Holy cow!

Shaggy 2 Dope has been announced the 6th entrant into the chamber! So we have an Irish Man, an Old Man, an Assassin, a Hillbilly, A Catholic and a Clown...this sounds like a long winded start to a really bad British joke!

But there we have it. The stage or should we say the chamber is set, and to make things harder for the current defending World Champion, he is starting the match, that means if he lasts until everyone has been released he won’t have the energy to fight anyone...Title reign is coming to an end, the odds are Clearly stacked against the Irishman this time.

With less than a week before No Mercy, and the card already stacked GWF is rolling into Blackpool, England firing on all cylinders.

Not only did we find out the 6th and final member to join the Chamber but we saw a hell of a lot of debuts this past RAW, some of whom have returned to the GWF after contractual issues and some of whom have never been contracted to the GWF.

So let's start with the RAW is WAR results, for the first time in a long time we saw an intergender match which pitted Seth Rollins taking on Chyna, in a match that on paper would have been an easy win for The Architect. But as we all know, Chyna is no ordinary woman. Even though Seth seemed to dominate the match, Chyna made an example out of Seth and proved she still has what it takes to roll with the men here in the wrestling industry.

This brings us on to James Storm versus Chris Jericho, a match that had potential, a match that again on paper you would have called it for a Jericho win, however in this instance this wasn’t the case, James Storm picked up a victory over Y2J after levelling him with The Last Call.

Monday Night also marked the return of Kevin Owens, but he wasn’t alone. Owens has enlisted the managerial expertise of Mr Eric Bischoff and the night for Owens didn’t go the way he had it planned, he was made to apologise to Jim Ross for his actions on his last stint within the GWF and JR accepted, thus giving him back his job and a very nice contract which benefits both parties.

But his night didn’t end there, after being told he was starting from the bottom Owens saw red. He then attacked Jim Ross, which we are being told is going to have some serious implications to the contract that has been issued, but all wasn’t too bad as Owens would then get a taste of his own medicine at the hands of debuter Dean Ambrose, the two have it out and both attempt their signature moves but counter respectfully.

The dirt sheets on the Internet are reporting a huge change for the Woman’s Division, not sure how true they are but there is a report that keeps getting shared around of a Woman’s Division General Manager, we here in the newsrooms of GWF are yet to hear anything from the Board or JR, but if there is anything to report, trust me you will hear it here first.

We saw vignettes and debuts galore on RAW and we are only just beginning, we are GLOBAL WRESTLING FEDERATION…we are here to stay, and we will not fail…

No Mercy is live this Sunday on Pay per View and there is no slowing down anyone as we travel across the pond. If you have yet to order the event, please contact your local service provider as this is an event that you do not want to miss.

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