The List of the following people have not roleplayed since , or have not roleplayed at all. Nobody is immune from this. OOC and Challenge board posts do not count toward this. You may be active with one wrestler, but not another, but you must keep all of your wrestlers active. People on this list have until , to turn things around and become active again. Active means that your wrestler must roleplay in a meaningful manner. If they do not, they will be released from the current roster and be opened up so other people may apply for them. Any Questions about why your wrestler is listed or any other issues, just private message Vinny.
Wrestler Controller Last Known Roleplay

PLEASE NOTE: This list is automatically generated, so it is quite possible that you may have been listed in error if so, please private message Vinny.

If you are listed here and would like to be removed from the roster before the specifed deadline, please private message Vinny.

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