RAW is WAR Fallout
Written By: r1989studmuffin@aol.com - May 15, 2019

This past week on RAW there was a lot going down, and I think if I sit here and write everything out you are all going to get bored and think you are reading a play by play report. So I am going to do this the best way I can think of.

* Christopher Daniels nearly lost the World title due to Tyler Breeze fake cash in, prevented by The Horsemen.
* Finlay was run out of the arena literally and high tailed it away.
* ICP was in the house and didn’t everyone who got in their way know about it.
* CM Punk had his challenge accepted and will face Christopher Daniels next week for the World Title.
* Rowan throws his briefcase in the Trash, Chuck Taylor and Brad Maddox take the case - these two are off their nut just saying.
* Edge returned to the GWF with a very very steamy promo with Trish Stratus - big respect my man
* Charlotte Flair issued an open challenge - The Man Becky Lynch accepted
* A Shield Reunion - Two man Shield, what does Paul Heyman have in mind for Seth and Roman
* Tensions reach the exploding point between APA & ICP along with Trent Acid.
* CM Punk takes down the Intercontinental Champion!
* Rivalry between Harper and Finlay goes south!

Ok, that was basically RAW is WAR in a nutshell. But that is not all, I have it on good authority that ’The Pastor’ Trent Acid has verbally accepted the open challenge from Cactus Jack for the Hardcore Championship!

How is this small man going to be able to take on a man who has no restrictions and no issues taking a stapler to your head and stapling the bible across his face! Damn this match is going to be epic.

There have been rumors circulating that there is going to be a massive change to the Staff here in the GWF, so many names have been thrown around but I have nothing confirmed.

It has also been said that a few members of the GWF Roster are seeking their release, two men I know for sure because I have just spoken to them Kazarian and Scorpio Sky, what would this mean for the Horsemen? More to the point, what has Daniels had to say about this?

We have seen a lot of things going down on screen since Wrestlemania, but there has been nothing to suggest anything happening behind the scenes, well here is your inside scoop.

Jim Ross has been heard telling backstage officials that there is going to be big changes moving forward and that he wants security stepping up when speaking to sources inside the GWF they have all denied these remarks from JR but there has to be some truth behind this surely.

Well, it’s safe to say I am going to have to keep an ear to the ground over the next few days and see if and what this was all about.

Peace Out!
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