RAW Main Event Ends With Controversy
Written By: murphy020314@gmail.com - March 19, 2019
Last night during the Main Event of Monday Night RAW we saw Dave Batista squaring off against the returning Christian Cage. At one point in this match Dave Batista hit Christian Cage with his signature Batista Bomb, and it looked like Batista would pin Christian for the victory however we saw a run-in from The Rock. The Rock interfered in the Main Event of RAW and hit Dave Batista with a thunderous Rock Bottom, to which would result in a Disqualification victory for Dave Batista thus costing Christian Cage the match. But the question still remained whether Christian Cage would of kicked out of the Batista Bomb, a question I must add we may never know the answer too because of The Rock's outside interference. Now we all know the history between Dave Batista and The Rock, it was just last month at No Mercy where the world fell witness to the return of Dave Batista. Who returned to the Global Wrestling Federation making an emphatic statement heard round the world, when he blatantly attacked The Rock during an in-ring promo and left him laying in the ring. So some would say that was just payback for Dave's own actions at No Mercy, however with both men currently announced for the 30 man Royal Rumble match. We have to think maybe these two cross paths during the Rumble, and if that's indeed the case we have to wonder what could possibly happen? Especially considering these two have been at each other's throats ever since No Mercy.
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