How did The Rumble End?
Written By: r1989studmuffin@aol.com - April 5, 2019
First in Last Out

What a night it was for Christopher Daniels, the odds were stacked against him from the get-go, but whatever plan Daniels had devised it paid off. The Fallen Angel entered the Royal Rumble in the first place, and he was the final man to leave the Rumble. But not all was plain sailing, Daniels had to survive a huge beating by just about everyone to secure his win, which was ultimately shadowed by the interjection of Finlay. The champ went to gain retribution on the mammoth that is Harper after an unprovoked attack after his World Title match against Shaggy 2 Dope

A Gathering of Greatness

The World title match was nothing short of expectations, Finlay defended his World Title successfully against Shaggy 2 Dope after having all of the deck against him. We saw Juggalos appear from left right and center, even a sneak attack by one of them with a chair to Finlay, after a long battle the crowd thought that was it, but somehow someway The Irishman managed to nail Shaggy with the Celtic Cross and what seemed like the slowest three count in GWF History, Finlay won the match. But the match was overshadowed with an attack by Luke Harper, leaving the World Champion laid out in the center of the ring.

Hardcore Galore

Tommy Drake narrowly retained his Hardcore Title against the giant that is Goldberg, the match was nothing short of expectations from the crowd, but when you pit someone the size of Goldberg against a man who is a lot smaller than he is, you expect the bigger man to walk out with the win. Tommy Drake has a fire in his heart and an even bigger risk taking outlook than the big man, and it paid off.

The end of Rollins?

When you are set to face one of, if not the greatest tag team in the wrestling industry you need everything you have in your tanks. This, however, wasn’t the case when Seth Rollins was taking on both Matt and Jeff Hardy alone. The match was nothing short of what we would have expected and there were certain parts that we thought Seth was going to walk out the champion, but 2 on 1 prevails most of the time. We are learning the Seth Rollins may be finished with the GWF after the Rumble. We hope to have more on this as the week progresses.

The Stuff? The DQ!

Kevin Owens and Buff Bagwell went toe to toe in a hope to end their ongoing rivalry. The match ended with a disqualification much to the hidden delight of Buff, and to the anger of Owens, When life gives you a steel chair, you use it right? That is the thought that went through the mind of Bagwell, and he was DQ’d for it. What is next for Owens and Bagwell? Surely they can’t just leave it as is?
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