Friends or Foes? Developing Story?!
Written By: JosephWeigel@hotmail.com - June 12, 2019
Lisa Miller and Toom E Guci are spotted near the bathrooms as we listen in to their conversation.

Lisa Miller: Why did you get involved like that? You cost him the match.

"The Perfect Manager" Toom E Guci: You could say that I have a conscious I guess. After what Doctor Maroon told me I had to step in. I couldn't let things get out of hand in there.

Lisa Miller: Are you going soft?

"The Perfect Manager" Toom E Guci: I'm not going soft Lisa. I'm just making sure my investment is protected. If he can't compete at Uncensored what good is that for me or you? We have a lot riding on this.

Lisa Miller: You don't think I know that? I put up my gym as collateral.

Toom E backs up puts his hands out.

"The Perfect Manager" Toom E Guci: Hey ... I never asked you to do that.

Lisa Miller: You didn't have to ask me.

She stated trying to make sure he understands.

"The Perfect Manager" Toom E Guci: Well .. don't act like you haven't been enjoying yourself. I heard about what's been going on between you and Buff.

She started to chuckle to herself momentarily.

Lisa Miller: What's been going on? It's all about what he "thinks" is going on. That's all that matters.

She slowly shook her head at the thought.

Lisa Miller: You should know better then that. He's a "puppet" for me to control that's all.

"The Perfect Manager" Toom E Guci: Yea, but sooner then later this all will catch up with us. You have to know that.

Lisa Miller: I know and you know that as well but that's why we have to make sure that at Uncensored he either wins or doesn't make it out of that match period.

"The Perfect Manager" Toom E Guci: Well, I prefer making sure he wins at all cost.

Lisa Miller: So do I but we have to consider the what if's and have ourselves covered one way or another.

"The Perfect Manager" Toom E Guci: So what did you have in mind?

The feed cuts from this location as the Global Wrestling Federation logo follows across the bottom of the screen.

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