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  • Challenges/Matches/Cards

    1. You cannot fight multiple matches per card unless approved by Vinny. Vinny beforehand with the details. If there is a good reason for it, it will be granted. Otherwise, you will only be able to fight one.

    2. There is generally no limit on the amount of matches per card. There is no maximum on the amount of matches per card. The only exception is if there is any type of tournament, abnormally increasing the amount of matches. If there are more than the allotted matches, the first eight/ten matches accepted will be put on the card.

    3. Use the challenge board to set up a match or feud and both parties MUST do a confirm for the match before it will be made official.

    4. Weekly shows will be build up shows but you can have a match if you choose to through the challenge board. If a match is scheduled that is a storyline match there will be no need to roleplay as it will be pre determined. All other matches MUST be roleplayed for. All Pay Per View matches MUST be roleplayed for. All segments for weekly shows must be feud or storyline driven or they may not make the show.

    5. The GWF does use a designated time limit for roleplaying for matches on the day of a card event. The roleplaying deadline for all weekday matches is on the day of the card at 5:00pm Eastern Time. For pay-per-views, the roleplay deadline is 1:00pm Eastern Time. No roleplays after that time for matches on that card will count. This rule will be enforced more than it was during prior events, due to the fact that controversial decisions have come about because of this. If a roleplay is 1-10 minutes late, that is acceptable, but anything that is 20 minutes or more late will not count.

    6. If you seek out a match with a stipulation that doesn't make sense, the stipulation will be dropped from the match. There is no need for a First Blood or Hell in a Cell Table Match or whatever to be on a Raw. I've been pretty forgiving on pay-per-views, but I may start limiting that more as well. If you're not in a main event, and there really isn't a feud going on with the involved characters, there is little chance of some "out there" stipulation making it to the final card.

    7. Cards are made through the challenge board. You make your own matches week by week. The matches, segments and feuds will be determined by the Administration. If you have a suggestion regarding a match or feud, PM Vinny to request its inclusion.


    1. Any GWF champion MUST defend their title once every two weeks. If the two week date passes, you will be given a week period to defend the title, if you fail to do so, you will be booked in a title match the following week.

    2. You may accept a challenge from anybody, despite rank, if a card is open to controller-generated matches. However, if they are outside of the proper ranking area, they will not be granted a title match unless that is specifically said in the champion's roleplay.

    3. There will be no title-for-title matches unless that match was given the "OK" by Administration beforehand.

    4. There may be exceptions made to any of these rules without any prior notice. Most of these cases will be situations sorted out between a specific roleplayer and Vinny directly.

    5. Champions defending their titles must give notice to the Administration beforehand in order to prevent unfair match ups that favor the champion due to the standing of the challenger or the challenger due to the "forced commitment" to the two week date of the champion, This is to ensure quality of defenses without sidestepping the "two week date" concept in its entirety.

    General Rules of the GWF

    1. The GWF uses real wrestlers ONLY. We do not accept created wrestlers at all.

    2. There can only be one persona of a wrestler at one time. For example, there cannot be Cactus Jack and Mankind or The Godfather and Papa Shango or Kevin Nash and Diesel or Scott Hall and Razor Ramon or...I think you get the idea.

    3. We will allow you to be as many characters as you can handle but if we see you can't keep up with all of them we will talk to you and give you suggestions on what to do. Four (4) characters is the absolute maximum any one roleplayer can control at one time. However, these four cannot all be active wrestlers. At any one time, a person can control up to three (3) male characters and one (1) female character. The maximum amount allowed, including managers, is four (4).

    4. If you have a manager on the roster and are not using them, you are expected to inform the Administration in order to remove him from the roster. If you are found not using a listed manager, further action will be taken. It could be as simple as removing the manager, or removing all characters, depending on your standing in the league. Also if you have a manager that is a popular wrestler that somebody wants you will lose that person as your manager.

    5. Each wrestler one roleplayer controls falls under the same rules as far as roleplaying. If one character is active, and another is not, the inactive could end up on "The List" or be removed from the roster. If you have two wrestlers, and one is on the List, but you are actively roleplaying with the other, you should be able to bring the other off the list unless a special arrangement has been made with the Administration. If this continues, unless such an arrangement has been made, you could be barred to only controlling one wrestler at a time, until it is proven that you can handle two wrestlers.

    6. The GWF Staff reserves the right to remove you from the roster without warning.

    7. The GWF Staff reserves the right to change these rules at any time as well as enforce any "unwritten" rules.

    8. There may be exceptions made to any of these rules without any prior notice. Most of these cases will be situations between a specific roleplayer and the Administration.

    9. We try to be fair and balanced but understand that mistakes do happen so just bare with it. We have the right to enforce these rules at any time and we will enforce them if the need is there.

    10. Do not harass the upper management of the GWF on an instant messenger program or private message system. Prominent staff members have their own lives to tend to and official channels such as private messages should be used most often to contact staff regarding GWF-related issues. Contact should only be made via a messenger program if permission has been given to make such contact or there is an issue of immediate importance.

    Leave Of Absence

    1. There is a 3 month time limit on leave of absence. Unless you can provide a good reason otherwise, after 2 months on L.O.A., your characters will be put on "The List" where if you don't return the character will be removed for somebody else to be.

    2. If you have characters on L.O.A., you cannot take on more characters without explaining your reasoning. If you want to add another person, you must drop or reactivate those characters you have on L.O.A. There is no excuse for having one character on L.O.A. and feeling the need to add another. L.O.A. should only be used if you will not be able to roleplay at all, not to keep a character on hold, or unless the L.O.A. is angle based, in which cases things can be worked within this.

    Match Decisions

    1. If you lose a match, it can almost be guaranteed that you lost because you were out-roleplayed, meaning that the other person did better than you. It's that plain and simple.

    2. In title matches, the writers and the senior staff try to judge who should be the winner but keep in mind that if it is extremely close, the champion usually gets the advantage because of the fact that they are known to be on the ball as far as roleplaying goes.

    3. If you lose a match, don't complain on the OOC board and drag out a long affair about your loss. Suck it up and move on. Constant complaining is not good for your reputation and if you complain about everything, the staff has the right to remove you from the league.

    4. Do your best. If you go out and bust your ass, your hard work will be seen by your fellow roleplayers and the staff, and you will be rewarded.

    5. The senior staff looks over every match after it has been posted, so you can trust to see the right person win the match.

    6. To keep people interested and to keep feuds fresh and ongoing we the Administration will make the person who has lost previous matches in a feud to win a match at any point during the feud as long as the person roleplays for that match.


    1. You will rise and fall in the rankings not only depending on whether you win or lose, but also how the other competitors ranked around you do as well. Rankings are determined based on win percentages within the preceding period, the length of which is determined by the Administration.

    2. If you win the Royal Rumble or Money in the Bank or King of the Ring it will be noted in the rankings next to your name.

    3. If there is a #1 contender for any given championship, it doesn't guarantee they will get the next shot but one in the near future. If the contender isn't given an opportunity, the Administration will step in and make the match official.

    4. The #1 Contenders may be assigned by the GWF Staff if we feel that there is a certain wrestler who deserves a shot at a title and/or if there is a special match to determine a number one contender. Additionally, the wrestler with the best win-percentage (outside of the World Heavyweight Champion) following one pay-per-view will typically be given a World Title shot at the following pay-per-view.

    5. You cannot challenge for a contender shot. For example: "I challenge you for your #21 spot." You can challenge #21, but it does not mean you will get that spot if you beat them. Your move in the rankings will depend on your current spot, your opponents spot, your roleplays, and the actions of the other wrestlers ranked around you in regards to win percentages.

    6. Rankings will be given an extensive update once every week.

    Role Playing/Interviews

    1. We expect at least one quality roleplay per week and one roleplay per pay-per-view. That would be a bare minimum. This is not tracked, but any less and getting involved may be very difficult.

    2. Two line and "I'm gonna kick your a$$!" interviews/comments usually won't get too much recognition. Quality is emphasized more than quantity. One roleplay a week is all we ask and that isn't much at all.

    3. If you join and do not do a single roleplay within two weeks, you will be removed from the roster. Otherwise, you are given about 2-3 weeks of inactivity time before we take action. First step is you go on "The List", which is a list of inactive wrestlers we put up from time to time. From there, you have 1 week to become active again, or else you will be removed. The 'OOC Board' does not count as activity. Only the actual Roleplay Board counts. If you need to go on L.O.A., please let us know so we don't drop you by mistake.

    4. If you know you will not be roleplaying for a bit, please PM Vinny here so he can hold your guys and not put you on The List. He doesn't need any specifics, no questions asked. He just likes to know if somebody is going to be gone for a couple weeks or so.

    5. Do not use or beat up other people's wrestlers in interviews unless the other party has contacted Vinny here telling him that it is okay for you to use those wrestlers. The only exception would be if there are multiple people part of a stable or tag team. This would allow you to use the wrestlers, but it would all depend on the agreement you have with your partner, as to what you can do in the interview.

    6. Last minute roleplaying is frowned upon. While there are no rules against it, waiting for the last possible second to post a roleplay does not look good. Also, issues have come up in the past where servers have gone down. If you wait until the last minute, you may not get your roleplay up.

    7. Some people prefer to use layouts and webpages for their roleplays, which is fine, but please keep your roleplays up until an event is done and over with so your match can be judged properly. We cannont judge roleplays that disappear, so if you are going to use a layout, the GWF does provide roleplay hosting which you can sign up for. Roleplay hosting is free, and it also ensures that as long as the GWF site is up, your roleplay will be, too. And, on top of it all, it's banner free hosting.

    8. HTML in your roleplays is not required, but it does make it easier to read.

    9. If you no-show three consecutive times (with any of your characters) you will be fired from GWF and unable to rejoin for one (1) month. If you do it again once you are allowed back it will be three (3) months. And if it happens a third time you will be banned from GWF indefinitely.

    10. For Raw and pay-per-views, roleplays alone will count. But it never hurts to go above and beyond by roleplaying meaningfully when not necessary to the booking.


    1. Any segment that you require mentioned for an event which features full segments should be accompanied with commentary by the GWF announcers, Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler. If the segment isn't accompanied by commentary it will be put on the show as we will add the commentary ourselves.

    2. Any segment that is done will probably make the show but it might not. Most of these points are for feuds or to set up a match but there are others too. The discretion of whether it will be in the results is up to the Administration.

    GWF Handbook of Rules and Regulations
    By: Kevin McDermott, Dennis Delaney, and Sam Hamblin
      Copyright © 1997-2019