The final countdown to Wrestlemania starts here!
This is...
Welcome to Royal Rumble 2019
Live from the Cheaspeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Attendance: 36,259

Jim Ross: Welcome everyone to the 2019 Royal Rumble. We are live in the Cheaspeake Energy Arena in my home state of Oklahoma and tonight is the second biggest event on the GWF Calendar and tonight I am a busy man King.
Jerry Lawler: You sure are JR. Tonight not only do you call the action but you are also stepping into the ring to referee the World Championship match between Finlay and Shaggy 2 Dope and it takes place inside of a Steel Cage.
Jim Ross: You know King I am so sick of Finlay doing whatever it takes to retain that title but tonight there will be a definite winner and I will be there to raise that man's hand whoever that may be.
Jerry Lawler: Are you going to be able to call that match down the middle JR?
Jim Ross: You know me better than anybody King. I am very fair and tonight I will call that mtch right down the middle and that will drive Finlay crazy.
Jerry Lawler: I will say welcome home JR and I know you are happy to be here tonight but what else we have in store for the GWF fans tonight?
Jim Ross: Well we will see the rest of the GWF titles defended here tonight but the Main Event is the Royal Rumble match and this event is one that everybody looks forward to and last year Bray Wyatt won it to become the GWF World Champion since the relaunch and tonight we will have a new Royal Rumble winner and that person will walk right into the Wrestlemania Main Event against whoever is the champion after tonight.
Jerry Lawler: I have to ask who do you think is going to win the Royal Rumble this year JR?
Jim Ross: You know I don't have a preference but we know it won't be Christopher Daniels.
Jerry Lawler: Why you say that?
Jim Ross: You know why King. He is the first man to enter that match and he has an uphill battle to win this thing.
Jerry Lawler: He could shock the world JR and become the second man to win the Royal Rumble from the first position.
Jim Ross: I know he could but if I was a betting man I wouldn't bet the house on him winning here tonight. Anyway King, we have a great night planned but take a look at this.

After the video ends of past Royal Rumbles in the GWF we go to a door that says Goldberg on it. We hear a loud bang and than we see Goldberg and Vince McMahon make their way out towards the ring for his match. We than see Tommy Drake step in front of him as he looks at Goldberg and Vince.

Tommy Drake: You must hate him Vince because tonight I destroy Goldberg and the myth that is Goldberg!!!

Goldberg looks at him and he starts to get upset. Vince calms him down.

Vince McMahon:Easy Bill!! Easy!! He will get what's coming to him in the middle of that ring in a few moments. What do you want Tommy? Afraid that Goldberg is going to kick your ass!!!

Tommy Drake starts to laugh after what Vince just said.

Tommy Drake: Not a chance in hell. When you have this Hardcore Championship you have nothing to worry about but Vince he may be hurt in that ring and I would be careful.

Tommy is seen walking off laughing as Vince watches him leave.

Jim Ross: What was that about?
Jerry Lawler: I have no clue but is Tommy willing to die for the Hardcore Championship?
Jim Ross: He must be King because Goldberg and Vince looked pissed but we will see if Goldberg can win the Hardcore Championship.

Hardcore Championship Match

Goldberg vs Tommy Drake (c)

Goldberg and Tommy Drake begin to trade blows back and forth. Goldberg grapples Drake and slams him down hard with a belly to belly suplex. Drake bounces off the mat hard and rolls to the outside to get a break from Goldberg. Goldberg follows Drake out to the floor. Drake waits and catches Goldberg with a quick high kick to the head. Goldberg stumbles back. Drake Irish whips Goldberg into the barricade. Drake then tries to connect with a spinning wheel kick, but Goldberg moves and Drake slams back first into the barricade.

Goldberg grabs Drake and Goldberg attempts a T-bone suplex and Drake lands back first on the top of the barricade. The crowd goes nuts. Drake falls off the barricade onto the floor holding his back in pain. Goldberg picks Drake up off of the floor and tries to throw him back into the ring, but Drake reverses out and slams Goldberg back first into the apron. Drake then grabs Goldberg and hoists him up into the air with a vertical suplex stance and slams him down belly first onto the barricade. Drake immediately hops onto the apron and connects with a spinning leg drop down on Goldberg.

The fans begin to chant "Drake" as Drake is slow to his feet. Drake points his thumbs at himself as he goes under the ring and pulls out a table and a steel chair. The fans get excited as Drake begins to put up the table. Goldberg is up and attacks Drake. Drake blocks every attempt and connects with another high kick putting Goldberg back down onto the ground. Drake successfully puts up the table and he picks up Goldberg, putting him onto it.

Drake climbs the apron and then the ring post. Drake looks ready to fly off with the Moonsault, but Goldberg moves right before he jumps. Drake leaps down to the apron and Goldberg pulls his legs out from under him. Drake's head bounces off the apron. Goldberg grabs Drake and tosses him inside. Goldberg rolls in, stands up, and picks Drake up. Goldberg lands some heavy hits onto Drake before running him into the corner. Drake bounces out and Goldberg connects with another belly-to-belly suplex before trying to apply a rear naked choke.

Drake is conscious enough to move out of the way and roll to the floor near the table. Goldberg goes after him and Drake picks up the chair. Goldberg gets to the floor and Drake tosses the chair at him. Goldberg catches it and Drake quickly connects with the superkick! The fans go crazy as Drake recovers slowly. Drake picks Goldberg up off the floor and puts him back onto the table. Drake takes his time getting up to the apron and then the ring post. Drake takes too long as Goldberg is up, climbs the apron, the turnbuckle, and immediately suplexes Drake off through the table.

The fans begin chanting "holy shit" as Goldberg and Drake remain motionless for a minute. Goldberg slowly gets up to his feet and Goldberg picks up a limp Drake and rolls him inside. Goldberg slides in and goes for the cover. ONE... TWO... THR-NO! Drake manages to kick out before the three. Goldberg can't believe it and neither can the fans. Goldberg calls for the Jack Hammer to end it. Goldberg grapples Drake on the canvas, but Drake rolls out. Drake manages to get to his feet slowly and goes to kick Goldberg. Drake connects with the kick and we see Vince McMahon yelling at Goldberg to get up. Drake spits towards Vince and sets up a table in the ring. Drake picks up Goldberg and nails him with Drake's Landing right through the table. Drake covers Goldberg and he gets the 1....2....3!! He grabs the Hardcore Championshp and he holds it up for the crowd who boos. Drake smirks and makes his way up the ramp.

Jim Ross: After what he did before the match to Goldberg I am surprised he retained his belt tonight.
Jerry Lawler: Goldberg almost won the title though JR.
Jim Ross: But he didn't though and Tommy is still the Hardcore champion going into Wrestlemania.

Right after a video package aired hyping up WrestleMania next month from Minneapolis, Minnesota inside the US Bank Stadium. Our cameras cut backstage where Dave Batista was standing by alongside Michael Cole.

Michael Cole: Dave, in just a few moments we're going to find out who is going to WrestleMania to challenge the GWF World Heavyweight Champion. What are your thoughts heading into the Royal Rumble match?

Dave Batista: Ain't nothing changed Michael. It's the same as before. I came back to the GWF to win the Royal Rumble, and go on to WrestleMania where I will become the GWF World Heavyweight Champion. There is not a single person in this match that has me concerned. Now I'm sure a lot of you, are probably saying to yourselves right about now... how can Dave Batista be so confident huh? HUH!?

Dave screams out while staring directly into the lens of the camera.

Dave Batista: Well you tell me one person Michael, that I should be concerned with.

Michael Cole: Since you asked, I'd have to say The Rock!?

Dave laughs.

Dave Batista: The Rock?

Dave says shaking his head with a cocky grin.

Dave Batista: Let me guess, you mentioned The Rock because of our so-called rivalry, am I right Michael? Let me explain something to you, let me explain something to the entire GWF Universe. I don't have a problem with The Rock.

Michael Cole: Wait, if that's the case Dave why did you blatantly attack The Rock last month at No Mercy?

Dave Batista: You know ever since that night at No Mercy, that's all people keep asking me Michael. But here's the thing. What I did to The Rock at No Mercy, it was just business.

Michael Cole: Business?

Dave Batista: I walked through the doors at No Mercy, and I was approached about doing something big. Something that would shock the world, something that would shake the very foundation of this company. I just couldn't pass up that kind of opportunity, and let's be serious for a moment. It's not like The Rock, didn't have it coming.

Michael Cole: You claim The Rock had it coming, but seemed to me like you had some sort of vendetta against The Rock.

Dave Batista: Like I said before, it was just business. And to be honest, it made for good business. I'm happy with what I did, and if I cross paths with The Rock tonight. I'll be sure to finish what I started at No Mercy, so I just hope Dwayne is ready for the Rumble. Because I've been training day in and day out, working my ass off to get where I really wanna be. And to get what I damn well DESERVE!

Michael Cole: So you think you deserve to headline WrestleMania?

Dave Batista: You're damn right. Who else on the active roster, has done more than Dave Batista since I returned to this company huh? HUH!?

Dave shouts out.

Dave Batista: Tell me Michael, tell me one person that's done more than Dave Batista? Oh that's right. There is not a single person in the back, that has done more than Dave Batista since my return at No Mercy. GWF management has did nothing but stack the deck against me Michael, and for what? Because they don't think Dave Batista has it anymore, they don't think I got what it takes to win the Royal Rumble. Well tonight, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. But it's just facts. There ain't a single person in the back, that can stop me from winning this match.

Michael Cole: If you had to pick who you'd rather face at WrestleMania, who would that be Dave? Finlay? Or, Shaggy 2 Dope?

Dave Batista: It really doesn't matter to me Michael, because the fact is I don't really care. Whether it's Finlay or Shaggy 2 Dope. I don't really care. It's not gonna change the outcome, so does it really matter? Regardless of who walks into WrestleMania with the GWF World Heavyweight Championship, whether it be Finlay or Shaggy 2 Dope just know that your reign as the World Champion is coming to an end.

Michael Cole: Finlay has held the GWF World Title since Fall Brawl of last year, he's took on several different challengers however, he's successfully retained his GWF World Heavyweight Championship belt. So what makes you think you're going to be the one to finally defeat Finlay, in the case that Finlay retains the World Title in his match tonight against Shaggy 2 Dope?

Dave Batista: I've said it before and I'll say it again Michael, it's time for a change. It's time for the GWF to have a World Champion, who will take pride in wearing that belt around his waist. Not someone who's just going to show up whenever he feels the need.

Michael Cole: And, if Shaggy 2 Dope happens to dethrone the World Champion here tonight. What would you like to say about possibly challenging Shaggy at WrestleMania, being that you do in fact win the Royal Rumble match later tonight.

Dave Batista: Winning the Royal Rumble is a given Michael. It's something they're just going to have to deal with, and I think that's as clear as I put it out there. I came back to this company to win the Rumble, headline WrestleMania and become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Deal with it. Because there ain't no one that's gonna change the fact, that Dave Batista is leaving Oklahoma City with a one-way ticket to WrestleMania. I don't care if it's The Rock, Christopher Daniels, Rob Van Dam, Cactus Jack, Shawn Michaels, Harper, Rowan, Triple H, Christian Cage or anybody they could possibly have entering the Royal Rumble match. Because they're all going to find out first hand, that the Dave Batista you're looking at right now is someone this company, never wanted to see in their ring. They know how dangerous I can be Michael. Jim Ross knows it. The GWF Board of Directors knows it. Everyone in the back knows it. And after the Royal Rumble is over, the entire GWF Universe will know it.

Dave Batista walks off the set leaving Michael Cole left standing there by himself looking speechless, before the camera would cut away back to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler who was set to call the next match.

Jim Ross: He's confident isn't he?
Jerry Lawler: He should be. I think he will win the Royal Rumble tonight.
Jim Ross: Are you putting that on record King?
Jerry Lawler: I sure am. Dave Batista is the 2019 GWF Royal Rumble winner.

GWF Tag Team Championships Match

The Hardy Boyz vs Seth Rollins/Roman Reigns (c)

The bell sounds as Seth Rollins stands in the middle of the ring, staring across the ring at Matt Hardy who's gonna start the match for the Hardys. Matt sparks a huge "Delete" chant before walking out of his corner. Seth and Matt circle around the ring before they tie up in the middle of the ring. Matt pushes Rollins backwards into the corner, the ref immediately starts the count. Matt backs off and they tie up again. Rollins grabs Matt in a side headlock. Matt pushes him backwards into the ropes, and sends Rollins on the Irish whip. Matt lays on the mat, Seth leapfrogs him. Matt gets up and goes for a hip toss, Seth counters it and drops Matt with his own hip toss. Seth follows it up with a toe kick and snap suplex. He rolls over and goes for a quick cover but Matt kicked out with ease. Seth lifts him up off the mat by his hair and sends him into the corner via the Irish whip. Seth charges towards him but Matt stuck his boot up and dropped Rollins with a boot to the face. Matt climbs through the middle rope to the apron, and then goes to ascend the turnbuckles up to the top rope. Seth quickly gets back on his feet running towards the ropes, and climbing up all three to the top grabbing a hold of Matt. Seth hooks the arm, Matt tries fighting out of it punching Rollins in his mid-section. Seth falls off the top rope and lands back first on the mat. Matt taunts the crowd and then leaps off for a diving leg drop from the top rope and connects. Matt covers. Seth kicked out. Matt goes over tagging in Jeff.

Jim Ross: Jeff Hardy tags in.

Jeff walks over to Seth, lifting Rollins off the mat. Seth grabs Jeff by his jeans, tossing Hardy outside the ring. Seth runs off the ropes, Jeff slides back in the ring, Seth springboards off the middle rope and connects with Hardy delivering a springboard moonsault ddt. Rollins covers him. Jeff Hardy kicked out at two. Seth gets up on his feet and runs over knocking Matt off the ring apron. Seth then turns around running his fingers through his hair, Jeff gets up to a kneeling position and eats a superkick from Rollins. Jeff falls on the mat, Seth again goes for the cover. Matt Hardy breaks up the pinfall. Matt gets up about the same time as Rollins, they both turn around and begin trading shots. Jeff rolls outside the ring. Matt and Seth exchange blows in the middle of the ring. Matt gains the upper hand and clotheslined Rollins over the top rope. Matt then ascends the top rope and eyes Seth on the outside, before he dives off and hits Rollins with a crossbody. This sold out crowd came unglued.

Jerry Lawler: Matt Hardy took a risk and it paid off.

Jeff Hardy slowly rolls back inside the ring. Seth Rollins was laying on the mat outside the ring, as the ref began the mandatory ten count. One. Jeff was laying in the ring near the ropes. Two. Rollins started to get up slowly outside the ring. Three. Matt was also slowly getting back to his feet. Four. Rollins was on both knees leaning up against the ring apron. Five. Matt had made his way around to his corner, as Jeff Hardy made his way back to their corner. Six. Rollins slides back in the ring breaking the count. Seth used the ropes and got back on his feet, Jeff tags in Matt. Matt climbs through the ropes, and runs towards Seth taking him down with a clothesline. Seth bounced back up off the mat, and Matt delivers a toe kick before attempting the Twist of Fate. Rollins blocked it and got out of it, spinning around and hitting Matt with an enziguri. Matt falls down to one knee, Seth runs off the ropes and attempts the Curb Stomp. Matt moves out of the way, spinning Rollins around connecting with a step up enziguri himself. Seth falls down on the mat, Matt taunts the crowd with his signature "Delete" taunt. Matt spins around and runs towards Rollins hitting him with a clothesline in the corner, followed up by a running bulldog from out of the corner. Matt goes for the cover, but Rollins kicked out at two.

Jim Ross: Another near fall for Matt Hardy.
Jerry Lawler: Seth Rollins is not going out without a fight JR.

Matt pulls Seth closer to the ropes, and then goes up to the top rope. Matt dives off and attempts the moonsault from the top rope, but Seth rolls out of the way and Matt crashes on the mat. Seth used the ropes to get back on his feet, and hits Matt with a superkick followed by the turnbuckle powerbomb. Matt falls back on the mat and Rollins quickly goes for a cover, but Matt Hardy kicked out at two. Seth lifts Matt off the mat and hits him with a Ripcord Knee, before he spins him around and delivers a Pedigree. Jeff Hardy quickly enters the ring, the ref stops him as Rollins pulls Matt out to the middle and covers. The ref turns around noticing a pinfall, but Jeff breaks it up quickly. Matt rolls onto the ring apron. Jeff grabs Rollins and sends him into the ropes via the Irish whip, Jeff goes for a toe kick but Rollins catches his boot. Seth spins him around, Jeff with an enziguri, no Rollins ducks underneath. Jeff falls to a knee. Seth runs off the ropes, Jeff drops to the mat. Seth leapfrogs him, Matt Hardy jumped up off the ring apron and kicks Rollins right in the jaw. Seth stumbles back around, Jeff was there waiting on him. TWIST OF FATE! Rollins is out of it. Jeff is not the legal man. Matt slowly stumbled across the ring to make the cover, but in doing so gave Rollins enough time to recover. Seth kicked out at two.

Jerry Lawler: If Matt would of made that cover quicker JR, I believe we have new Tag Champs.
Jim Ross: Yeah but you gotta give it up for this valiant effort from Rollins, King.

Matt tags in Jeff. Seth crawls over to the corner. Matt gets down on all fours in front of Rollins. Jeff runs and delivers his patten body splash in the corner, no Rollins moved out of the way and Jeff crashed into the turnbuckles. Matt gets up at the same time Jeff hits the mat, and spins around facing Rollins who delivers a superkick to the mid-section of Matt. Matt doubled over and Seth drops him with a CURB STOMP! Rollins turns around and hits Jeff with a belly to back suplex lifted and twisted into a reverse sto. Seth falls on top of him for the cover. Jeff kicked out at two. Seth questions the count, shoving the referee. The ref warns him of a disqualification. Rollins points his finger into the chest of the ref, and the ref has enough of it and shoves Rollins backwards. He falls down on the mat and looks like he seen a ghost. Seth then gets up and he's yelling at the ref again. Matt rolls in the ring behind of Rollins, and turns him around hitting Rollins with a side effect. Jeff slowly gets back up and climbs upon the top rope, before he dives off and hits Rollins with his signature SWANTON BOMB! Jeff immediately clutched at his mid-section grimacing, as he scrambled back to cover Seth. Rollins somehow kicked out at two and a half. Matt was in shock. Jeff even began to question the ref.

Jim Ross: I thought for sure King that was it.
Jerry Lawler: Seth Rollins will not quit JR.

Seth starts getting back on his feet as Jeff looks at him shaking his head, before he drags Rollins away from the ropes and sends him into the far corner. Jeff tags in Matt. They set Rollins up for a double team, and this time it works as Jeff connects with Seth. Seth stumbles out of the corner, and Matt applies a sleeper hold. Seth stumbles out near the middle of the ring, before falling down to one knee as Matt had a sleeper hold locked in. The energy of the crowd brought Seth back up to his feet, but Matt would fall backwards hitting Rollins with a sleeper slam. Matt tags in Jeff again. Jeff hits a double leg drop to Rollins mid-section. Matt runs off the ropes and hits a leg drop of his own. Jeff covers him. Seth kicked out at two and a half. Jeff waits on him and delivers a sitout inverted suplex slam, then follows it up with a sitout jawbreaker. Rollins stumbles backwards into the corner, Jeff gets up and runs to the far side of the ring, before he turns around and runs back towards Rollins standing in the corner, and hits him with a rope aided corner dropkick. Rollins stumbled out of the corner falling flat on his face, Jeff rolls him over and again goes for the cover but again Rollins kicked out on two. Matt calls for the tag. Jeff tags him in. Matt gets in the ring waiting for Rollins to get back up. Matt delivers a sitout crucifix powerbomb and then rolls Seth over for another cover, but again Rollins shows his resiliency and kicks out at two.

Jim Ross: Matt and Jeff is now questioning themselves King, what do they have to do to finish off Seth Rollins?
Jerry Lawler: I'm beginning to wonder the same thing myself JR, it's one on two and Seth Rollins is showing the resiliency of a fighting champion.
Jim Ross: Well isn't that more than we could say for Roman Reigns? He didn't even have the nerve to show up tonight.
Jerry Lawler: You saw what happened JR. The Shield reunion exploded before it really ever happened.

Matt lifts Rollins up off the mat and placed him against the turnbuckles, before delivering a forearm smash to his jaw. Matt walks over tagging in Jeff. Jeff gets in the ring and runs across the ring springboarding off the middle rope, hitting Seth in the corner with his patented diving hip attack before Rollins fell to the mat. Seth rolls over on his back and Jeff leaps up hitting Rollins with a split legged moonsault, no Rollins manages to roll out of the way at the last second before he gets to his feet with a second burst of energy. Seth grabs Jeff and delivers a pendulum backbreaker, following that up with a turnbuckle powerbomb to Jeff Hardy. Jeff stumbled out of the corner, Rollins connects with a mule kick to the mid-section. Seth followed it up with a falling ddt. Before he rolls Jeff over for the cover. Jeff manages to kick out at two. Seth lifts him up off the mat. Seth delivers a snap suplex, before he drags Jeff into position. Seth goes out to the ring apron slowly climbing up the ropes, Seth stands atop the top turnbuckle and leaps off delivers a frog splash. Seth while clutching at his mid-section makes the cover. Jeff Hardy again kicks out.

Jim Ross: Now it's Seth Rollins with a near fall. There is just no quit in this man right now.
Jerry Lawler: His performance tonight JR is definitely surprising me considering he's alone.

Seth lifts him up off the mat and throws Jeff into the corner, before he runs at him delivering a stinger splash. Hardy falls to the mat, and Rollins again goes for the cover. Jeff manages to get a shoulder up breaking the count, and Seth Rollins is beside himself right now as he sits on the canvas. Seth gets up and he's getting very angry at this point in time, and he lifts Jeff up off the mat yelling in his face, before Rollins swings back and slaps Jeff Hardy right across the face. Stephanie McMahon comes running down the aisle. Jeff falls down to one knee. Seth noticed Stephanie running towards ringside, which caused somewhat of a distraction. Seconds later Jeff gets up off the canvas, spinning Rollins around before delivering a toe kick and TWIST OF FATE! Now both men are down on the mat. The ref checks both of them and then begins the mandatory ten count, as Stephanie has made it to ringside and standing in the corner of Matt and Jeff with a look of concern.

Jim Ross: What a match this has been King.
Jerry Lawler: It's not over yet JR. But now we have Stephanie McMahon here at ringside, I wonder what this is all about?
Jim Ross: She is Jeff Hardy's manager King, maybe she's here to check on Jeff. After all this has been a hard fought match for all three men involved.

Seth Rollins was the first back on his feet answering the referee's count at Eight. Jeff had crawled over towards Matt, and right about the same time that Rollins got up on both feet, Jeff had managed to tag in a more fresh Matt Hardy. Matt climbs through the ropes and quickly he's met by a fury of punches from Seth Rollins, Matt tried covering up for most of them before he shoved Seth down on the canvas. Seth bounced back up to his feet, Matt goes for a clothesline, Rollins ducks it, Matt turns around, Rollins delivers a falcon arrow. And followed it up with a running shooting star press, before he covers Matt Hardy. The referee slides in position to make the count, but Hardy kicked out at two and three quarters.

Jim Ross: That's it. No. Somehow Matt Hardy managed to get his shoulder up just in the nick of time.
Jerry Lawler: And now Rollins is questioning the referee's count.

Seth was visibly irate and took his frustrations out with the official, who again clearly shows 2 fingers to Rollins. Seth is livid right now, he turns around running his fingers through his hair, and he's visibly fuming right now. Seth stands over top of Matt Hardy, who's slowly getting back on his feet. Jeff Hardy was laying on the ring apron in their corner. Matt got on his feet in a daze, he didn't know where he was. Seth turns him around and delivers a devastating Skywalker a Standing shiranui. Matt was out of it. Seth covers him. And somehow Matt Hardy was able to kick out just before the official could slap the mat for a third time. The ref signals once again to Rollins 2 fingers and he couldn't believe it. Seth gets up lifting up Matt off the canvas, and he sets him up on the top turnbuckle. Rollins gets up to the second rope and then hooks the arm, before he leaps off delivering a top rope suplex. Rollins hangs onto him as they hit the mat, and he lifts Hardy up once more for another vertical suplex. Seth gets up and he stalks Matt, as he crawls up too all fours. Rollins eyes him and then delivers a devastating CURB STOMP TO MATT HARDY! Rollins scrambles back over to make the cover, but Jeff Hardy was there waiting for him. TWIST OF FATE TO ROLLINS! Jeff Hardy pulls him across the canvas. Jeff rips off his tank top. He climbs upon the top turnbuckle, SWANTON BOMB TO SETH ROLLINS!

Jerry Lawler: But Jeff Hardy is not the legal man JR!!

The referee quickly got Jeff Hardy out of the ring, as Matt Hardy laid motionless in the middle of the ring. Seth Rollins was also motionless laying near the corner of the ring. Jeff Hardy starts trying to fire up the fans to get behind Matt. The crowd noise starts picking up and everyone was on their feet clapping trying to urge Matt Hardy on. The referee had got up to Four. Then Five. Then Six. And neither man was moving a muscle. The ref checks both men then yells out Seven with the crowd chanting along in unison. Matt Hardy started rolling over and getting up. Eight the referee yells out. Jeff Hardy is stomping his boot on the steel steps. Rollins rolls over crawling towards the ropes. Nine the referee shouts out. Matt using the ring ropes somehow stands up, but he's clearly dazed right about now. The referee goes to shout out ten, and then calls it off after he noticed Hardy got up.

Jerry Lawler: Matt Hardy just beat the count.

Matt was up leaning against the ring ropes. Rollins was just getting back up to his feet. Matt staggers away from the ropes, and falls down flat on his face but manages to tag in Jeff. Jeff climbs through the ropes and gets in the ring, quickly Jeff grabs Seth and brings him out to the middle of the ring. Jeff goes for the Twist of Fate once more, but this time Seth Rollins counters it into a RIPCORD KNEE TO JEFF HARDY! Jeff falls to the canvas. Seth goes for the cover, but Matt pulls him off and hits Rollins with his own version of the TWIST OF FATE! Matt then drags Jeff on top of Rollins, as the referee slides in position to make the count, as Matt climbs out onto the ring apron. One. Two. Three. And we have new Tag Team Champions.

Jim Ross: MY GOD!!! Those damn Hardyz did it yet again!
Jerry Lawler: I am in shock JR!! Rollins gave a valiant effort in that match.
Jim Ross: He did but Hardyz were too much and once again we have new GWF Tag Team Champions!!

GWF Intercontinental Championship Match

Kevin Owens vs Buff Bagwell (c)

Lillian Garcia: This match is set for the Intercontinental Championship. First introducing the challenge. Weighing in at 266 pounds ... He hails from Quebec, Canada, Kevin Owens!!

Kevin Owens music burst forth from the speakers as the crowd boos begin to echo across the arena. Kevin Owens takes his time to appear on stage and finally does so stepping out from behind the curtain. He looks down to the ring with a snarl just thinking about his match tonight with Buff Bagwell. He begins his walk like a man on a mission toward the ring. When he finally makes his way to the ring he kicks at the steel step and the runs up the step, pulls back the ropes and enters the ring awaiting his opponent.

Lillian Garcia: And from Marietta, Georgia, weighing in at 247 pounds ... he is the Intercontinental Champion, Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell.

I'm Buff I'm The Stuff ... and the Girls Just Cant Get Enough Echoes throughout this massive sold out arena as Buff Daddy himself prances out onstage. With one hop and another he sets out for his signature poses with that Intercontinental strap fastened around his waist side. Buff points at his precious gold stating "It's mine baby" as he begin his strut down toward the ring. Owens is eying him and the championship belt not losing sight for one second. Buff Daddy stops at the end of the ramp again posing for the ladies who begin screaming for their daddy man. Buff continues toward the ring once more only stopping when he gets to the ring motioning the camera closer. He checks out his hair and poses once more for the camera. He wipes back his hair and unstraps the Intercontinental Championship. Buff sets the title on the ledge rolling into the ring. He picks the title belt up and gets up rather quickly with it getting directly in Owens face while holding the title high in the air. Lillian reaches for the championship but Buff pulls it away and close to his heart. He gives it a kiss as you can hear Owens. "Kiss it goodbye". Buff hesitantly hands the title off to Lillian Garcia who hands it to referee Mike Chioda. Mike holds the title belt high in the air for the camera and all in attendance tonight to see. Before the bell even rings signaling the beginning of the match both men begin pummeling away at each other. Buff gets the upper hand by adding a knee into the midsection of Owens. Buff whips Owens into the ropes and waits getting nailed himself with a kick to the stomach by Owens which sends Buff clutched over. Owens begins a barrage of elbows to the back of his neck targeting the area. He then hits a quick neck breaker. Owens immediately tries for the cover but only a quick two count. Owens getting up hitting the mat signaling the three for Chioda. Owens kicks at Bagwell a couple times and the brings him to his feet. Owens again targets the neck of Buff Daddy going for a sleeper hold. Buff tries fighting it off and begins falling to a knee. the crowd begins cheering for Buff as he tries getting up. Owens shakes his head "no" as he tries tightening the grip. Buff turns it around getting an elbow in and then a russian leg sweep. Buff rolls out of the ring trying to gather himself a bit or maybe not as he heads to the camera posing and stating, "I'm Buff Daddy baby". Owens meanwhile in the ring is beginning to get back up to his feet. Buff rolls back in while Owens notices and runs clothes-lining Buff Daddy back over the ropes and to the outside. Owens points to his head pointing out that he's smarter than Buff Daddy. Owens rolls out of the ring picking Buff up and bringing him to the guard rail picking him up and dropping him down. Mike Chioda meanwhile seems to be letting anything go as he's not even counting while both men are on the outside. Owens notices but shrugs it off and continues on the outside as he picks Buff Daddy up and goes to whip him into the steel steps. Buff somehow musters the strength to reverse and send Owens flying into and over the steps with brute force. Buff Daddy rolls into the ring taking a breather. He begins a hop and a skip and unleashes a pose for the camera who captures his good side as he states "It's all about me". Buff rolls out of the ring and holds Owens by the head and slaps him across the face. Owens apparently takes acception and tackles him down pummeling him with lefts and rights. Mike Chioda finally begins counting both men on the outside as Owens notices this. He picks up Buff and rolls him inside the ring and follows in suit. Buff Daddy tries getting to his feet and is met with a right from Owens and another rocking him backward. Buff falls into the ropes holding on for a brief second. Owens then hits a chop and another rocking Buff into the corner. He lands an over hand right and other knocking him back further into the corner. Owens goes to the well too often as Buff grabs him by the shoulders and throws him into the corner. Buff gets atop the second rope and the fans begin counting with each punch that connect with Owens face. One, two, three, four, five, six, and Owens powers out ready to drop Buff Daddy with a power bomb who manages to jump over on top of the ropes and jumps off right when Owens turns around connecting with a Buff Blockbuster out of nowhere. Instead of going for a pin however Buff heads to the outside flirting with a few ladies in the first row. He then rolls back inside the ring and focuses his attention back on Kevin Owens. Owens however motions Chioda close to him. Chioda listens and while he does so Owens pulls at his shirt pulling him away so he can't see and nails Buff with a low blow. Buff falls fast to a knee and Owens nails a ddt so Chioda wont notice a thing. Owens goes for a pin but only a two count. Owens gets up and rams a knee into the back of Buff daddy's neck again and again. Owens turns around and points at his muscles taunting Buff Daddy a bit. Owens goes up the turnbuckle and jumps off and connects again on the back of the neck. He again goes for the cover but a long two count so it seems. Owens look irate as he yells at Chioda to do his job. Owens gets up grabbing Chioda by the collar yelling at him. Chioda pulls away and explains that he's the referee and he better watch it before he gets disqualified. Owens turns around and Buff takes full advantage and gets him in a roll up for a quick two almost three count. Buff gets up smirking while Owens gets up pissed off knowing full well he was almost screwed out of his opportunity by this official. Owens turns his attention toward Buff who nails him with a right. Owens retaliates with a left as both begin exchanging blows back and forth. Buff finally gets the upper hand and sends Owens into the ropes. Owens goes under a swing from buff and nails Buff Daddy with a viscous release german suplex. The back of Bagwell's head snaps back as he holds it rolling in pain. He rolls back into the corner holding his head trying to use the ropes to try and gather some strength while Owens eyes light up. Owens readies himself backing into the opposite corner and begins running full steam. Buff unable to roll out of the way falls back down while Owens nails him with the cannon ball. This sends Buff's head bouncing off the middle ropes/turnbuckle like a whiplash effect. Owens begins pulling Bagwell's lifeless body away from the ropes just enough. Owens goes for the cover. one ... two ... but Chioda stops the count motioning towards Owens feet that are on the ropes. Owens gets up yelling in Chioda's face about how this is a bunch of crap. Owens again tries to pin Buff Daddy this time without using the ropes. One ... two ... and somehow Buff manages to roll a shoulder breaking out of the pinning predicament. Owens gets up outraged knowing deep down in the back of his mind that he should be the new Intercontinental Champion. Owens rolls out of the ring and puts both of his hands over his head unsure of what to do. Something kicks in and he grabs a steel chair. Chioda yells at him "no". Owens still brings the chair inside the ring while Chioda begins trying to pry it away. Meanwhile Buff is getting up. Chioda gets knocked down during the confrontation. Owens turns his attention to Buff but it's a tad too late as a dropkick sends the chair into the face of Owens. Buff pins Owens but referee Chioda is still down. He begins crawling over. He starts the count. One ... two .. and somehow Owens musters a shoulder up. Chioda is slow to get up but Bagwell notices the chair still. He grabs Owens pulling him to his feet and uses his own feet to maneuver the steel chair. He plants Owens on the steel as Chioda notices this and immediately calls for the bell. Buff throws up his hands like "what did I do?" Kevin Owens music starts up while Buff kicks at the ropes not too happy about what took place until the music stops and Lillian Garcia begins to speak.

Lillian Garcia: And still your Intercontinental Champion, Buff "The Stuff" Bagwell.

Mike Chioda is handed the title belt and hands it over to Buff Daddy who is now all smiles. Owens is starting finally to come to while Buff "The Stuff" rolls out of the ring and his music starts up. Kevin owens uses the ropes to get to his feet as he falls back down to one knee. He finally gets up and kicks at the ropes certainly unhappy about what transpired here tonight as he looks irate. He gets in Chioda's face again who shrugs and warns him about a fine if he does anything. Owens rolls out of the ring marching up the ramp understandably upset.

Jim Ross: Buff got himself disqualified. I can't believe it.
Jerry Lawler: He wanted to teach Owens a lesson and he got caught by Mike Chioda.
Jim Ross: Chioda did the right thing too. Buff is still the IC Champion though so he lives to fight another day.
Jerry Lawler: Imagine how disappointed the ladies would of been if Buff lost that title to Owens tonight.
Jim Ross: Imagine how upset Buff would of been if he lost his title.

We see the final video package for the World title match come to an end. We than see Finlay holding the title on his shoulder as Bobby and The Horsemen stand next to him. Mean Gene enters the scene.

Mean Gene: Finlay, in just moments you have to walk out to that ring alone and into that cage with Shaggy 2 Dope with Jim Ross as the referee. I have to ask are you ready to defend that title without any help tonight because if any of the Horsemen show up you will be disqualified and you will lose that title.

Finlay looks at his fellow Horsemen as he looks at Mean Gene.

Finlay: You want to know how I feel Gene. I FEEL LIKE TOTAL SHIT GENE!!! YOU UNDERSTAND THAT JR!!! I FEEL LIKE SHIT AND IT'S ALL THANKS TO YOU AND YOUR DAMN CONSPIRACY TO GET THIS TITLE OFF OF MY WAIST!!! You see JR tonight you are the referee in that match and you say you will call it right down the middle but I don't trust you JR and my gut is never wrong. I swear to god that if you screw me out of this title tonight what I do to you will be worse than what Kevin Owens did to you. You can believe that JR. Tonight, I show you what a real champion is and I still walk out of that cage as the GWF World Champion.

We go to another part of the arena and we see Violent J and Shaggy talking to each other enjoying a can of Faygo as Shaggy looks ready.

Violent J: You are ready homie. You have nothing to worry about and it sucks I can't be out there with you but I will be with you in spirit and do it for all the Juggalos in that arena and watching on Pay Per View. Do it for them homie if you don't want to do it for yourself. Than after you walk out of here with that World Title we have to go to Thunder and beat the APA in poker my ninja.

Shaggy 2 Dope: You know what J. You are exactly right. Finlay, get ready because that title comes home with the Juggalos tonight.

We see Finlay watching all of this and he gets disgusted and walks off towards the ring.

Jim Ross: King, it's time for me to go but Michael Cole is ready for this and I know he will do a great job.
Jerry Lawler: I know he will to because when you were gone at No Mercy he did exactly that but JR don't get hurt out there.
Jim Ross: Thanks King but now it's time for me to referee this World Championship match.

GWF World Championship Steel Cage Match

Shaggy 2 Dope vs Finlay (c)

Finlay and Shaggy 2 Dope circle around the ring look at one another. Shaggy tries to quickly climb the cage, but Finlay isn't going to let that happen. Finlay pulls him down from the top rope and Finlay begins to lay into him with rights and lefts. Shaggy staggers into the ropes and Finlay grabs him by the head and tries to slam Shaggy's head into the cage, but Shaggy breaks out of it. Shaggy begins to knock Finlay back on his heels with rights. Shaggy whips Finlay into the ropes and as Finlay comes back Shaggy lifts Finlay high into the air and backdrops him on the canvas. JR is watching from the outside with an intense look on his face. Finlay arches his back in pain as Shaggy wastes no time picking him up and trying to bounce his head off the steel. Finlay stops him midway and Finlay is able to drill Shaggy a couple of times in the skull. Shaggy stumbles back and Finlay hauls off with a large clothesline taking down Shaggy. Shaggy is slow to get back up to his feet as Finlay picks him up the rest of the way. Finlay grabs Shaggy by the hair and slams him face first into the steel. Finlay adds insult to injury as he begins to rub Shaggy's head into the steel. Shaggy's forehead begins to tear open.

Finlay then goes to slam Shaggy's face in it once more, but Shaggy reverses it and slams Finlay into it instead. Finlay's face bounces off the steel and right into the clutches of Shaggy. Shaggy suplexes Finlay over his head and drills him into the canvas. Shaggy begins to trickle blood down his chest and onto the mat. Shaggy stands up and slowly begins to climb the ropes. Shaggy is looking up at the top of the cage as the only way out right now as Finlay is laying near the door. Finlay slowly begins to get to his feet as Shaggy is halfway up the cage. Finlay is up to his feet and slowly begins to climb the cage right under Shaggy. Shaggy tries to kick Finlay back, but it is no good as Finlay is determined to get him down from there. Shaggy and Finlay are on the same level now almost at the top of the cage. Shaggy bounces Finlay's head off the steel up top, but Finlay fights back with fists of his own. Finlay then bounces Shaggy's head off the steel and Shaggy slips and falls groin first into the ropes. The fans laugh as Finlay around at the crowd in the arena watching him at the top of the cage.

Finlay then looks down at Shaggy who has fallen off the top rope and down onto the canvas. Some fans are on their feet telling Finlay to climb over as the other half is telling Finlay to beat Shaggy up some more. Finlay looks to be climbing over the cage, but stops and begins to crawl back down the side of the cage to get Shaggy. Finlay makes it back down to the mat as the fans cheer for him. JR looks around the building as the ovation increases for Finlay. Finlay begins to pick up Shaggy who comes to and pushes Finlay back. Finlay goes to grab him, but Shaggy connects with a Superkick! Finlay falls on his back and Shaggy falls to the canvas as well. Shaggy slowly gets on his hands and knees. Shaggy begins to crawl towards the door. JR immediately removes the padlock and begins to open the cage door. Shaggy is moving towards the door, inch by inch. Finlay is slowly stirring as Shaggy makes it to the corner and begins to crawl out the door. Before Shaggy can touch the steel stairs, Finlay has made it up and pulls him back into the ring. JR closes the door and watches on by the door as Finlay pulls Shaggy to the middle of the ring. Shaggy rolls and kicks Finlay back into the corner and tries for the door again.

JR opens it, but Finlay lunges and grabs a hold of Shaggy at the last moment. Finlay drags him back in and JR is forced to shut the door once more. Shaggy tries to fight Finlay's grip, but Finlay is latched on to him. Finlay pulls Shaggy up and Shaggy clocks Finlay with a hard uppercut. Shaggy tries for another Last Call, but Finlay moves out of the way and Shaggy gets his leg caught on the top rope. Shaggy is trying to hop away from the ropes to get his leg down, but Finlay helps him to the canvas with a leg sweep taking out his uncaught leg. Finlay bounces off the ropes and drops a patent knee to Shaggy's face. Finlay doesn't waste any time picking up Shaggy and going to slam his face into the cage once more. Shaggy reverses it and slams Finlay into it instead. Shaggy uses the ropes as leverage to grate Finlay's face back and forth on the steel. Finlay begins to gush blood as Shaggy repeatedly slams it into the cage. Finlay staggers and falls back on his ass. Shaggy takes a breather as Finlay's face is completely covered in blood. Shaggy wipes some blood from his own forehead to be able to see. Shaggy waits for Finlay to stand. Finlay slowly stands up on his feet. Shaggy charges Finlay, but Finlay flips him high into the air and Shaggy slams back first upside down against the cage and slides all the way down it.

Shaggy's back begins to bleed from being grated by the steel. The fans are going crazy as JR looks on from the door with a concerned look on his face. Finlay falls to his knees and slowly begins to crawl for the door. JR hesitates to open it, but keeps the padlock on. Finlay is dripping blood every inch he moves JR turns to face Finlay as he slowly opens the cage door. Just then a hooded man comes out of the crowd and attacks JR from behind. JR gets slammed into the cage and is knocked out on the floor. The hooded man enters the ring and pulls Finlay back into the center of the ring, the hood comes down and reveals a man with Juggalo face paint on, he begins to plant the boots in on Finlay and then crashes a steel chair over the back of his head, as Shaggy uses the cage to make it to his feet, he looks at the unknown man putting the boots into Finlay as he smirks, Shaggy groggily staggers over to the center of the ring and he goes to put his hand on the shoulder of the unknown man, but he exits the ring with pace, stands on the outside and looks at both men in the ring, he then looks down at JR and helps him up and rolls him back into the ring as he shuts the door for the cage and locks it taking the key with him.

Jim Ross looks around and the man has gone, he uses the ropes to help himself up as Finlay is laid out on the floor, he mouths to Shaggy WHAT WAS THAT!!. Shaggy looks at JR confused and unsure as he shrugs his shoulders. Shaggy turns around and stalks Finlay. Shaggy looks to be ready to give Finlay another superkick. Finlay slowly begins to stand up. Shaggy continues to stalk him. Finlay is finally to his feet and he turns. Shaggy goes for the superkick, but Finlay catches his boot. Shaggy pleads with Finlay to let go of his boot. Finlay immediately pushes back on the leg of Shaggy. Shaggy staggers and slams head to head into JR. JR goes down clutching his head. Shaggy clutches his head as well as Finlay falls to his knees and rests against the ropes. Finlay grins as the fans boo loudly. Finlay pulls himself up and looks around at the fans who are booing him. Finlay trips and falls to his bottom as he begins to back up in the corner. Shaggy and JR are down as Finlay is curled in the corner catching his breath as he wipes the blood from his eyes. Finlay covers Shaggy as he smacks JR's hand down for the count, ONE... TWO... NO! JR comes to and stops his arm. JR slowly looks up at Finlay who is screaming for him to drop his hand for the three.

JR doesn't. Finlay gets off of Shaggy and picks up JR by the shirt. Finlay pins JR to the corner and Finlay is poking him hard in the chest. Shaggy is slowly to get up to his feet. Finlay and JR are back to a war of words again. Before anything else can go down. JR pushes Finlay away and Shaggy is up in time to connect with the hard clothesline to the back of Finlay's head. Finlay is face down in the canvas. Shaggy slowly rolls Finlay over and covers him. Jim Ross drops down and counts, ONE. TWO. THREE-NO! The crowd are on their feet chanting THIS IS AWESOME!!!. Finlay and Shaggy both lay on the mat feeling the effects of the match, JR holds his head and rubs his back. The cameras hear the commotion from the crowd as hooded men appear in the front row all with Juggalo face paint, JR spots them and warns them that they are not apart of this match. They slowly climb over the barricade and stand next to the cage. They begin rattling the cage as the crowd starts to chant 2 DOPE 2 DOPE 2 DOPE. The crowd begin to get louder as Shaggy slowly gets up to one knee and sees the figures standing at ringside.

He smirks and then manages to get to his feet, he looks at Finlay slowly getting to his feet and quickly drops him with a vicious DDT, he looks at the crowd and then down at Finlay. He then mounts the top turnbuckle and then slowly begins to climb the cage as Finlay lays motionless on the mat, Shaggy turns his head and looks down at Finlay who has still not moved he finally gets to the top of the cage and the arena erupts. Shaggy goes climbing down the outside of the cage then stops, he looks back down at Finlay and then stands on the top of the cage. He measures up the champ and jumps off of the cage for a huge leg dropNO! Finlay moves at the very last second, the crowd all jeer as the Juggalos on the outside surround the ring, they watch with anticipation as Finlay begins to climb the cage. Every time he gets close to the top on any side he is blocked by them, he begins getting irate and starts kicking the ropes, he picks up Shaggy YOU WANTED THIS YOU BASTARD YOU THINK YOUR GOOD ENOUGH

Finlay picks him up and positions him for the Celtic Cross, Finlay throws Shaggy into the Steel Cage as his body folds up like paper, JR checks on him and looks back at Finlay. Finlay then begins to stomp on Shaggy as JR tries to pull him away, Finlay finally stops as Shaggy lays motionless on the mat. He picks him up and connects with another Celtic Cross into the cage, his body bounces off of the cage and slumps forward. Finlay falls into the cover, JR slowly gets down to the mat, ONE TWO THREE!!! the slowest Three count in GWF history as the crowd boo and Finlay gets to his feet using the ropes, the cage slowly begins to lift as JR once again kneels over Shaggy making sure that he is still responding.

No one ever expected this match to entice the fans as much as it did tonight, the crowd are on their feet for Shaggy 2 Dope as he gave it everything tonight. But tonight after an epic contest, it's Finlay who walks out the victor. Ric Flair & Arn Anderson run down to the ring in excitment to congratulate their fellow Horsemen member after one of the most hard fought victories he has ever pulled off here in GWF. Finlay now heads to WrestleMania but something tells me he isn't done here tonight! The three of them continue to celebrate in the ring as Shaggy who has barely moved since the match finished begins to come around, he drags himself to the corner of the ring gingerly asking the time keeper to pass him a microphone. Shaggy then begins to speak as he gets the attention of The Horsemen in the ring.

Shaggy 2 Dope: You know, I came into this match with hate in my eyes towards you. But tonight, you proved to me that you deserve to be standing in this ring as the World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight we went to hell and back, and ANY promotion would be proud to have you represent them as World Champion. JR might not respect you, but homie, you've earned my respect. Good luck at WrestleMania ninja!

The crowd are in shock as Shaggy gives his seal of respect to Finlay... Shaggy then nods at Finlay, as Finlay nods back... Shaggy then rolls out of the ring and gives Finlay his moment as the three continue to celebrate in the ring! Ric Flair and Arn Anderson then exit the ring and head up the ramp giving Finlay his moment. Flair and Anderson exit through the curtain as Finlay continues to hold his championship up in the ring pointing to the WrestleMania sign.

Then suddenly, the arena then erupts as Harper stands in the ring just staring at him, he picks up his Heavyweight Championship and stares at it, then back at Finlay as he lays him out with the title. JR is motionless as Harper slowly tilts his head from left to right and JR makes a quick exit from the ring, Harper now stands over Finlay. He stands back and waits for Finlay to get to his feet and the moment he does Harper connects with a vicious big boot to the face of Finlay, he roars and picks up Finlay's lifeless body, he then hoists him up and whips him to the ropes and levels him with the truck stop almost knocking Finlay's head clean off of his shoulders, the arena erupts Harper roars once more and exits the ring with no emotions on his face, the Horsemen run down to the ring to check on their teammate.

Michael Cole: That match had it all King and why was Harper out here?
Jerry Lawler: I have no idea. I thought he went by Jim now but apparently not.
Michael Cole: Harper has had a very strange week and this tonight makes it even stranger but you know what it's time for King. It's time for the Royal Rumble. 30 wrestlers will enter this match and one will walk away with a Wrestlemania Main Event shot against Finlay. Who will it be is the question? It could anybody and that includes Christopher Daniels. We will be right back with the Royal Rumble.

The last video promo for the Royal Rumble ends and we see The Rock standing in the back talking to the APA about Thunder.

The Rock: So this Thursday night is the return of Thunder and The Rock hears you guys are playing cards with the ICP? Is that right?

Bradshaw and Faarooq look at Rock and nod at him.

Faarooq: Oh yeah Rock!!! Those boys need to be taught some damn respect and this Thursday on the return of Thunder they will get that but we are going to gamble and play cards and if they try anything we will take it out of their asses!! So Rock you ready for this thing man?

The Rock: The Rock was born ready but it's going to be a long night boys.

Bradshaw: What number you got Rock?

Rock pulls out his number and shows them. Faarooq looks at it and than back at the camera.

Faarooq: DAMN!!!! It will be a long night for you Rock but good luck out there.

APA walk off with Teddy smoking cigars as Rock watches them leave.

Michael Cole: I wonder what number Rock got King.
Jerry Lawler: It can't be good with that reaction by Faarooq.
Michael Cole: Did you hear that Thunder is back and we are going to have an APA poker game against ICP and let me say I am looking forward to that King.
Jerry Lawler: Do ICP even know how to play poker?
Michael Cole: We will find out because that is happening on Thunder this Thursday night.

Royal Rumble Match

30 Superstars

Howard Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the twentieth Royal Rumble Match. Here are the rules in just a few moments those superstars who drew numbers one and two enter the ring and the match will begin. Every ninety seconds thereafter another superstar will enter according to the number they drew. Elimination occurs when a superstar is thrown over the top rope and both feet must hit the floor. The last superstar remaining in the ring when all thirty have entered will be declared the winner and go onto Wrestlemania to challenge for the GWF World Heavyweight Championship.

As Howard Finkel leaves the ring we are greeted with the unmistakable sound of Christopher Daniels entrance music and out walks the man punished with the number one entry position. Daniels holds four fingers proudly over his chest as he slowly slides in the ring. He then turns his attention to the entrance ramp and begins jumping up and down getting himself hyped for the match when he suddenly begins smiling as the music of the Four Horsemen hits and out walks the Enforcer Arn Anderson and he looks like he is ready to compete.

Entry #1: Christopher Daniels
Entry #2: Arn Anderson

The bell rings and both men walk up to each other and begin jawing, both men take a step back and look to swing at each other, but both stop short and burst out laughing. Arn then holds Daniels hand in the air. Arn then shouts "SWERVE" and pretends to throw out Daniels but the attempt is so forced it meets nothing but jeers from the crowd as Daniels pretends to hold on for his life before reversing it and now Arn is pretending to be in trouble. They spend the next minute shouting at the crowd and mocking them until the count down begins and the two men stop with their games and turn their attention to the stage as the klaxon hits and "WHO BETTER THAN KANYON".

Entry #3: Chris Kanyon

The crowd erupt to their feet for the GWF Hall of Famer who is back to try and win the Royal Rumble. Kanyon is walking down with a purpose not put off by two Horsemen members in the ring. Daniels seems to take this personally and tells Arn to take a step back which he does and goes to the corner as Daniels stands the opposite side of the ring and urges Kanyon to come get some. Kanyon sprints for the ring sliding underneath. Kanyon runs at Daniels but out of nowhere Arn Anderson meets Kanyon in the middle and plants him with a huge Double A Spine Buster. Kanyon is out flat in the middle of the ring as Daniels applauds his teammate before quickly springboarding up the turnbuckle and nailing Kanyon with the BME. Arn tells Daniels "Throw that trash out of our ring". Daniels obliges lifting up his limp body and easily hurling Kanyon over the top to the floor below.


Arn and Daniels begin laughing together at how easy it was and already start begging for the next entrant to make their way down. The clock begins to countdown as Daniels and Anderson start pretending to argue over who gets to handle this one then the buzzer hits zero. "WELLLLL...WELL IT’S THE BIG SHOW"

Entry #4: The Big Show

The smile on the faces of Arn Anderson and Daniels has quickly vanished as Big Show is the one who is smiling. Show steps up onto the apron and Daniels runs at him first as he's attempting to step over the top rope but Show greets him with a headbutt. Arn now runs at Show who is in the ring but receives the same treatment. Big Show is now knocking down the members of the Horsemen with consecutive clotheslines. Daniels now lunges at The Big Show who ducks and hits him with a huge big back body drop. Big Show whips Arn Anderson into the corner and runs up driving his weight into Arn's stomach. Arn attempts to fall forward but Show pushes him back and hits a huge skillet pan like chop to Arn's exposed chest. Arn is clearly in pain as he crumbles in a heap to the floor. Daniels has now jumped on the back of the Big Show but Big Show marches backwards driving Daniels to the turnbuckle and seats him on the top and greets him with a chop. Daniels has nearly fallen out but he's grabbing hold of Big Show's attire and pulling him with him which gives Arn Anderson enough time to run and use Big Show's weight momentum to eliminate him as Daniels manages to scramble back in the ring.


Both Daniels and Anderson are crawling on the mat attempting to catch their breath and use the ropes to pull themselves back to their feet as the countdown is ticking again and hits zero. "AND THE FISHING LINE...CAUSE SHARK BOY SAID SO"

Entry #5: Shark Boy

Shark Boy immediately runs out and is like a man possessed. He hits a running spear to Daniels and follows up by hitting three quick dropkicks to Arn Anderson to knock him down. Daniels clubs Shark Boy from behind and Irish Whips him off the ropes and bends over to hit a backdrop but Shark Boy catches him with a knee to the chest. Shark Boy then hits a neck breaker to Daniels but this gives time to Arn to recover and he grabs Shark Boy in a sleeper but Shark Boy elbows away at the gut of Arn. Shark Boy now turns around and begins biting at the ass of Arn Anderson who is jumping up and down screaming in pain. Arn escapes Shark Boy's clutches and is greeted with a kick to the gut followed by a Shark Boy Stunner. Shark Boy is now in Arn's face talking trash. Shark Boy stands and pulls Arn Anderson up to his feet and puts him in the ropes attempting to maneuver him over the top rope but Daniels comes from behind and kicks Shark Boy right in his fins. Shark Boy is now thrown over the top rope by Christopher Daniels just as the clock begins ticking down.


Daniels helps Arn back to his feet as the two get a fighting look on their face as the klaxon sounds. ""IF YA SMELLLLLLLLL...WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING"

Entry #6: The Rock

The look on the face of Horsemen has turned as they have seen the legend that is the peoples champ walk out onto the stage to thunderous applause. The Rock walks down the aisle quickly as Daniels and Arn wait for him. The Rock slides underneath the bottom rope and Daniels lunges at him dropping forearms to the back of The Rock while Arn now begins stomping away at The Great One. Daniels lifts The Rock up and both men whip The Rock off the ropes but The Rock returns with a huge leaping double clothesline. The Rock is now fighting off both Horsemen members with huge right hands until he hits Arn with a scoop slam. Daniels turns Rock around and kicks him in the gut and sets him up for the Angel Wings but The Rock reverses and nails Daniels with a huge spinebuster. The Rock is looking out into the electrified crowd taking off one of his elbow pads and throwing it into the crowd. The Rock runs off the ropes for the Peoples Elbow but as he runs back towards the fallen Daniels he is greeted with a kick to the gut from Arn Anderson. Arn now drops The Rock with a DDT square in the middle of the ring. Arn lifts The Rock up and shouts at Daniels to help him as both men are now attempting to throw the Rock out but the clock is again ticking down. "YOUR TIME IS UP, MY TIME IS NOW".

Entry #7: John Cena

The leader of the Cenation sprints down the aisle in an attempt to aid The Rock. Cena slides into the ring and Arn Anderson has turned to meet him leaving Daniels attempting to eliminate The Rock. Cena and Arn are trading blows with Cena getting the upper hand until he eats a knee to the midsection. Arn throws Cena off the ropes but he returns with his signature flying shoulder block. Arn jumps back up but is hit with a second one. Arn is to his feet again and swings a big haymaker at Cena who ducks underneath and catches Arn in his spinning out powerbomb. Cena is feeling it as he pumps up his shoes and runs off the ropes dropping Arn with a Five Knuckle Shuffle. Arn slowly pulls himself up reeling as Cena lines him up for the Attitude Adjustment. Cena lifts Arn onto his shoulders but Daniels has turned to Cena and headbutted Cena square in the face causing him to drop Arn. Daniels works Cena into the corner and begins chopping away at him. Cena uses his strength to power Daniels up in a gut wrench position and is trying to work him over the top rope as once again the klaxon hits zero. "WOOOOOOOOOOO".

Entry #8: Ric Flair

Ric quickly runs out removing his robe to huge jeers as he runs to ringside and runs round to the corner where Daniels is nearly eliminated. Ric pushes Daniels back into the ring causing Cena to turn around and be caught with a thumb to the eye by Ric Flair. Cena stumbles backwards as Ric Flair slides in the ring and hits a running chop block taking Cena down to one knee. Ric backs Cena into the corner and unloads with chops to the chest of Cena but Cena seems to work through the pain as he walks forward. Ric lets out a loud woo and struts around the ring to be caught with a huge right hand from The Rock knocking him down. Arn lunges at The Rock taking him down with a power clothesline. Cena repays the favor by kicking Arn in the gut and hitting a fisherman's suplex onto Arn. Daniels now runs at Cena but Cena catches him and lifts him on his shoulders and lets out a war cry as he walks over to the ropes and attempts to dump Daniels out and Daniels is hanging on for dear life as Cena leans over trying to push him out. Then all of a sudden Ric runs behind Cena and throws him out over the top rope to the floor below.


Daniels stumbles back in the ring and smiles at Ric who helps him to his feet and Arn slowly makes his way over too. All three members of the Horsemen are now staring down the cornered Rock. Rock shouts "JUST BRING IT" and jumps forward at the Horsemen but the Horsemen like a pack of wild dogs take the Rock down and begin punching and kicking away at him as the next entrant arrives.

Entry #9: Luke Harper.

Probably the most deranged member of the GWF Roster makes his way out with his eyes set on the ring as all three members of the Horsemen stop fighting away at The Rock to focus on the fresh enemy. The Horsemen members allow Harper to enter the ring over the top rope before Ric runs at him first but gets caught straight with a huge Big Boot to the face. Daniels is next to reach him but gets caught with a huge uppercut. Arn is now punching at Harper with a closed fist. Arn throws Harper into the ropes and attempts a Spinebuster but Harper elbows him in the back of the neck. Harper then lifts Arn up and hits a huge powerbomb on Arn in the middle of the ring. Harper looks out into the crowd and begins shouting "YEAH" again and again before he lifts Arn up and throws him over the top rope. Arn clings on but eats a Big Boot from Harper and falls to the mat below.


Ric Flair attempts to sneak up behind Harper and catch him with a low blow but Harper sees it coming and grabs his arm mid motion between his legs. Harper then stomps on the other hand of Flair. Harper lets Flair go. Flair shouts at Harper but Harper smiles at him and motions for Flair to turn around which he does and is greeted by a Rock Bottom from The Rock. The Rock lifts Flair up and throws him over the top rope to the floor below.


Flair and Arn are both shown on the floor looking gobsmacked as Harper and The Rock now turn and face each other staring down when suddenly out of the corner of their eye they see Daniels pulling himself back to his feet. Both Rock and Harper now turn towards Daniels. Daniels quickly slides under the bottom rope and Rock does the same chasing after him as Daniels runs around the ring until he does a full lap and is greeted by a side kick from Harper as the clock hits zero and the sound of Paparazzi snaps hit.

Entry #10: Tyler Breeze

Breeze walks out on to stage taking selfies but quickly catches sight of The Rock and Harper throwing Daniels back in the ring and now returning the numbers game against the lone remaining Horsemen. Breeze now decides to play it smart and take his time on his way down to ring side. Harper and Rock are now both trying to throw Daniels out in the corner but Daniels is wrapping both his arms and legs around the ropes to stop him from going over. Breeze sees that he has an opening and slides under the bottom rope and takes a few paces in but Rock turns around and merely raises his eyebrow at Breeze who then decides better and slides back out of the ring and backs off. Rock then turns his attention back to Daniels who has ended up completely over the top rope but uses his upper body strength to prevent his feet from touching the floor. Harper now turns around to take a step back but this time The Rock greets him with a kick to the gut followed by a Samoan Drop. Rock dusts his hand off as the clock once again hits zero with Breeze still outside of the ring and the arena lights flicker red.

Entry #11: Gangrel

The leader of the Brood Gangrel makes his way out to the ring taking a drink of his goblet before putting it down. Breeze steps out of the way and tells Gangrel to get back in the ring. Gangrel gets up on the apron but Breeze grabs him by the feet and pulls him off the apron dropping him face first causing him to drop out the liquid in his mouth. Breeze now throws Gangrel in the ring and follows him in as Breeze drops quick consecutive elbow drops to the fallen Gangrel before pulling out his selfie stick and taking another picture of himself. Breeze lifts Gangrel up and hits a back suplex. Breeze brags to the crowd but turns around to see Harper stood up and Breeze hightails back out of the ring as Harper stares him down. Daniels is being choked under the ropes by the boot of the Peoples Champion as again the klaxon hits zero by the music of the Wyatt Family.

Entry #12: Brad Maddox.

Brad runs out at full sprint and attacks Tyler Breeze from behind shoving him face first into the ring post. Breeze is thrown into the ring by Maddox who slides in too. Maddox nods at Harper who seems in a slight trance at the sight of his fellow Wyatt Family brethren to the point where it almost subdues him. Maddox slaps Harper in the chest and the two men now begin working over Breeze as Gangrel has now got his bearings back and has attacked The Rock giving a breather to Daniels who is getting what rest he can. The countdown begins again as the ring currently with six men in it is about to welcome its seventh as we catch sight of Gangrel unloading vicious forearms to the Rock and throwing him off the ropes. Daniels joins Gangrel and knocks Rock down with a double clothesline. Daniels puts his hand out to Gangrel to shake who does. Daniels then shows him channelling one of his mentors Ric Flair as he hits Gangrel with a thumb to the eye. New Entrant coming. "DON’T TREAT ME LIKE A WOMAN"

Entry #13: Chyna

Chyna is a woman with a purpose. She is the only female in this years Rumble but that means nothing to her as she walks up the steps into the ring. Chyna stares down Brad Maddox and catches him with a brutal forearm to the face. Chyna now knees Maddox in the face, Harper walks over to Chyna and turns her around but Chyna clocks him with a forearm which merely makes Harper smile to Chyna. Chyna looks baffled by Harper and instead turns her attention to Tyler Breeze. Tyler gets in Chyna's face but Chyna grabs hold of Tyler and lifts him above her head and drops him with a Gorilla Press Slam. Daniels is now chopping away at Gangrel in the corner as Harper has now turned his attention to the People's Champion and hits him with an uppercut knocking Rocky back into the corner. Rocky lifts his feet up as Harper runs at him. Harper steps backwards and Rock runs at him but gets caught in a huge swinging sidewalk slam. Harper smiles down as he crawls over to aid Maddox. Countdown hits zero again and AGAIN we have the music of the Wyatt Family.

Entry #14: Chuck Taylor

Chuck Taylor walks down the ramp menacingly with his eyes firmly fixed on the ring, he slides into the ring and meets up with his fellow Wyatt Family members. All three men stand up and look out into the ring. Maddox and Taylor look at each other and both men jump forward at Breeze and stomp away at him before throwing him into Luke Harper who hits a huge standing Spinebuster. Harper now lifts up Tyler Breeze and throws him over the top rope to the floor below. Gangrel now jumps Harper from behind and jumps on his back in a sleeper hold position. Harper moves backwards crushing Gangrel in the corner and puts him on the top rope as Maddox and Taylor hit stereo dropkicks to the seated Gangrel nearly causing him to fall out. Harper follows up with a running Big Boot and Gangrel falls to the floor below. Taylor and Maddox celebrate but now run at Chyna who knocks them both down with a clothesline. Chyna now stares directly at Harper and motions for him to bring it. Harper points at Chyna as they look to begin trading blows but Daniels quickly runs up behind Chyna and pushes her out of the ring to the floor below. Daniels drops to the mat to avoid brawling with Harper.


Harper looks down at Daniels lifts him up to his feet but Daniels drops to his knees and lifts Harper up dropping him throat first on the ropes knocking him to the mat as the countdown once again concludes and results with the crowd erupting as it's the music of the very first Royal Rumble winner.

Entry #15: Cactus Jack

The first ever Royal Rumble Winner Cactus Jack steps out from behind the curtain shouting his signature Bang Bang catch phrase as Foley jogs down the ramp and steps in going face to face with The Rock. The two men smile at each other before turning to Maddox and Taylor and The Rock n Sock connection are temporarily reunited once more. Cactus works Maddox into the corner and punches away until he is in a seated position. Jack runs at Maddox and hits a running knee to the face. Meanwhile The Rock is hitting his open hand punches to Taylor and steps back for one big punch which sends him over the top rope but Taylor hangs on and scrambles back into the ring. Harper is trying to make his way over to Rock and Cactus but Daniels comes up behind Harper and hits a jumping Russian leg sweep knocking Harper down to the mat. Daniels jumps up in celebration and holds a hand up high for a high five from Rock or Cactus who both look at each other before knocking Daniels down on his ass and Daniels crawls to the corner again. Klaxon sounds and there is once again a brief dim of the lights in the arena.

Entry #16: "Holy" Trent Acid

Trent Acid slowly steps out from behind the stage wearing a priest attire holding his Bible. He turns to his masses in the crowd on his way down to the ring briefly preaching to them before he hits the foot of the ring. Trent removes his attire and carefully hands it to a stage hand before kissing the bible and climbing the steps to step inside the ring. Trent now hands his bible to the stage hand but turns around to see Cactus Jack running straight at him and Cactus throws his entire body into a clothesline taking both men over the top rope, Cactus hangs on but Trent Acid hits the floor below.


Trent Acid looks confused as he looks up and sees Cactus sat on the apron laughing at him. Trent gets back to his feet before directing the stage hand to place his priest gown back on him and grabbing the bible before quickly running back up the ramp. Cactus rolls back in the ring as he and Rock again pair off to battle with Harper and Taylor as Daniels is now chopping away at Brad Maddox in the corner but just like that the numbers advantage for the Wyatt Family is back.

Entry #17: Erick Rowan

Erick Rowan steps out running down while taking his sheep mask off as the Tag Team Partner of Luke Harper runs down to the ring. Cactus Jack looks to greet Rowan but Rowan catches him with a full body splash causing Cactus to hit the mat hard. Rowan now grabs the Rock and grabs him by the throat and plants the Rock with a chokeslam in the middle of the ring. Rowan now rakes Daniels back causing him to scream out in pain. Rowan picks up Daniels and hits a Urange Slam. Rowan now takes turns stomping all of his opponents who are not Wyatt Family alumni. Harper takes a look at the carnage in the ring as Maddox and Taylor now also begin attacking the downed opponents. Maddox now whips Cactus into Rowan who greets him with a spinning side kick. Rowan is now pulling at his beard before he helps Cactus back to his feet and tries throwing Cactus over the top rope but Cactus is punching away at Rowan attempting to fight back and Cactus rolls through under the bottom rope to slide back into the ring. Again the clock hits zero and once again we hear the buzzer and oh my god yet again it is the music of the Wyatt Family but this time there is a huge pop. BRAY WYATT IS HERE? Its unmistakeable seeing one of his signature shirts with the long beard. Bray is carrying a lamp down to the ring and sits in a chair at the bottom as The Wyatt Family kneel in the ring as Wyatt blows out the lamp and the lights come up, but wait its not Bray Wyatt its...

Entry #18: Bo Dallas

Bo takes off the shirt and steps in the ring and greets the members of the Wyatt Family but notices that Harper looks confused by what is going on. Dallas tells them to rise which they do as The Rock jumps at Bo Dallas but Taylor, Maddox, Rowan and Harper attempt to beat Rock down but he is feeding off the energy of the Millions and gets to Bo Dallas and brawls with him. Rock is quickly getting the better of him and hits him with a Spinebuster and Rock quickly again looks for a People's Elbow but The Rock looks out of the corner of his eye and sees Kane standing on the top rope and leaps at him catching him with a clothesline. The Rock is knocked all the way down as Bo Dallas makes his way back to his feet and smiles at Kane. Bo summons his family to stand united. They look down at the fallen bodies of Cactus Jack and The Rock. As the Wyatt Family all stand together in one line. Bo drops to his knees and shouts "FOLLOW THE BUZZARDS". At which point Daniels runs up behind Luke Harper and hits him with a chop block and Harper falls to one knee as the other family members begin punching and choking Christopher Daniels. Harper suddenly holds his left knee in pain and looks up as Bo is shouting at Harper to get up. Bo now tells Harper to attack Daniels. Harper seems to now be limping again and it's causing him great confusion. Dallas now slaps Harper in the face and Harper's eyes double in size as he looks around as Dallas slaps him again. Dallas goes for a third slap but this time Harper grabs his arm and shakes his head no. Maddox now grabs Harpers arm but Harper hits Maddox with an uppercut and the crowd erupt. Taylor looks confused and runs at Harper before being given an uppercut of his own. Harper is now fighting off Taylor and Maddox who are attempting to double team him. They back Harper up into the ropes and run at him but Harper grabs them both by the throat and hits them with a double chokeslam. Harper lifts Taylor up and throws him over the top rope. He now greets Maddox with the same fate.


Kane now turns Harper round and grabs him by the throat but Harper powers out of it and hits Kane with a huge side kick which sends Kane into the ropes. Harper now clotheslines Kane to the outside in spite of the fact he was never in the match to begin with. Erick Rowan now gets in Harper's face and go nose to nose. Bo begins screaming at Rowan to attack Harper and the two team mates now begin brawling with each other trying to manuever each other out but as he does Cactus is back to his feet and kicks Bo in the gut then dropping him with a double arm DDT. Cactus now throws Bo Dallas over the top rope as the clock hits zero.


Entry #19: Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy comes running out to the ring and slides in to be greeted by the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. Jeff Hardy hits Daniels with a running forearm smash. The Rock now looks at him as Jeff goes for a kick but Rock grabs his feet so Jeff hits a modified enziguri to knock Rocky down. Hardy now looks over at Harper and Rowan still fighting each other and Hardy runs up to the top rope and hits a running Whisper in the Wind to both men knocking them down. He then takes Cactus with a double leg take down but keeps hold of his legs before dropping his legs to the groin of Cactus. Jeff gets up and lets out a scream having taken down his opponents in the ring. Jeff turns his attention to Daniels once again and lifts him in a slam position and looks to throw him over the top rope but to no avail. Now the Bludgeon Brothers partners have been split up as Cactus is battling with Harper and Rock is fighting with Rowan as we now hit two third of the way through the Rumble.

Entry #20: Honky Tonk Man

Now the mood changes in the building as Honky Tonk Man struts out with his signature guitar in hand. Honky Tonk man does his signature Elvis rip off pose before he steps in the middle of the ring while everyone else is paired off fighting people. He grabs a microphone and tells everyone to be quiet because this Rumble will not continue until people have heard his song. Jeff Hardy turns Honky Tonk Man around but gets kicked down low and then Honky hits a Shake, Rattle & Roll. Honky lifts Jeff Hardy up and attempts to throw him out but the lifeless body of Hardy is difficult to move. Honky instead grabs his guitar and steps on the middle rope and lines up Harper for a guitar shot but Daniels runs at Honky Tonk Man and pushes him out to the floor below.


Daniels has now taken over attempting to throw Jeff Hardy over the top rope. Meanwhile on the other side of the ring Harper and Cactus are throwing real haymakers at each other as the clock begins again with Rowan grabbing Cactus leg attempting to move him out over the tope rope. The buzzer goes "I'M BUFF, I'M THE STUFF AND THE GIRLS JUST CANT GET ENOUGH"

Entry #21: Buff Bagwell

Bagwell comes jogging down the aisle this time without his signature top hat as he is all ready for business. Bagwell runs at Rowan and punches away at him. Rowan fights back and gets the upper hand working Bagwell into the corner. Rowan runs attempting a running avalanche splash but Bagwell lifts his legs up and props himself up on the second rope and jumps at Rowan and hits him with a Buff Blockbuster. Buff jumps up and skips forward celebrating and finishes his skip with a punch to the face of Cactus Jack knocking him down. Buff now turns his attention back to Rowan who is on his feet. Bagwell attempts to clothesline him over but Rowan is too big until Harper appears and sidekicks Rowan. Rowan goes over the top rope but hangs on until Bagwell follows it up with a dropkick knocking Rowan to the arena floor.


Bagwell points at his body and turns around only to receive a kick of his own from Harper knocking him down. Harper is now caught from behind by a running Bulldog from Cactus Jack. Jack now hits Harper with a series of vicious headbutts. Jeff Hardy now hits a running low dropkick to the face of both Cactus and Harper as Daniels recovers in the one corner with The Rock doing the same in another corner. "OHHHH YOU DIDN’T KNOW"

Entry #22: Road Dogg

The DX Alumni screams out his signature catchphrase and the former GWF World Heavyweight Champion makes his way down to ringside. Road Dogg enters the ring and immediately runs towards the Rock and hits him with a couple of Snap Jabs. He now makes his way towards Christopher Daniels and gifts him with the same punishment. Now he turns to Jeff Hardy but Jeff Hardy grabs hold of Road Dogg and catches him with a Jaw Breaker. Road Dogg holds his jaw in pain as Jeff Hardy now grabs Road Dogg and hits him with a Twist of Fate. Jeff Hardy points to the top rope and hits a Swanton Bomb onto Road Dogg. Jeff Hardy holds his back as he gets back to his feet. Hardy sees Cactus leaning in the ropes and runs at him but Cactus drops pulling the ropes down and Jeff Hardy falls to the outside. Bagwell sees the fallen Road Dogg in the middle of the ring and seizes the opportunity to lift his lifeless body and throw him out of the ring.


Buff Bagwell, Cactus Jack, Chris Daniels, The Rock and Luke Harper remain in the ring with only Bagwell currently standing and he looks to see who he should pick off next. Bagwell picks out Daniels after realizing that Daniels has been in since the number one entrant. Bagwell motions towards him but The Rock suddenly walks up and stands in his way and tells him to fight him instead. Bagwell pretends to back off before swinging at Rock but Rocky blocks it and fires off right hands of his own when suddenly Batista appears in the ring and hits a running spear on The Rock. Bagwell looks confused as he steps aside. The countdown now begins as Batista lifts the Rock up. The klaxon hits zero as "I WALK ALONE" hits now confirming his entry but Batista appeared early. Batista now drills The Rock with a Batista Bomb.

Entry #23: Batista

Batista now lifts up the body of the Rock and throws him over the top rope and The Rock can't defend himself and crumbles to the floor.


Batista just smirks to the outside before holding his thumb up at The Rock before dropping his thumb down. Unfortunately for Batista the Tag Team partner of The Rock has not taken kindly to that and has attacked Batista. Batista however is fresh compared to Cactus so manages to lift him up and drive him into the corner with a shoulder thrust. Batista is now easily lifting the heavy Cactus Jack up trying to throw him out over the top rope. While this is happening Bagwell has grabbed hold of Daniels and poor Daniels yet again becomes the biggest target having been in the match for the longest amount of time. Bagwell hits a side buster onto Daniels. Bagwell stomps away at Daniels but gets his beard grabbed by Harper who uses it to throw him in an overhead belly to belly.

Entry #24: Mr. Ass

The other half of the legendary tag team New Age Outlaws has now come sprinting out trying to avenge the elimination of his tag team partner The Road Dogg as he immediately mounts Bagwell and begins unloading with a series of vicious hands. Billy Gunn now lifts Bagwell up and hits him with a standing Jackhammer. Mr. Ass is now hitting a series of knee drops to the side of the head of Buff Bagwell. Mr. Ass signals for a Fame-Ass-Er on Bagwell but as he leaps up Batista has grabbed Mr. Ass in mid air but instead of slamming him down runs at the ropes and drops the other half of the New Age Outlaws over the top rope to the floor below.


Batista again smiles at having gotten a quick elimination. Batista now turns around but gets slapped in the face by Chris Daniels which catches him by surprise. Batista swings with a huge right hand but Daniels ducks underneath and then kicks Batista in the stomach. Daniels steps up with an Enziguri catching Batista in the temple. Batista is down on one knee and Daniels quickly hits a snap neck breaker. Clock hits zero. "ONE OF A KIND"

Entry #25: Rob Van Dam

It's the return of the former World Heavyweight Champion and Hall of Famer. The whole fucking show is here and is ready to fight he jumps on to the apron then leaps onto the top rope and jumps off catching a flying kick to the chest of Buff Bagwell. RVD walks into Harper who attempts to punch him but RVD blocks it and hits forearms before dropping and hitting Harper with a huge Monkey Flip. Batista comes over and tries to kick RVD in the stomach but RVD grabs his foot and hits a flip over kick knocking him down. Now RVD grabs hold of Cactus and hits a scoop slam before running off the ropes and hitting a Rolling Thunder. RVD now steps up and points at himself as the crowd chant along R-V-D. The moment of temporary arrogance has cost him though as he turns around to be met with a Manhattan drop from Buff Bagwell. Now Daniels grabs RVD and hits him with Angels wings giving everyone some time to breathe. "IF YOU CLOSE YOUR EYES YOUR LIFE"

Entry #26: Christian

The CLB himself, former multi time World Heavyweight Champion Christian comes out smiling at the fallen bodies in the middle of the ring. He enters the ring and sees Batista on his knees trying to get back up and Christian grabs hold of Batista and drops him with a reverse DDT. Christian lifts himself up to the middle turnbuckle and waits for Daniels to stand and catches him with a flying elbow. Now Christian has turned his attention to Cactus Jack and begins stomping him. He now lifts Cactus up and slams his head off the turnbuckle before chopping away at him. Cactus lets out a scream in Christian's face who backs off as Cactus comes fighting back. Luke Harper now tries to throw over RVD but RVD puts the brakes on and kicks Harper in the face. RVD runs and attempts another monkey flip but Harper keeps hold of RVD and lifts him up to drop him with a Powerbomb. Cactus is now hammering away at Christian but Bagwell grabs Cactus from behind and gauges at his eyes. Now the sound of crows hits.

Entry #27: Sting

The master of the mystic arts now makes his way out to the ring with the Bat in hand and he enters the ring. Christian runs at Sting but catches a Bat to the gut. Sting now pays the same courtesy to Cactus Jack and Buff Bagwell. Daniels attempts to jump Sting and grab the bat but Sting has more energy and the tug of war doesn't go well for Daniels as he is pulled into and gets knocked down with a huge right hand. This time Harper though grabs the bat away from Sting. Sting isn't backing down though the chops away at Luke Harper. Sting whips Harper into the corner and follows up with a huge Stinger Splash. Sting lets out a big WOOOOO. Batista now explodes at Sting with a huge clothesline taking him down. Batista grinds his forearm on the face of the Stinger. Batista lifts Sting up and throws him into the corner. Batista runs at Sting to hit a clothesline which he hits but Sting also cracks his head forward to catch Batista with a headbutt. Batista falls to the mat and Sting stumbles forward and falls face first with his head hitting Batista in the groin. The klaxon once again hits zero.

Entry #28: Samoa Joe

Samoa Joe power walks down the ramp with the towel around his neck. He quickly throws it in the ring and throws the towel at RVD as he jumps in with a series of low kicks and punches to the face. Joe runs off the ropes and returns with a single leg straight to the face of RVD. Christian now hits a running crossbody on Luke Harper but Harper catches him in mid air and hits him with a fall away slam. Christian through momentum ends up on his knees and quickly uses the ropes to pull himself up to his feet and Bagwell now runs at Christian and hits him with a clothesline eliminating him.


Sting has now turned Samoa Joe around and the two men begin exchanging chops with Sting getting the better of it and hits a dropkick to Samoa Joe. Sting is hoisting up the legs of Samoa Joe and actually now has him resting on the top rope. Sting calls at RVD for help and RVD runs over attempting to help eliminate Samoa Joe but then the double cross RVD grabs the leg of Sting and throws him over the body of Samoa Joe eliminating him. RVD looks down at him and shrugs.


Entry #29: Pogo The Clown.

The legends just keep on coming tonight as the four hundred pound killer clown is making his way to the ring. Pogo the clown sees that Daniels and Buff Bagwell are in one corner stomping down on Cactus Jack and this turns Pogo into a man possessed and he makes a beeline for them. Bagwell and Daniels attempt to fight him off but this four hundred pound man but they simply can't out power him. Pogo whips Daniels into a corner followed by Bagwell into the same corner. Pogo then runs and crushes both men in the corner and they both collapse in heaps to the mat. Pogo and Cactus now meet in the middle of the ring and begin smiling at each other. These former Tag Champs now lean back and begin brawling with each other viciously. Cactus starts getting the better of Pogo and Cactus runs off the ropes but Pogo runs at him and catches him with a huge cross body crushing his former Tag Partner. Pogo lets out a roar until being attacked from behind by Samoa Joe. Joe attempts to lift him off his feet but Pogo has the weight advantage and manages to lift Samoa Joe in the air and place him over the top rope. Joe begins fighting back in desperation but Pogo slaps Joe round the neck with his arms and Joe falls to the floor.


The clock is counting down one final time as Luke Harper has now paired off with Pogo the Clown. Cactus is battling with RVD and Bagwell and Daniels again team to fight off Batista. Here is the final entry of tonight's Rumble "OHHHH SHAWN"

Entry #30: Shawn Michaels

Shawn Michaels quickly jogs down the ramps and slides in the ring and punches away at RVD and Cactus Jack before pulling Daniels away and hitting him with a chop. Shawn now hits a body slam to Daniels before climbing to the top rope and taking the huge risk of dropping a top rope elbow drop to Daniels. Shawn is now lining up Daniels for a Superkick and hits it and Daniels has fallen out through the ropes to the outside but is not eliminated. Pogo the Clown has splashed Harper in the corner and has caused him to crumble. Batista now runs at Pogo and hits a Spear. Pogo hits the mat. Batista tries to pick up the lifeless body of Pogo but the dead weight is too much. Now suddenly Shawn Michaels, RVD, Cactus Jack, Daniels, Bagwell and Harper run over to help Batista and they manage to just about move the big man over the top rope to the floor below.


Shawn Michaels is now lining up RVD for a superkick but RVD ducks and Shawn crotches himself on the top rope. RVD lifts the other leg of Shawn over but Shawn hangs on with his life. RVD attempts to punch Shawn off the apron but Shawn fights him off and hits a shoulder thrust under the ropes and attempts to backdrop RVD over the top rope but RVD manages to shift his weight and hit a leg drop on the back of the head of Shawn Michaels. RVD now springboards off the corner and hits a kick knocking Shawn Michaels to the floor.


We are down to the nitty gritty now. Daniels has grabbed hold of RVD and is attempting to throw him over the top rope but RVD is grasping onto the ropes. Buff Bagwell has been attacked by Batista and is being hit with a running powerslam in the ring. Meanwhile the two biggest men in the match still remaining are now paired off and Cactus Jack and Luke Harper have paired off. The two men are tired though and slugging it out but Cactus gets the better of it. He has Harper keeled over and grabs hold of Luke Harper in the Piledriver position and attempts his patented finishing move the pull piledriver. Harper however manages to reverse it into a backdrop sending Cactus over the top rope to the floor below.


Harper takes a seated position temporarily until he makes his way towards the remaining Horsemen member Daniels. Bagwell runs at Batista but is caught with a huge Spinebuster. RVD though isn’t about to be intimidated by the Animal, and catches him with forearms. RVD now hits a high kick to Batista's face which knocks him to the mat below. RVD looks up at the top turnbuckle and leaps up to the top rope and aims for a Five Star Frog Splash. RVD jumps but Batista moves out of the way and RVD eats mat. Batista pulls himself up with the ropes and grabs hold of RVD in a Gorilla Press Slam position and throws him over the top rope to the floor.


Final Four: Batista, Chris Daniels, Luke Harper & Buff Bagwell

All four men stand in their own individual corners and mouth at each other. Harper runs at Bagwell while Batista runs in with a double leg at Christopher Daniels. Batista is trying to lift Daniels up to eliminate him but wait LOW BLOW. Batista is hit down below with a low blow and IT'S THE ROCK. THE ROCK IS BACK IN THE RING. The Rock has repaid the favor for Batista attacking him before Batista was even a legal entrant in the match. Batista turns around and The Rock hits him with a Rock Bottom. The Rock talks trash to the fallen Batista before leaving the ring. Daniels looks in confusion before managing to pick up Batista's body and push him over the top rope.


Daniels falls to his ass in the corner and takes a rest as Bagwell is hitting Harper with shoulder thrusts. Bagwell hits a dropkick to Harper knocking him down. Bagwell hits the second turnbuckle and goes for another Buff Blockbuster but Harper moves out of the way. Harper is exhausted but Daniels sensing an opportunity runs behind Harper and grabs his leg to eliminate him but he is struggling. Harper punches him away and Daniels takes a step back until Bagwell and Daniels quickly run at Harper and hit a double clothesline knocking Harper over the top rope. Daniels and Bagwell think they've eliminated the big man and now celebrations are ongoing. Both men look at each other ready to fight but the big man Luke Harper has actually managed to SKIN THE CAT. Both men look annoyed and run at Harper again. Harper hits Daniels with an uppercut while ducking Bagwell's attack. Bagwell is now up against the ropes and Harper hits him with a super kick and Bagwell is out.


Here we are, the final two men. Luke Harper and Christopher Daniels are now stood in the ring staring each other down. Daniels pretends to ask Harper for mercy before running at Harper and eating a superkick off his own then suddenly "MY NAME IS FINLAY, AND I LOVE TO FIGHT". The music of the GWF World Heavyweight Champion hits and Finlay quickly runs down to the ring and attacks Harper in the ring. Finlay is kicking away at the bad leg of Harper. Finlay now lifts Harper up attempting to hit him with a Celtic Cross but Harper finds a way to scramble out. Finlay now runs at Harper but Harper spins round and catches the GWF Champion with a big Discus Clothesline. Harper looks down at Finlay before picking him up and throwing the GWF Champion over the top rope. Harper looks over the rope at Finlay when Daniels runs up behind Luke Harper and uses the distraction to throw Luke Harper out of the ring.



Harper is out on the floor with his eyes wide open in horror at having come so close but lost the match. Finlay quickly crawls his way back up the ramp holding his neck in pain but looks down and smiles at Harper and begins laughing before he points to Christopher Daniels in the ring. Daniels has done it, the referee is holding his hand in the air as he points at the Wrestlemania sign with the pyro going off in the background as the camera cuts back to the announce table after an image of Daniels standing tall as the winner.

Michael Cole: What a Royal Rumble that was and Daniels has done it King!!!
Jerry Lawler: What a shocker. The second man in history to win from the number one spot is Christopher Daniels and this won't make JR happy at all.
Michael Cole: I can't believe it. What a night this was at the 2019 Royal Rumble. Folks, join us this Thursday night for the return of Thunder and I am sure we will hear from Harper about what transpired here tonight but the Wrestlemania Main Event is set but how will this work? They are both Horsemen members but JR will sort this all out. See you Thursday night everybody!!!

The ending video is shown of everything that has happened at the Royal Rumble. It ends with Daniels pointing at the Wrestlemania sign as the 2019 copyright, trademark and GWF logo come on the screen as we fade to black.

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