Roman Reigns Out Of The Royal Rumble?
Written By: murphy020314@gmail.com - March 19, 2019
Last night during RAW, Roman Reigns turned on The Shield. And carried out a blatant attack on both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, before leaving the GWF Tag Team Championships laying in the ring. So one has to wonder what is going to happen at the Royal Rumble in two weeks? Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins the current GWF Tag Team Champions is set to defend their titles against Matt and Jeff, The Hardy Boys. However after hearing what Roman had to say last night at RAW, it seems he's now taken himself out of that match at the Royal Rumble. Which leaves Seth Rollins to defend the GWF Tag Team Championships by himself. And we know that Jim Ross has confirmed us this match will indeed take place, regardless of whether Roman Reigns appears at the Rumble or not.
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