Former World Champion Returns To The GWF
Written By: murphy020314@gmail.com - March 21, 2019
Earlier today news broke on TMZ about a Former GWF World Heavyweight Champion being spotted nearby the GWF Headquarters in Buffalo, New York. Since then we've heard absolutely nothing from any GWF Correspondent. That was until the Global Wrestling Federation made the announcement via their official website at GWFWrestling.net, that Former GWF World Heavyweight Champion Rob Van Dam had agreed to terms on a new contract. And it just so happens that Rob Van Dam's return to the GWF, comes just under two weeks away from the Royal Rumble later this month. A match that RVD has won before, he accomplished that feat in 2011. And with the Royal Rumble taking place from Oklahoma City next Sunday on Pay Per View, you have to think The Whole F'N Show Rob Van Dam will insert himself into the 30 Man Royal Rumble Match. So be sure to tune in this Monday on RAW for what should be another epic night, as we continue on the Road To WrestleMania.
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