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Written By: r1989studmuffin@aol.com - June 24, 2019
Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has been far too long since I last posted here on GWFwrestling.net. So as you can imagine there is a lot to talk about, however, what I want to touch on first is that of Wrestlemania, the triple threat match between the world champion Finlay taking on Luke Harper and fellow Horseman Christopher Daniels.

I have been reviewing this match for the past month or so, and I can tell you all that there was some underlying issue with Finlay, I can not be sure what it is or what it was but he definitely wasn’t his usual hard-hitting self, and Harper was also favouring an injury that he sustained by Christopher Daniels. Maybe there was something in the air or that Daniels actually had a hidden plan and that is what was wrong with Finlay.

But Daniels took the win and that will reflect in the history books, although Daniels only held the title for well not even to the next PPV he was challenged by CM Punk who was claiming he was still the best in the world, and that was proven for a split second on RAW is WAR, when Punk managed to capture the World Title, this, however, was short-lived and gave Punk the shortest ever reign in the GWF when Tyler Breeze took advantage of CM Punk after Daniels assaulted him.

This was the moment Breeze cashed his briefcase in and became the most beautiful World Champion, the feud between Punk and Breeze flowed into Backlash, where they would face off fairly this time around.

Punk took Breeze to different depths then what he had ever been before and become a two-time world champion, but what about Christopher Daniels’ rematch? Well after looking at his contractual agreements with the GWF it should be noted that a former champion is indeed eligible for a rematch against the man he bet, however, due to the title changing hands twice in one night, Daniels is as they say…screwed.

World Title picture is done, sorted, covered.

I want to bring your attention to the next important …well some say it's important, I say its needed and unethical, JCW!.

Now, I know there are split views on this. I have spoken to a few people Superstars and backstage staff. They can not understand why JCW have this underlying issue with the GWF, however, they are going to be standing tall and steady behind their company, JCW is slowly getting bigger with names such as, erm, well there is…actually they can’t get bigger they are just using the GWF rejects. It is going to be interesting to see where this goes, because once you start something you guys best be ready to finish it or be finished!

I don’t know what makes this worse, the fact that ICP has been loyal to the GWF for the past decade or more, or the fact that GWF Superstars aren’t doing a damn thing to prevent, or end this shambles.

I mean let's face it, if you are down enough to join a cluster of clowns, then you will do anything for a quick buck…$20 is $20 after all right ha.

There has been so much going off since my last report, and I want to sit here all day and tell you everything in my own personal views, but I am just going to highlight the important bits that have stood out to me in the past month or so.

Ok, so as you all know Finlay was on a one-way ticket to becoming the longest reigning GWF World Champion…no matter what anyone tried or said he managed to come out on top and still smell of roses until Daniels was added to the mix…that really fucked him up! Useless Irish twat.

Daniels Disappears
That’s right, even after he won the World Title The Fallen Angel wasn’t himself and lost the belt less than a month after winning it, safe to say that Daniels isn’t the man he used to be…I think he has prayed to his final god.

The Man Takes on the Hardcore Scene
Ok, the title for this could have been a little more PG..but we are GWF and we don’t give a shit. Becky Lynch, over the past few months, has proved her self to everyone and she has shown you don’t have to have a cock to roll with the big dogs! She is set to take on one of the most sadistic and overweight men, you have ever seen wobble to the ring in Mick Foley for the Hardcore Title…stick it to the man Becky!

ICP bite the hand that fed them
We touch on this earlier, but just to shed more light into the fact. These guys have turned their back on the GWF for the very last time, and invaded and stole GWF Superstars for their own gain. Give me a bat and some water ill wash the Clowns out of the GWF.

As I say, so much has gone off but there is not enough time in the day to cover it all, I will be back next week with some more views from the viewers, until then…keep it, real bitches…and don’t let no clown bring you down…

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