Ready to Rumble? - A look back at History
Written By: r1989studmuffin@aol.com - March 7, 2019
It was announced this past week on RAW that Shawn Michaels would be the final entrant of the Royal Rumble to the unapproving reaction from Christopher Daniels who will enter at #1 as a way of punishment. The Royal Rumble is shaping up to be a great event, with a large number of names being thrown into the hat, there has also been word around the backstage that some familiar faces from back in the day are going to be apart of the match.

What or who will we see enter this years Royal Rumble, who is going to be thrown right into the main event of Wrestlemania, and who will make history?

Here at our past GWF Royal Rumble Winners

Cactus Jack - The hardcore legend won the first ever Royal Rumble back in ’99
Bret Hart - The excellence of execution secured his Mania spot in 2000
Shawn Stasiak & Raven - The event ended with the pair being ruled as co-winners
Shane Helms - The Man behind the mask powered through the rumble to win in ’02
Test - The behemoth took the win in ’03
Christian - Captain Charisma, Christian made his history in ’04
Randy Orton - The Legend Killer made his own history back in ’05 and pulled a double by winning the Rumble again in ’06
Matt Murphy - Pure Strength, Pure Determination all prevailed for Matt in ’07
William Regal - The Englishman brought class to the history books in ’08
Dolph Ziggler - Showing off his skill and agility, Dolph secured victory in ’09
Paul Burchill - Controversial as he was, nobody could deny his ability in the ring, and he proved it ’10
Rob Van Dam - The king of Extreme, the highflier made his splash in the history books in ’11
CM Punk - The Straight Edge Superstar, secured the Rumble Victory in ’12
Chris Kanyon - Who better than Kanyon, still to this day everyone, but in ’13 Kanyon won the Rumble.
Finlay - Our current world Champion won the Rumble in ’14
Snitsky - The unpredictable heavyweight cast a shadow in ’15 and took the victory.
Bray Wyatt - The Eater of Worlds, Bray Wyatt proved he can go the whole nine yards ’18
??? - 2019 Royal Rumble Winner?? It could be YOU!
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