JCW SlamTV TV Taping Spoilers [Uncensored Challenge Issued]
Written By: jazzv1@hotmail.com - June 20, 2019
At the recent set of JCW SlamTV tv tapings, The Basham Brothers were in tag team action as they took on the defending JCW Tag Team Champions Ring Ryda Red & Ring Ryda Blue (also known as Ohio Verses Everything), after a chaotic back and forth match which saw thumb tacks and face gags, we saw the JCW Tag Team Championships switch hands as The Basham Brothers picked up the JCW Tag Team Championships for the very first time.

After the match JCW Co-President Violent J got into the ring and presented the JCW Tag Team Championships to Doug & Danny and said he was proud that they are part of JCW. Violent J then told the JCW Juggalo Crowd that at Uncensored ICP & The Bashams will be there, and they send an open challenge to APA & The Hardy Boyz to show up and fight them in 8 man tag team action.

Doug Basham then took the microphone and said "why don't we raise the stakes and make it a Elimination Table Match..." you could see the delight on Violent Js face as he then began to speak again "i like how you think Doug, APA... Hardyz we challenge you to a Massacre In Massachusetts Elimination Tables Match!" Violent J and the Bashams then celebrated with the fans to close the show.
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