Rumours of Finlay backstage at Raw this past week.
Written By: this_way_up_2007@hotmail.co.uk - April 14, 2019
By now the whole world knows about the biggest match of the year. In the Main Event of Wrestlemania “The Fighting Irish Champion” Finlay will defend the GWF World Heavyweight Title against Daniels & Luke Harper in a Triple Threat Match. However the Irish man is said to be very upset.

According to wrestling news reporter Ryan Satin Finlay was seen to be throwing a tantrum lying down in the middle of the Horsemen locker room complaining that JR is out to get him and he deserves better. This is obviously unbecoming of a World Champion.

We reached out to Finlay for comment who merely replied “Get te fuck ya Fosters drinking bastard”.

On a side note Satin also reports that Shark Boy is taking credit for the rumoured Women’s Division resurgence by saying GWF got the idea after watching him the UFC Women’s Bantamweight Title.

Be sure to tune into Raw for updates on both situations.
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