The End... Is Only the Beginning.
This is...
Welcome to Armageddon 2019
Live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California
Attendance: 14,184

Jim Ross: Welcome everyone to Los Angeles. We have a great show for you tonight. It's Armageddon and tonight things are going to explode King!!
Jerry Lawler: Will we see new champions tonight JR?
Jim Ross: We will find out but all the titles are being defended tonight except for the Hardcore but Cactus did defend that title last week but he has other things to settle tonight.
Jerry Lawler: That he does but House Of Horrors though?
Jim Ross: You know the GWF is the best in the business and we do the best matches in the world but we have 7 matches for tonight so we have a long night ahead of us.
Jerry Lawler: I have a question. Is No Mercy really in England?
Jim Ross: That it is King but I hear we are going to hear from Bobby Roode. He called out somebody here tonight and hopefully we give him somebody.

We are taken to the back where we see Bobby Roode talking to somebody and we see it's Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: Bobby Roode, you came out on Raw last week and you called out somebody to face you but nobody faced you. Tonight you made the same challenge but you have no idea if somebody will even answer the challenge. Are you the least bit worried?

We see Bobby Roode in his Glorious robe as he looks at Michael.

Bobby Roode: Michael, what do I have to be worried about?

Michael Cole: You could be facing who is coming back. You could face somebody who has been here. You could face anybody so there is no way for you to prepare for whoever your opponent is.

Bobby Roode: I could care less who the GWF feeds me tonight. It's the very first Pay Per View of 2019 and it's Armageddon. I'm ready for whoever shows up tonight Michael.

Roode is seen walking away as we go back to ringisde.

Jim Ross: Bobby Roode needs to be careful what he asks for. He could literally face anybody.
Jerry Lawler: He knows what he is doing. At least I hope he does.
Jim Ross: This is a stupid move by Roode but he is going to get somebody tonight King. I have a feeling.
Jerry Lawler: What do you know JR?
Jim Ross: I know as much as you do but I know he is facing somebody tonight.

Singles Match

Bobby Roode vs Mystery Opponent

"Off The Chain" by Serg Salinas sounds off throughout the pa system as this sold out crowd in Los Angeles rose to their feet in a huge chorus of boos. Moments later Bobby Roode came walking out through the curtain wearing his traditional ring gear making his way down the aisle towards ringside. He climbs up the steel ring steps and through the middle rope before ascending the second rope performing his signature taunt to a ton of heat, before he steps down on the mat pacing around the squared circle. The crowd inside the Staples Center began to chant "You Can't Wrestle" as Roode circled the ring just looking out into the masses with a chuckle.

Bobby Roode: For the last two weeks I've showed up in this ring and I've issued an open challenge. I've issued an open challenge for anybody in the back to walk down that aisle, climb into this ring and go one-on-one with the only "It Factor of Professional Wrestling" Bobby Roode.

The crowd boos.

Bobby Roode: Now before I came out here tonight I was told by GWF Management that they indeed, did have an opponent for me here tonight at Armageddon. So who's it going to be huh?

Roode asked standing in the middle of the ring awaiting the arrival of his opponent. There was a pause for a moment as the excitement started to build. This sold out crowd inside the Staples Center was on their feet in anticipation of who Bobby Roode's opponent was going to be here tonight at Armageddon. And then, "Special Ops" sounds off throughout the pa system and this place erupts.

Jim Ross: OH MY GOD!

Roode stood in the ring looking towards the superstars entrance to the stage area, and it's almost as if he seen a ghost when Roman Reigns walked out through the curtain to a huge pop.


Roman Reigns stood at the top of the stage looking down the aisle at Bobby Roode standing in the ring, before he started walking down the aisle as this sold out crowd was going crazy jumping up and down as Reigns made his way towards the ring. His eyes never left Bobby Roode however as Roman Reigns made his way towards the ring, and then he came to a halt at the end of the aisle right there at ringside. Roman with his eyes locked on Roode began to walk around the ring, ascending upon the ring apron via the steel ring steps. Reigns climbs through the middle rope and gets upon the second turnbuckle, performing his signature taunt to this sold out crowd inside the Staples Center to huge pops. Roman climbs down and stands across the ring from Bobby Roode, as the referee signals for the bell to officially get things going.

Jim Ross: Well this will be Roman Reigns first match since Fall Brawl, King. And we all know what happened that night against Finlay inside the steel cage.
Jerry Lawler: Yeah he lost the World Title, JR. But I think the people are more concerned with what happened after that? Where did Roman go?
Jim Ross: And where is Paul Heyman, King?

Reigns and Roode circle the ring and came to the middle in a collar elbow tie up that saw Reigns using his power and strength advantage to put Roode on his back. Roode looks up from the mat at a very confident Roman Reigns, before he gets back to his feet and immediately rolls outside the ring to a huge chorus of boos. Roman Reigns looks on in the ring and yells out "Get your ass back in here boy" as Roode looked on clearly frustrated. Roode eventually throws his hands up and began walking back up the aisle, as the referee began the mandatory ten count and began counting out Bobby Roode. But then Reigns pulls the referee back and goes out after him, catching Roode in the aisle way and landing a few right hands before bringing Bobby Roode back to ringside. Reigns then sends Roode crashing into the steel steps shoulder first as Roode rolled around on the mat outside, grimacing in agony as Reigns goes to pick him up off the mat and rolls him back in the ring. Roman gets in the ring and eyes Roode on one knee, Roode staggers back on his feet spinning around. Roman charges at him and hits Roode with a devastating SUPERMAN PUNCH! Roman gets up and taunts to huge pops as he walks over to the corner, turning around with a big roar as the GWF Universe joined him in unison before he ran towards Roode delivering a massive SPEAR! Roman quickly covers him, one.. two.. three!

Jim Ross: And that's it King, what a return for "The Big Dog" Roman Reigns. But there is sure a lot of questions to be answered.
Jerry Lawler: Yeah but I don't think we're gonna have to wait for long Roman is calling for a microphone, JR.

Roman Reigns took a microphone from the ring announcer and then took center stage in the middle of the ring.

Roman Reigns: Look I'll cut right to the chase. When I first signed with the GWF... I told the entire world I was gonna win the 2018 King of the Ring, and what happened? I won the 2018 King of the Ring. Then, I told the entire world that I was gonna beat Elias at SummerSlam, and I was gonna become the NEW... GWF World Heavyweight Champion! And what did I do? I walked into SummerSlam and I kicked Elias' ass to become the GWF World's Heavyweight Champion.

Huge pops.

Roman Reigns: You know I thought I was on top of the world. But in this business nothing is ever guaranteed. And unfortunately I found that out first hand myself the hard way. You see a lot of people don't know this but, before my match with Finlay at Fall Brawl I had to go and see a doctor. That's when I was informed I had a torn rotator cuff that required surgery, and it was gonna put me on the shelf for about four to six months.

Reigns paused.

Roman Reigns: GWF Management asked me if I wanted to still go through with the match, and being the fighting champion that I was I told 'em the hell with scrapping that match. I was gonna get inside that cage and defend my title. And that's exactly what I did. September 30th, 2018. Fall Brawl. I walked into that cage with the GWF World Heavyweight Title, when I left I took a flight to right here in Los Angeles, California.

Huge pops.

Roman Reigns: And might I add when I took that flight, I was empty handed as I had lost MY... GWF World Heavyweight Championship to Finlay at Fall Brawl.


Roman Reigns: So they did the surgery and everything was a success.

Reigns paused nodding his head to an applause.

Roman Reigns: But now I'm back.

Huge pops.

Roman Reigns: And I'm back on a mission. A mission that will begin March 31st, 2019.

Huge pops.

Roman Reigns: Because at this time right here right now, I am hereby announcing that Roman Reigns is going to enter the Royal Rumble.

Jim Ross: OH MY!

Huge pops.

Roman Reigns: But not only am I entering the Royal Rumble. I'm gonna win the 2019 Royal Rumble Match and then I'm going to WrestleMania, to get back what is rightfully MINE... the GWF's World Heavyweight Championship!

There was a huge pop followed by the sounds of "Burn It Down" blasting across the pa system. This sold out crowd inside the Staples Center rose to their feet as Seth Rollins walked out from behind the curtain. Reigns looks a bit surprised for a moment as he's clearly unaware of all this happening, as Rollins made his way towards ringside carrying a microphone in hand. Rollins climbs upon the ring apron and then through the middle rope, before he stood in the center of the ring in a stare off with the returning Roman Reigns.

Seth Rollins: So let me get this right. You've been gone since September and you come out here, destroy Bobby Roode and then tell everybody here tonight this lame ass story. Oh, I got injured and I had to have surgery. Who cares Roman. You left this company high and dry. You left this company when you yourself Roman, said it was TIME... FOR A CHANGE!

The crowd boos.

Seth Rollins: You told everybody in the back Roman, that it was time a for change. But then, you left. You left and you want everyone to believe that Roman Reigns had to have surgery, because in all reality Roman you didn't want them to know the truth. Because the truth is Roman, after you lost to Finlay at Fall Brawl. You were disgusted.

Roman Reigns: I was disgusted? You're right I was. Because I let each and every one of these people down...

Seth Rollins: STOP IT! You let these people down? Are you kidding me right now, huh? You was too stuck up Paul Heyman's ass to worry about what these people thought Roman. You said it yourself man, you thought you was on top of the world. And then your WORLD... came crashing down on you. So you can stop trying to make your excuses, and making these "people" believe that you actually got hurt. You tucked your tail between your legs and you ran off like a coward.

Right after those comments from Rollins, Reigns dropped the mic and then got up in the face of Rollins. Both men were jawing each other as referee's ran down to try and prevent anything from breaking out, but it was too late as Reigns smacked Rollins across the jaw with a hard right. Rollins staggered backwards before coming back with one of his own to Roman Reigns, as both men began to trade shots in the middle of the ring. Reigns and Rollins eventually make their way to the outside of the ring, where Rollins picked up a steel chair and began using it on Reigns. He struck him in the mid section and then laid it across the back of Reigns. Reigns went down to the mat outside draped over, and Rollins laid into him with repeated chair shots until the referee's drug him off. Rollins taunts the crowd to a huge chorus of boos as the refs tried getting him away, but then he turns around and began striking officials taking each one of them out on his way back to a fallen Roman Reigns. Rollins picked him up off the mat outside the ring, and rolled Roman Reigns back inside the ring .

Jim Ross: Oh come on now someone has got to stop this!!

Seth stood over top of him and swung back with that steel chair, laying into the back of Reigns once more as if he hasn't done enough damage already. Rollins yells out above the boos "Get up you son of a bitch" as he taunts Roman Reigns, who's crawling across the mat towards the ring ropes grimacing in agony. Reigns tries using the ring ropes for leverage to get back on his feet, but Rollins struck him again with the steel chair putting Reigns back down on the mat face first. Rollins placed the steel chair underneath of Reigns face, before he rolls back outside the ring grabbing another chair. Rollins slides back inside the ring and eyes a fallen Roman Reigns, before delivering a devastating CON-CHAIR-TO! This sold out crowd erupts in boos as Reigns laid on the mat face first, Rollins paced around the ring smiling with his arrogance to even more heat. Then he turns around with his eyes locked on Roman. He's got this look in his eyes as he eyes Reigns who's trying to crawl up on all fours. Seth runs his fingers through his hair and then runs towards a fallen Reigns, delivering his signature trademark CURB STOMP TO ROMAN REIGNS ON THE STEEL CHAIR!

Jim Ross: Was that really necessary?
Jerry Lawler: Right now I don't think Seth Rollins really cares.
Jim Ross: I can see that now King.
Jerry Lawler: I doubt we've seen the end of this one JR.

We open up in the backstage area after the promo for No Mercy. We than see Kevin Owens look into the camera with a pissed off look on his face.

Kevin Owens: I can't believe that I have to do this yet again. I have to wrestle in the GWF an injured man.

The crowd is heard booing as they start a chant.


Kevin Owens is getting irate as he continues.

Kevin Owens: I'm not a whiner. I'm an injured man and I will wrestle injured and I will beat Shawn Michaels and show that fat tub of goo Jim Ross that I deserve my World Title shot.

We see Jim Ross roll his eyes at ringside as Kevin Owens continues.

Kevin Owens: Yeah, that's right JR. I called you a fat tub of goo. I don't care what you promised Shawn Michaels if he beats me tonight but I will say this. I'm sick of you and him being in cahoots and I'm going to make an example out of him.

We see Shawn Michaels come dancing into the scene and he looks at Kevin Owens.

Kevin Owens: What in the hell do you want?

Shawn Michaels: I want you to keep your damn mouth shut!!! Kevin Owens, stop your damn whining like these fans said. You either put up or shut up. This is the GWF and we don't have time for babies and complainers. We have a problem with somebody we take it out on them in the ring. Not come back here and bitch about it. I'm a man Kevin Owens and you are nothing but a damn whining loser and tonight I'm going to cash in on you.

Shawn Michaels walks off eyeing Kevin Owens as we go back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels took the words out of my mouth King!!
Jerry Lawler: Is that how you really feel?
Jim Ross: You are damn right King!! I'm tired of Owens already.

Singles Match

Kevin Owens vs Shawn Michaels

'Fight' by CFO hits over the p.a system, and the entire Staples Center is on their feet. A mixed reaction of cheers and boos comes over the crowd, as Kevin Owens slowly steps out from behind the ramp. The demeanor on Owens is clearly all business and the smug look upon his face can be seen throughout the arena. Owens cracks his neck, shakes out his arms, and heads straight down the ramp way towards the ring. Owens then enters the ring and does his usual prematch routine, as the fans continue with their mixed reaction. Owen's music then slowly fades out, so he goes and stands over in the top right corner. Shaking his arms out and waiting. A few seconds pass and then "Sexy Boy" hits loud over the p.a system. The crowd is still on their feet, but this time the mixed reaction is nothing but a big pop of cheers for the wrestling ICON. Michaels, full of energy, comes bursting out from the back with his usual strut. The fans absolutely love it. Michaels makes his way down the ramp way, slapping hands as he goes by, as Owens continues to stand in the ring his eyes never moving their gaze from Michaels. Shawn enters the ring, plays to the crowd and then gets in the center of the ring. Kicks one leg out and then starts to do his usual flex for the crowd when suddenly, KEVIN OWENS ATTACKS FROM BEHIND! Owens not wasting anytime. Owens knocks Michaels down straight to the mat with a huge forearm to the back of the head, and then Owens begins landing vicious stomps to the body of Michaels.

Jim Ross: This is ridiculous! Kevin Owens not even allowing Shawn Michaels to be ready before going after him!
Jerry Lawler: Surely they wont let the match start like this!

However they do, as the ref quickly calls for the bell. The fans are jeering at Owens, who quickly drops down on top of Michaels and begins to throw rights and lefts into his skull. Owens then grabs both hands around the head of Michaels and begins to start slamming the back of Michaels head into the mat over and over and over again! Just a vicious rage filled attack from Kevin Owens. Owens then leaps up to his feet, and starts stomping more onto the body of Shawn Michaels who is down near the ropes. Michaels is a bit stunned by this early onslaught as Owens reaches down and grabs one of the legs of Michaels and drags him to the center of the ring. Owens then takes off towards the ropes facing the entrance ramp, bounces off, comes back, AND NAILS SHAWN MICHAELS WITH A RUNNING SENTON! Owens rolls right back up to his feet, takes off to the ropes facing the ringside announce tables, bounces off, comes back, AND NAILS SHAWN MICHAELS WITH A SECOND RUNNING SENTON! Owens rolls up on his knees, reaches down and puts his hands around the throat of Michaels. Choking Shawn as HBK kicks his legs around and gasps for air. The ref quickly kneels down, yelling at Owens to break the hold, Kevin will not do so. The ref starts to count Owens out, but then quickly Owens releases his choke hold, and Michaels gasps for air. Owens gets to his feet. Lands another vicious stomp to the body of HBK, and begins to yell and taunt towards him. Owens then turns and looks over at Jim Ross, and begins to yell at Jim Ross: "You did this! This is your fault! I’m going to break him!" Owens this turns his attention back to Shawn Michaels. Owens reaches down, and starts to pick HBK up to his feet, but no! HBK reverses it and rolls Owens up into a pinfall. 1...2...kick out by Kevin Owens! Both men quickly roll up to their feet. Owens lounges at Michaels, but Shawn catches Owens and nails him with a hip-toss! Both are right back up to their feet, and again Owens lounges at Michaels, but again Shawn catches Owens with a second hip-toss. The two men are right back up, and this time, Michaels leaps straight into the air, AND CATCHES KEVIN OWENS WITH A DROPKICK! The kick launches Owens down onto the mat, and rolling into the corner near the bottom left turnbuckle. The fans give Micheals a nice pop. Owens begins to start pulling himself up to his feet using the bottom left turnbuckle, and Michaels quickly comes charging in to grab hold of Owens, but Owens quickly side steps, and grabs the back of HBK's head looking to throw Michaels face first into the top turnbuckle, BUT NO! Shawn is able to block it. Owens attempts a second time, but again Michaels is able to block it. Shawn then throws a couple of hard elbows into the chest of Owens, causing Owens to lose his grip and then Shawn throws Kevin face first into the turnbuckle. Owens is a bit stunned. Michaels pushes Owens back into the corner, and proceeds to nail him across the chest with a knife edge chop heard around the world. Owens screams out in pain. Michaels then winds back up, and sends a second knife edge chop across the chest of Kevin Owens. The fans love it, as Owens staggers out from the corner, along the ropes and leans back into the bottom right turnbuckle now. Micheals comes right back at him, and catches him with not one, but two more knife edge chops across the chest! Owens is really feeling it! Owens starts to stagger out of the corner again along the ropes, halfway towards the top right turnbuckle, but Micheals quickly grabs him, lifts him up, AND NAILS OWENS WITH AN INVERTED ATOMIC DROP! Owens holds his crotch in pain, leaning against the ropes. Michaels quickly takes off to the opposite ropes, bounces off, comes charging forward, BUT OWENS COUNTERS AND FLIPS MICHAELS UP AND OVER THE TOP ROPE DOWN TO THE RINGSIDE FLOOR! Shawn hits the ringside floor hard near the ringside announce tables.

Jerry Lawler: Oh no! Hard fall by Shawn Michaels!
Jim Ross: Kevin Owens breaking up Shawn's momentum!

Jerry Lawler: Just look at the look on Owens' face. What is he thinking?

Kevin's mind is ticking as he then sees Michaels starting to stagger to his feet, and quickly Owens takes off towards the opposite ropes. Owens bounces off the ropes, coming running forward, leaps up and NAILS A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA OVER THE TOP ROPE ONTO SHAWN MICHAELS! The fans applaud the move, despite mostly rooting for HBK in this match. Owens leaps up to his feet and taunts towards the crowd. The ref lands over the top rope and warns Owens to get the match back into the ring, but Owens ignores him. Kevin then reaches down, picks Michaels up AND SLAMS HBK'S FACE DOWN INTO THE GWF ANNOUNCE TABLE! Owens then stares directly at Jim Ross and just gives him a sadistic smile. The ref has started counting. (1, 2, 3, 4)...Owens grabs Micheals and smiles back once more at JR, before taking Michaels and whipping him hard into the steel steps connected to the top right corner, and hard into the ringside barricade! Michaels hits the barricade hard with his back and falls to the floor. (5, 6, 7)...Owens hears the ref counting and telling him to get back in the ring. Owens just quickly rolls in the ring, and then rolls right back out which annoys the ref, who tells him to get back in, but Owens just ignores him. Owens heads over to Shawn as the ref has to start counting again. (1,2,3)...Owens goes to pick up Shawn, but Michaels drops to his knees, and catches Owens with a chin breaker! Kevin's jaw slams hard onto the top of Shawn's head. Owens is a bit stunned. And Shawn leaps, and catches Kevin right along the side of the face with an enzugiri! Owens falls to the floor! (4, 5, 6). Michaels gets to his feet, grabs Kevin, and drags him up onto the steel steps. There standing on the top step, Michaels positions Owens, then lifts him up and...SPIKE PILEDRIVER! SPIKE PILEDRIVER ONTO THE STEEL STEPS! The fans can't believe it! (7, 8,). Michaels takes just a second and then grabs Owens and just as the ref counts 9, Michaels rolls owens into the ring. Michaels then slides in after him. Owens is laid out in the middle of the ring, as Shawn goes and stands in the top right corner, and begins to lift his leg and then stomp down hard onto the mat, 'tuning the band up' which has everyone on their feet and excited as this could be it! It could be sweet chin music time! Owens slowly starts to stagger up to his feet, and SWEET CHIN MU...NO! NO! Kevin ducks down just before Michaels could left the leg up, AND ROLLS OUT OF THE RING NEAR THE ANNOUNCE TABLES! The fans boo as Owens takes a second to regroup and hold his head. Michaels stands in the ring, and motions for Owens to get in. A couple seconds pass, and Owens pulls himself back up on the apron. Michaels motions for Owens to get in the ring as he stands in the center. Owens slowly enters back in the ring, and just as he does, Owens charges HBK, but Shawn ducks a clothesline attempt from Owens and then starts to nail him with right hands over and over again! The right hands back Owens up into the ropes, and Shawn quickly catches Owens with one more knife edge chop to stun him more. Shawn then takes off towards the opposite ropes, bounces off, Owens lounges forward looking to catch HBK's momentum into a hard clothesline, but Michaels ducks that attempt, leaps onto the rope, springboards off, twisting in the air looking for a springboard crossbody, BUT NO! Owens catches Michaels. Owens holds Michaels across his chest, positions in the middle of the ring, then swings Michaels around his body to where he holds him horizontaly on his back, AND THEN DROPS MICHAELS WITH A GO HOME DRIVER! Owens lays over Michaels for the pin. 1....2...kick out by Shawn Michaels! Fans give a small pop, as Owens just looks over at the ref with disdain. Owens rolls up to his feet, tells the ref to learn to count, and then picks Michaels up to his feet. Owens lifts Michaels up onto his shoulders and then DROPS SHAWN WITH AN ARGENTINE NECKBREAKER! Owens quickly rolls up, runs, bounces off the ropes, comes back, leaps straight into the air, and catches Shawn with a somersault legdrop across his chest! Owens again goes for a quick pinfall. 1...2...kick out by Shawn Michaels! Owens is starting to get really frustrated!

Jim Ross: You can see the frustration setting in with Kevin Owens! Michaels is a legend! An icon! It will never be easy to put him away!
Jerry Lawler: Yeah but I don't think we want to see Kevin Owens frustrated! Bad things tend to happen!

Owens picks HBK up, and lifts him up into a fireman carry. Owens then yells out towards the crowd, and throws HBK back up over his shoulders, and drops him into a GUTBUSTER! Michaels rolls around on the mat in pain, holding his mid section, and eventually rolls over near the top left corner. Owens waits patiently and begins to size HBK up, as Shawn starts to pull himself up off the mat and lean in the top left corner. Owens then comes charging, flips forward, AND CATCHES SHAWN MICHAELS WITH A CANNONBALL! Owens rolls up to his feet, reaches down and pulls HBK out from the corner. Owens then picks HBK up to his feet, as HBK staggers, and then Owens proceeds to whip him into the ropes, and as Michaels comes back, Owens pops him into the air and....POP UP POWERBO...NO! NO! HBK COUNTERS! As Owens goes for the pop up powerbomb, HBK leaps up and over Owens. Owens turns quickly and...SWEET CHIN MUSIC! SWEET CHIN MUSIC! MICHAELS CATCHES OWENS WITH A SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Owens hits the mat! Michaels staggers for a bit, recovering from the onslaught and then falls over Owens for the cover!! KEVIN OWENS KICKS OUT! KEVIN OWENS KICKS OUT JUST IN TIME! Fans can't believe it. HBK can't believe it. HBK takes a few moments to catch his breath as Owens lays there on the mat. Fans cheer for Shawn as he slowly gets to his feet, and he makes his way over to the bottom left turnbuckle. Shawn climbs up to the top of it, with his back to Owens. Shawn is looking for the moonsault! Michaels is almost positioned at the top when...OWENS GETS UP AND RUNS UP UNDERNEATH SHAWN! Owens grabs hold of Shawn and gets him up on his shoulders in an electric chair. Owens carries Shawn away from the corner on his shoulders back to the center of the ring, throws Shawn up in the air, twisting and...DROPS SHAWN MICHAELS WITH AN ELECTRIC CHAIR POWERBOMB! Owens hooks for the cover!! NO! SHAWN MICHAELS KICKS OUT JUST BEFORE 3! Kevin is furious! He can't believe it. He can't believe Michaels just kicked out again! Owens rolls up to his feet and is yelling at the referee. The ref warns Owens not to touch him or he will be disqualified. Owens is losing it. Owens goes back to MIcheals and just starts unleashing a rampage of stomps to the body of Kevin. Owens then reaches down, picks Michaels up and throws him hard into the bottom right corner. Owens then charges in, and catches Michaels with a clothesline in the corner, and then proceeds to unleash more stomps to the mid section of Micheals, causing Shawn to slowly fall down the corner. Owens then backs up, sizes Shawn up, runs forward, and nails Michaels with a cannonball! Owens then backs up again, runs forward, AND CATCHES MICHAELS WITH A SECOND CANNONBALL. Owens then rolls up, drags HBK to the center of the ring and holds him up as HBK is stunned. Owens then throws Michaels into the ropes, Michaels comes back and...POP-UP POWERBOMB! POP-UP POWERBOMB! Owens goes for the pinfall.! no! Kevin Owens picks Michaels back up off the mat. What is he doing? Owens isn’t finished with Michaels. He wants to send Shawn a message. Owens picks Shawn up and holds him, as Shawn can barely stand. Owens then begins to point at Jim Ross, and throws out all kind of insults and profanities towards him. Owens telling JR this was his fault, that Michaels blood is on him, and that he must give him what he deserves now. Yet all this trash talking has given Michaels some time to recover, so when Owens goes to turn his attention back to Shawn to send him into the ropes for another pop up powerbomb...MICHAELS QUICKLY COUNTERS AND ROLLS KEVIN UP IN A TIGHT ROLL UP! 1.........2........3! Its over! It’s over! Michaels stuns Kevin Owens! Owens is shocked! The bell rings, and Shawn Michaels music hits back over the p.a system.

Jim Ross: That makes my decision that much more easier King. What a great win for Shawn Michaels.
Jerry Lawler: You are going to do the right thing aren't you JR?
Jim Ross: I know what I have to do King!

We see The Bludgeon Brothers standing around in the back wearing sheep masks. They look like they are lost as we see Finlay and the Horsemen walk up to them.

Finlay: Listen fellas, I just wanted to say good luck to you guys tonight. You have a big match tonight for the Tag Titles and hopefully you guys win that match. Anyway, I'm here to tell you that tonight justice is served against Hogan in my match tonight.

They look at him and turn their head. They walk away with smirks on their faces. We than see Hulk Hogan come up to them and they turn their head to look at him. He puts his hands up to say to hold on.

Hulk Hogan: Relax brothers!!! I'm not here to ask for your help because I fight my own battles but I think you boys would be interested in this little piece of footage.

They look at Hogan and Hogan pulls out his cell phone. They remove their masks. He shows them the footage from earlier in the week and what Finlay said about having the Bludgeon Brothers wrapped around his finger. Hogan puts the phone away and looks at them and walks off with a smile on his face.

When Hogan leaves they look at each other and the scene fades as they can't believe what they just saw.

Jim Ross: OH MY GOD!!! Hogan showed them the footage of what Finlay said.
Jerry Lawler: This isn't going to be good for Finlay in the World Title match JR!!! Did you see the look on their faces?
Jim Ross: I don't know what that meant but I don't think they are happy about it.

Street Fight

Triple H vs The Rock

The Rock and Triple H stand face to face. Triple H smirks and pushes The Rock backwards. The Rock stands there for a moment as Triple H mocks him. The Rock lunges forwards and nails Triple H with a hard right hand sending Triple H to the canvas. Triple H looks at The Rock and holds his jaw some. Triple H immediately gets back up to his feet and meets The Rock eye to eye again. Triple H swings for a right hand, but The Rock blocks his attempt and nails another right hand, and then another. Triple H is pressed back against the ropes and tries to fight his way out, but The Rock is not letting up on the beating. Triple H rakes the eyes of The Rock to get a break as The Rock tries to clear his vision with wiping his eyes. Triple H attacks The Rock with a High Knee Lift sending The Rock down to the canvas. Triple H bounces off the ropes and drops another knee to The Rock's face. The Rock rolls around as Triple H stands up very cocky. Triple H struts over to The Rock. Triple H goes to pick up The Rock, but The Rock jabs Triple H in the eye with his thumb.

Triple H immediately staggers back blinded like The Rock was earlier. Triple H finds safe haven in a corner trying to get his vision back, once he does, he's met by The Rock connecting a huge knee to the chin and The Rock drags Triple H out of the corner and connects with a stiff bulldog. The Rock quickly stalks Triple H to get back up as the fans are cheering The Rock on. Triple H slowly gets back up to his feet, once he does, The Rock hoists him high for the Rock Bottom, but Triple H slips away and drops The Rock with a reverse DDT. Both men are down and the referee is checking on them both. Triple H is the first to his feet as The Rock follows. The Rock is resting on the top rope. Triple H charges and clotheslines The Rock over, but The Rock doesn't slam into the floor as Triple H turns his back, The Rock lands on his feet, quickly climbs the apron, and awaits for Triple H to turn around. As the crowd stirs Triple H curiously turns around and is met by a clothesline of The Rock's. The Rock goes for the cover, 1... 2... kick out by Triple H.

The Rock is up to his feet in no time and picks Triple H up along the way. The Rock goes to whip Triple H into the ropes, Triple H reverses, sending The Rock into the ropes, and as soon as The Rock comes back, Triple H nails a devastating Spine buster. Triple H slowly makes it back up and poses to show dominance over The Rock. The fans boo loudly as Triple H slowly picks up the laid out Rock. Triple H hooks The Rock's arms in a butterfly lock attempting the Pedigree, but The Rock breaks free. Rocky quickly goes for the The Rock Bottom once more, but Triple H breaks out and pushes The Rock into the referee. Both The Rock and the referee collide heads and are knocked out immediately. Triple H goes outside the ring and he looks under the ring for something. He than finds out and pulls it out. He holds it up and has a sick sadistic look on his face. He rolls into the ring waiting for The Rock to get up. Rock is seen stirring and so is the ref. Triple H holds up the sledgehammer over his head and The Rock sees him coming and nails him with a low blow. Triple H drops the sledgehammer. Rock rolls outside the ring and he grabs a table from under the ring. He slides it into the ring and he sets up in the middle of the ring. Rock picks up Triple H and he sets him up for the Rock Bottom in front of the table. Rock gets two elbows to the head and Triple H whips Rock into the ropes. Rock comes back and Triple H rams Rock's head into his knee. Rock stumbles into the corner and Triple H clotheslines him down. Triple H picks up Rock and goes for the Pedigree but Rock back body drops him and breaks it up. Rock catches his breath as Triple H is trying to get up with help from the set up table. Rock walks over and goes for a Rock Bottom through the table but Triple H grabs the sledgehammer and he jams Rock in the head with it. Rock drops Triple H and Triple drags up onto the table. Triple H sets him up for the Pedigree and nails him with the Pedigree through the table. Rock is out cold as the ref counts the 1....2.....3!!! Triple H has his hand raised after this brutal match.

Jim Ross: What a match that was King.
Jerry Lawler: I can't believe it JR!! Triple H did what he had to do but he won this Street Fight. That has to put him in line for a World Title shot?
Jim Ross: It very well might King. He nailed Rock with that Sledgehammer during a Rock Bottom and hit the Pedigree through the table.

House Of Horrors Match

ICP vs Tommy Drake/Cactus Jack

Its time for the House of Horrors match! And many here in GWF are not sure what to expect! ICPs theme blasts out of the PA System as the wicked clowns hit the ringside area, throwing out free Hatchet man t-shirts and Faygo soda pop to the fans in attendance... both members of ICP roll into the ring under the bottom rope and then jump up on the top rope smashing two bottles of faygo together in their hands and then soaking themselves... The Wicked Clowns look ready for a fight!

"Bang Bang" hits as Cactus Jack makes his way out on the ramp, Cactus Jack has his street clothes on and looks ready to get some retribution on the clowns tonight... Cactus makes his way mid ramp and then waits for his partner.... Tommy Drake's music then hits, Drake makes his way out on the ramp with a Cactus Jack t-shirt on supporting his role model and hero growing up as a child. The two high five each other... then suddenly the two hit the ring with no warning...

A brawl instantly breaks out between the two teams as they begin brawling back and forth in the ring. Inside the ring is a trashcan full of items... Shaggy 2 Dope sends Tommy Drake head first into the trash can. Drake rolls out of the ring in pain. 2 Dope then follows him outside the ring and the two begin brawling up the ramp already looking like their about to head to the house of horrors! Meanwhile still in the ring, Cactus Jack empties out the already dented trashcan and grabs the kendo stick that is in it. He then walks over to the fallen Violent J who is on his hands and knees trying to recover from the trash can hit. Cactus Jack then nails him with the kendo in the back. He screams and falls flat against the ramp. He then begins to roll down the ramp and Cactus Jack walks down it following him. The crowd cheers as Cactus Jack picks up Violent J. Cactus Jack begins to trash talk him and then flips him off. Cactus Jack takes a step back and Violent J stumbles back and falls down leaning against the steel steps. Cactus Jack then runs toward him and tries for another shot with the kendo but Violent J moves out of the way and Cactus Jack nails the steps. Violent J then begins to run, walk, crawl and drag himself away from Cactus Jack. Cactus Jack then drops the kendo and walks over to the emptied weapons. He then picks up a cookie sheet and walks over toward Violent J. Violent J is now leaning against the steel post and Cactus Jack comes running at him with the sheet but Violent J uses his power and punches the sheet smacking Cactus Jack in the face with it. Violent J then holds his hand in pain from it and Cactus Jack hits the ground. Violent J then shakes his hand a few times and then grabs Cactus Jack. He throws him into the ring and then Violent J looks under the ring. He finds a table and sets it up on the outside. He then grabs yet another table but slides this one into the ring. Violent J then gets into the ring and grabs Cactus Jack who is almost on his feet. He then whips him into the ropes and when he comes back Violent J connects with a big boot. Violent J then grabs the table he had slid in the ring and puts it in the corner. He sets it up and then turns his attention back to Cactus Jack. He picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Cactus Jack comes back and ducks under a clothesline. He then hits the other ropes and comes back and Cactus Jack jumps connecting with a drop toe hold. Cactus Jack then gets up and bounces off the ropes. He comes back and flips Violent J off and connects with an elbow drop. Cactus Jack then makes a cover. 1...2. Violent J is able to get his shoulder up. Cactus Jack then gets up and bounces off the ropes again and connects with another elbow to the chest. Cactus Jack then gets to his feet and grabs Violent J by his. He then falls back catapulting Violent J into the table he set up and smashing it to pieces. Violent J lies in the corner with the broken table and Cactus Jack gets to his feet. He slides out of the ring and grabs brass knucks that were in the trashcan. He then gets back in the ring and slides them on his hand. Violent J begins to move and Cactus Jack waits for him to get to his feet. Violent J turns and Cactus Jack tries for a shot with the knucks but Violent J ducks it and Cactus Jack spins. Violent J then kicks him in the gut and grabs him by the head and connects with a DDT. Both men are down and are already breathing heavy as cameras cut back to Shaggy 2 Dope and Tommy Drake!

The two have spilled into an old abandoned spooky house, with voodoo dolls and cobwebs with spiders everywhere. The two are tearing each other limb from limb, Drake grabs Shaggy and throws him into the kitchen, Drake finds a frying pan and nails 2 Dope in the head, he then grabs the refrigerator and pushes it over 2 Dope trying to crush him, 2 Dope manages to roll out of the way just in time... Drake then picks up a few plates and begins throwing them at 2 Dope, one catches him in the arm cutting him open. Drake then grabs a mop and levels it over 2 Dopes head. Drake then begins to drag Shaggy out of the kitchen by his feet and drags him into the living area, he begins screaming in his face and then grabs a plant pot, he is about to hit 2 Dope in the head with it, but 2 Dope quickly hits Drake with a low blow out of desperation.... 2 Dope is gasping for breath as he frantically looks around to see what item he can get his hands on. 2 Dope then finds a glass coffee table, and then launches Drake through it, the glass shatters all over the floor and there is blood and glass everywhere... This match is getting more and more brutal! These guys must truely hate each other with the hell their putting each other through. 2 Dope then finds a flat screen tv and he pulls it off the wall, he screams at Drake saying YOU ASKED FOR THIS, and he destroys the TV over Drakes head... OH MY GAWWWWDDD! Drake is out cold!

Then heard in the background is grunting from Cactus Jack as he is seen throwing Violent J through a window into the House of Horrors! MORE GLASS SHATTERS! The broken body of Violent J hits the floor hard. Cactus Jack is as violent as they come! Cactus Jack picks up a stop sign from outside and then comes through the front door in search for a broken Violent J. But instead he is greeted by Shaggy 2 Dope! Cactus Jack charges towards 2 Dope with the stop sign and blazes him right in the forehead. Cactus Jack then grabs Shaggy and throws him against the wall, hitting lefts and rights to his gut. Cactus Jack then nails Shaggy 2 Dope with a Double Arm DDT onto the stop sign and goes for the cover 1...2...KICK OUT! Violent J is stirring from the destruction and then helps his tag team partner, the two begin a 2 on 1 advantage over Cactus Jack as they spill upstairs, but in a shocking freak accident, Cactus Jack pushes Shaggy down the stairs out of instinct. Shaggy cracks his head against the wall and stumbles head first down the steps and lays motionless on the floor! Cactus and Violent J begin exchanging blows at the top of the stairs spilling into the bathroom... Violent J tries to put Cactus Jack's head down the toilet and tries to flush the toilet but Cactus manages to avoid embarrassment, Cactus finds a toilet cleaning brush and slaps Violent J in the face with it. Violent J begins to wretch in horror, as he tastes shit on his tongue. Cactus takes advantage of the situation and then throws Violent J into a dirty disgusting stinking bath, full of fishguts and other disgusting slimy substances. Oh My Gosh! How revolting! Violent J must stink! Violent J gasps for breath as the smell of the fish guts is overwhelming... Cactus Jack then stumbles out of the bathroom and heads back down stairs in search for 2 Dope...

When he reaches the bottom of the steps 2 Dope's body is still motionless at the bottom with Tommy Drake dragging himself over to 2 Dope completely covered in his own blood and glass... Drake tries to get a pin but he cant get the energy to get the pin. Cactus Jack then picks up his partner Tommy Drake and checks to see if he is okay, Drake nods to Cactus Jack, Jack then turns Shaggy over and puts Drake over the lifeless body of 2 Dope as the referee counts the pinfall 1...2...3!

Its all over Tommy Drake and Cactus Jack are victorious, but this doesn't look good for Shaggy 2 Dope, he looks seriously hurt. EMTs rush into the house now that the match is over to check on 2 Dope, after a few minutes Shaggy begins to move again and doesnt appear to be in critical danger. Violent J joins his partner at the bottom of the stairs concerned about his well being as cameras cut back to Drake and Cactus Jack. Drake has his arm draped over Cactus Jacks shoulder as Jack drags him out of the House of Horrors... the two them embrace in a meaningful hug after the match in a touching moment.

Just as the two let go of their hug, Drake shockingly knees Cactus Jack in the groin! What the hell was that!? Wait a minute whats Drake doing! Tommy Drake drills Cactus Jack with Jacks finishing move! The Double Arm DDT! What the hell is he doing the ungrateful son of a bitch! They just won the match and now Drake his turned on his lifelong role model. Drake falls to one knee over the fallen body of his mentor... Drake screams in Cactus Jacks face... "I may have looked up to you once! But now, and forevermore you WILL LOOK UP TO ME!" Drake then stands back to his feet proud of his actions as he just turned his back on the man who he just spent the last few months defending!

Jim Ross: Why did Tommy Drake do that?
Jerry Lawler: HAHAHA!!!!
Jim Ross: He said that was his idol and all you can do is laugh. Was that all a setup by Tommy and ICP all along? Hopefully we will find out on Raw Is War tomorrow night.

GWF Tag Team Championships Match

The Bludgeon Brothers vs AJ Styles/Stone Cold Steve Austin (c)

Rowan comes out of the corner ready to battle with Aj Styles. Both men tie up almost instantly, and Rowan throws Styles into a heavy headlock. Styles struggles as he reaches for the ropes. Rowan wrenches the neck and head of Styles before Styles is able to break free, forcing his head free from Rowan's grasp, and pushing Rowan into the ropes. Rowan bounces off the ropes, comes back, and shoulder blocks Styles to the mat. Rowan bounces off the ropes again, leaps over Styles, Styles stands up and takes down Rowan with a high dropkick. Rowan responds by getting back to his feet, meeting Styles along the way, and Styles pushes him into the ropes.

Styles irish whips Rowan into the opposite set. Rowan returns and Styles tries for another dropkick. Rowan blocks his attempt, Styles crashes onto the canvas, and Rowan begins to stomp down on him. Styles rolls to the ropes. Rowan picks Styles up and connects with a hard chop. Styles yelps as Rowan then connects with a backdrop, slamming Styles hard onto his back. Styles arches his back in pain as Rowan gets to his feet and tags in Harper.

Harper wastes no time as he tries to cover Styles, ...1 ...kick out by Styles. Harper stands Styles up as he makes his way up to his feet. Harper connects with a chop to Styles' chest before trying for a Spinning Wheel Kick, but Styles ducks under his attempt and Harper crashes to the canvas. Styles pulls Harper up by his hair and receives a warning by the referee. Styles pulls Harper in and connects with a Swinging Neck-breaker. As Harper holds his head, Styles drags Harper into his own corner, and tags in Steve Austin.

Austin comes in as Styles still holds Harper, and drills a few boots of his own into Harper's side. Austin picks up Harper and connects with a few European Uppercuts before whipping him into the ropes. Austin follows through with a knee to the gut of Harper and then connects with a knee to Harper's face. Harper goes down. Austin capitalises on a cover, ...1 ...2 kick out by Harper. Rowan looks on from the apron, reaching his arm out for Harper to tag him in. Austin mocks Rowan by reaching Harper's arm out, just in enough reach, but pulls it back in time. Rowan is getting upset and he comes into the ring giving Styles and Austin a chance to double team Harper. Austin holds Harper as AJ comes off the ropes and goes for a flying forearm but Harper moves and AJ nails Austin. Harper looks at AJ and he nails him with the Truck Stop. Rowan is tagged in and we see The Horsemen running down the ring. We see Arn enter the ring as Rowan turns around. Arn nails Rowan with a Spine Buster on Rowan. Flair pulls Harper off the apron and he runs him into the ring post. Arn puts Aj on top of Rowan and revives the ref. The ref sees the cover and he counts the 1...2....3!! Horsemen make their way up the ramp with smiles on their faces over what they just did.

Jim Ross: Why did that just happen?
Jerry Lawler: Do The Horsemen have a death warrant?
Jim Ross: I think they do. We saw what happened earlier and now this happens. What does it all mean?

GWF Intercontinental Championship Match

Buff Bagwell vs Christopher Daniels (c)

The official signals for the opening bell as it sounds prompting a roar from the crowd. Daniels and Bagwell circle each other a few times before inching toward each other and locking Bagwell hands. Daniels with a roundhouse to the arm of Bagwell, knocking Bagwell away as he begins laying vicious shoot kicks into the ribs and leg of the Champion. Daniels swings around underneath Bagwell's arm, grabbing it in an arm ringer and wrenching it as he applies a wrist lock. Bagwell flips to the canvas, Daniels' ankle with his own legs and sending him face down to the canvas as Bagwell dives on top of his back, swinging around and applying a headlock to the challenger. Daniels struggles to his feet as Bagwell applies pressure, glancing around at the crowd with his typical cocksure grin. It quickly disappears however as Daniels drives stiff forearms into the kidney area of the Champion. He backs into the ropes before shoving Bagwell off to the opposite side as he rebounds straight into a shoulder block but neither man goes down! They stare each other down intensely as Bagwell shoots off the ropes again and attempts another shoulder block but Daniels sidesteps and sends Bagwell through the ropes onto the outside however he lands on his feet. Bagwell extends his arms, smile spread across his face as he arrogantly yells something to the fans in the front row. He turns his attention back to the ring just as Daniels RUNS OFF THE OPPOSITE SET OF ROPES AND EXPLODES THROUGH THE ROPES CONNECTING WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!

The crowd comes out of their seats as Daniels then quickly hoists himself back up onto the apron. He measures up Bagwell, yelling for him to get up as he slowly makes it to his feet. Daniels runs along the apron and leaps off attempting the running high knee off the apron but Bagwell ducks! Daniels lands on his feet and turns just as he's TURNED INSIDE OUT FROM A HELLACIOUS LARIAT BY Bagwell! Bagwell gets to his feet, picking Bagwell up Daniels and rolling him into the ring under the bottom rope. Bagwell then leaps up onto the apron, measuring up Daniels as he begins to stir. Bagwell pulls back on the top ring rope, leaping up and spring boarding off connecting with a picture perfect SPRINGBOARD BLOCKBUSTER! And the first cover of the contest! ...1 ...2 ...Daniels with the shoulder up.

Jim Ross: Bagwell with the first cover of the night but this match is far from over.

Bagwell immediately applies another side headlock as Daniels struggles to his feet. He drives forearms into the small of Bagwell's back yet again, shoving him into the ropes as he comes off them. Daniels with a drop toe hold to Bagwell, taking him face down to the mat as Daniels dives on top of him and attempts to apply the YES! Lock but Bagwell scrambles under the bottom rope onto the outside of the ring. He taps on the side of his skull with a proud smirk, turning his attention back to the ring as Daniels ONCE AGAIN DIVES THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPES BUT Bagwell CATCHES HIM IN MID-AIR WITH A SWIFT KICK STRAIGHT TO THE SKULL AS THE SMACK ECHOES THROUGHOUT STAPLES CENTER! Daniels hangs lifelessly over the middle ring rope as Bagwell quickly hoists himself back up onto the apron.

Jerry Lawler: Bagwell is doing well here tonight and I'm impressed.

Bagwell backs into the ring post, climbing up to the second turnbuckle as he takes a quick look around at the crowd before leaping off and COMING DOWN WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP ACROSS THE BACK OF Daniels' NECK FLIPPING HIM OFF THE ROPES AS HE LANDS HARD ON THE ARENA FLOOR WITH A DEFINITIVE THUD! Bagwell dances a bit on the ring apron with yet another cocky expression before climbing down. He picks up Daniels off the arena floor and goes to roll him into the ring but Daniels STARTS UNLOADING VICIOUS FOREARMS FLUSH TO THE JAW OF Bagwell, ROCKING BAGWELL! Daniels attempts a HUGE ROUNDHOUSE BUT BAGWELL DUCKS UNDERNEATH IT! He catches Daniels with a SICKENING SPINNING HEEL KICK STRAIGHT TO THE SIDE OF THE SKULL! Daniels stumbles back and forth as Bagwell quickly leaps up onto the apron setting up for a diving senton but Daniels grabs his ankle! He YANKS him off the apron as Bagwell is coming down and Daniels CATCHES HIM WITH A HELLACIOUS EUROPEAN UPPERCUT ON THE WAY DOWN IN MID-AIR! Daniels then leaps up onto the apron and backs up to the far end, measuring up as Bagwell stumbles around and turns just in time to be HIT WITH THE RUNNING HIGH KNEE OFF THE APRON! The crowd is going insane as Daniels paces around, gritting his teeth with an intense expression.

Jim Ross: What is Daniels going to do here King?
Christopher Daniels: I have no idea but what a match this has been.

Daniels picks up Bagwell and rolls him into the ring under the bottom rope. He then hoists himself up and begins to ascend the buckles. But as Daniels is making the climb, Bagwell leaps to his feet and JUMPS UP CATCHING Daniels WITH A JUMPING KICK STRAIGHT TO THE SKULL AS THE SMACK ONCE AGAIN ECHOES AND THE CROWD LETS OUT AN "OHHH!". Bagwell then begins to climb up, setting up Daniels for a superplex. But Daniels with fists to the ribcage of Bagwell. He shoves him off the buckles as Bagwell crashes back first to the canvas. Daniels then perches himself up on the top ring rope, extending his arms and staring out into the sea of humanity inside Staples Center with wide eyes. He leaps off the top as a frenzy of flashbulbs explode across the arena attempting to come down with the DIVING HEAD BUTT BUT Bagwell ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! Daniels crashes face first to the canvas as Bagwell scrambles into a cover hooking the leg. ...1 ...2 ...Daniels with the kick out. Bagwell gets to his feet, picking up Daniels as he drives hard forearms into his face. He backs him into a corner and grabs him by the wrist, whipping him to the opposite corner but Daniels reverses, swinging around as he goes to send Bagwell into the buckles but Bagwell reverses yet again, swinging around behind Daniels and CATCHING HIM WITH AN ENZUIGIRI STRAIGHT TO THE BACK OF THE SKULL! Daniels collapses to the mat as Bagwell dives on top of him. ...1 ...2 ...Daniels with another kick out.

Bagwell then gets to his feet and motions for the finish. He picks up Daniels and motions for the finish. Bagwell hoists him up onto his shoulders for the ROYAL FLUSH but Daniels STARTS DRIVING RELENTLESS MMA ELBOWS INTO THE SIDE OF Bagwell'S HEAD! Bagwell drops to his knees as Daniels continues laying in vicious elbow after elbow. Bagwell is on his knees as Daniels backs up and starts unloading STIFF shoot kicks to the chest of Bagwell leaving a resounding THUD with each kick as the capacity crowd screams "YES! YES! YES!" with each repetition. Daniels then backs up and yells at the top of his lungs, attempting to decapitate Bagwell with one final ROUNDHOUSE straight to the skull but Bagwell DUCKS IT AND ROLLS UP Daniels FROM BEHIND! ...1 ...2 ...Daniels kicks out! They both spring to their feet as Bagwell swings a wild right but Daniels ducks underneath it, grabbing Bagwell around the waist from behind and PLANTING HIM WITH A HUGE BRIDGING GERMAN SUPLEX! ...1 ...2 ...Bagwell kicks out! They once again both leap to their feet as Daniels goes for a right hand but Bagwell ducks underneath it, grabbing a hold of Daniels and hitting a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX STRAIGHT INTO THE BUCKLES! Bagwell grabs Daniels by the boot and drags him away from the corner, collapsing on top of him! ...1 ...2 ...Daniels shoots the half! Bagwell is beside himself as he can't finish off Daniels. Buff goes up to the second turnbuckle and he waits for Daniels. He leaps off and he nails the Buff Blockbuster. Bagwell goes for a cover but Daniels barely gets his shoulder up. Buff doesn't know what to do as he paces the ring. He goes for Daniels and Daniels is seen getting up by way of the ropes. Buff goes for a German Suplex but Daniels elbows him in the head. He than grabs Buff and he nails him with Angel's Wings knocking him out. Daniels makes the cover with the leg hooked. 1....2....3!!!

Jim Ross: He has done it again. Daniels has retained the IC title again and he is a fighting champion but he is earning that IC Title.
Jerry Lawler: Buff earned my respect tonight. He gave it his all but it wasn't to be but I don't think this is over between these two.
Jim Ross: I can promise you it won't be but we have one more match left and let me say this has been going on since Raw Is War's 20th Anniversary and tonight they do battle for the GWF World Championship one more time. Take a look at this.

The promo video for the Main Event ends and we see Hogan looking straight ahead. We see Michael Cole raise a mic.

Michael Cole: Hulk Hogan, we saw you earlier tonight show The Bludgeon Brothers a video of what Finlay said. Are you looking for help to beat Finlay tonight?

Hogan looks at Cole and he holds his hand.

Hulk Hogan: You know something Michael Cole, like The Hulkster said earlier he doesn't need anybody to watch his back because he fights his own battles. I just did what I had to do Cole and let The Bludgeon Brothers see Finlay's true colors. In moments, me and you Finlay in a Lumberjack match and I will say this The Hulkster is ready. WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN HULKAMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU!!!

Hogan is seen posing and he walks off towards the ring.

Jim Ross: We are just moments away from that match. The time for talking is over and one of these men is leaving here the GWF World Champion. King?
Jerry Lawler: I have nothing else to say. Let's do it.
Jim Ross: Let's go to the ring.

GWF World Championship Lumberjack Match

Hulk Hogan vs Finlay (c)

The camera cuts in away from the announcers desk where JR and Jerry Lawler have been hyping up No Mercy and the GWF theme music is playing as the entire GWF roster is shown around ringside ready to fulfil their duty as Lumberjacks in the Main Event. There are some surprises joining the roster like the return of GWF legends Shark Boy and Pogo the Clown along with Chris Jericho. They have all taken their respective places around ringside split up into faces and heels suddenly blasting through the PA system is "When it comes crashing down and it hurts inside" and the fans in the Staples Center erupt as the lights flash Red and Yellow as Hulk Hogan steps out through the stage. Hulkamania is really running wild as he's doing all of his usual poses on his way down to the ring. The baby faces part the sea to allow Hogan clear access to the ring. Hogan rips off his shirt and removes his feather boa as he jumps up and down. Now we hear the theme music of "My Name Is Finlay and I Love to Fight" this time its prefixed by the opening few seconds of the Horsemen music and out walks to thunderous jeers something unfamiliar to him but it doesn't seem to phase him. Finlay holds four fingers up to his chest before pounding his chest as he power walks down to the ring. He cautiously steps up the ring steps looking around ringside before stepping in the ring holding the title high up in the air. Finlay quickly walks over to the Horsemen and bumps fists as Hogan looks out into the crowd to pose. Finlay notices this and takes advantage by running and attacking Hogan from behind. Hogan drops to a knee as Finlay is unloading with kicks and Hogan is down. Finlay now mounts Hogan and is hitting him with closed fists. The referee tells Finlay to stop but there are no disqualifications. Finlay lets up as Hogan scrambles to his feet but Finlay clotheslines him from behind and Hogan falls out in the group at ringside with the likes of Daniels and ICP who quickly stomp on Hogan before throwing him back into the ring. Finlay now has his foot on Hogan's throat choking him. Finlay drags Hogan into the middle of the ring and drops a quick series of elbow drops to Hogan's chest and Hogan is gasping for breath. Finlay now hits a jumping seated senton splash to Hogan's gut and Hogan is rolling round in pain. Finlay now picks Hogan up and throws him back to the outside this time around Triple H and Kevin Owens who themselves are now stomping Hogan on the floor. The Rock power walks over as Triple H smiles at the Rock while Owens throws Hogan back into the ring. Finlay laughs at Hogan as he lifts him up and hits a Manhattan drop. Finlay makes a quick cover but only gets a two count. Finlay gets to his feet and leans in to pick Hogan up but Hogan pulls on Finlay's singlet and sends him outside to the floor. Surrounding him is Pogo the Clown, Shark Boy and Cactus Jack. Finlay looks up at them all but they all look at each other and begin stomping down on him. Finlay is scrambling and slides back in the ring and looks at them and begins shouting. Finlay is then turned around by Hogan and met with a punch knocking him down, Finlay leaps back up and is again knocked down and on the third time Hogan uses the momentum of Finlay getting up to throw Finlay over the top rope to his Horsemen stablemates. Flair and Anderson pat Finlay on the back and give him time to recover at this point the faces begin shouting at the Horsemen to throw him back in. Anderson stands in front of Finlay but from behind comes Christopher Daniels, Marty Scrull and Triple H they shove Ric Flair out of the way and to the delight of the crowd also begin attacking Finlay before throwing him back in the ring. Anderson and Flair are now arguing with the other heels at ringside. Finlay uses the ropes to pull himself up as Hogan points at him and says YOU!!! Finlay is pleading with Hogan as Hogan is pointing at him. Finlay throws a punch and Hogan blocks it and gives Finlay 3 punches. He backs him into the ropes and he whips Finlay across. Finlay gets nailed with the Big Boot. Hogan does the ear taunt and the crowd is telling him to finish off Finlay. Hogan bounces off the ropes and his leg is grabbed by Ric Flair. Hogan reaches to ringside and pulls Flair up to the apron. Hogan nails Flair with a right hand. We see the Lumberjacks enter the ring and they all start to attack both men in the World Championship match. We see half of the Lumberjacks on Hogan and the other half on Finlay. Finlay is throwing Lumberjacks out of the ring as Hogan is fighting off ICP, Jericho, Triple H. Hogan nails Triple H with a back elbow and Triple H rolls out of the ring. Chaos in the ring as the ref is trying to get some order. Hogan grabs Finlay and spins him around. He nails him with the 3 punches again and whips him in and nails him with the Big Boot again. Hogan nails the Leg Drop and drops for the count but there is no ref. The ref is trying to restore order. Hogan is upset as the Lumberjacks are fighting each other in the ring. Finlay rolls outside the ring with The Horsemen and Hogan is telling him to get in the ring. Hogan backs up and he bumps into Christopher Daniels. Hogan turns around and he pushes Daniels. Daniels falls back into the corner as Hogan tells Finlay to come on. Finlay is standing on the ring steps as Daniels grabs the World Title. Hogan turns around and Daniels nails Hogan with the World Title between the eyes. Hogan falls to the mat. Finlay picks up Hogan and he gives him the Celtic Cross. The ring is finally cleared as Finlay covers Hogan and gets the 1....2...3!!! Finlay is handed his title as The Horsemen slide into the ring to celebrate. The pyro goes off and the confetti falls as Finlay has retained his title. The Lumberjacks make their way to the back as Finlay and The Horsemen continue to celebrate in the ring. The lights in the Staples Center go out and when they come back on Finlay is laid out in the ring and The Horsemen are left wondering what happened. We than see The Bludgeon Brothers standing outside the ring looking at the Horsemen as we go back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Why did Christopher Daniels do that? Who did that to Finlay?
Jerry Lawler: I have my suspicisions of who it could be but Finlay retained his title and the reign continues JR.
Jim Ross: We have to figure all of this out. Will Hogan address what happened here tonight tomorrow night on Raw Is War? I'm in shock. Christopher Daniels has cost Hogan the World Title. Folks, we are out of time. Thank you for joining us in Los Angeles and join us next month for No Mercy live from the UK. It's a pleasure folks and what a way to kick off the very first Pay Per View of 2019!! Good night everybody!!!!

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